Chapter two –
SHE tried to call him as he had her phone,but his phone was dead
“ oh God what will I do now”…she thought to herself….she reached her house in the evening and charge the phone…
“ at last I could call him”gauri thought to herself and when she was about to call someone else call in that number
“ Should I pick this call a??…at least I would get to know with whom is my phone…. pick it up Gauri” she thought to herself . and she answered the call. before she could say something she received a thousand kisses from the caller .it is a lady’s sound as she recognize that these kisses were for that long hair man
“ excuse me…. excuse me ….”she hardly manage to say it in between the kisses. “huh…ah…yeh… Omkara ka phone hai na “
“oh yeah Omkara ka phone hei”
“number toh Omkara ka hai”
“ Toh Phir Ye zaroor Omkara ka hoga “
“hello I couldn’t understand what you are saying”
“ sorry actually I got exchanged my phone with his ….accidentally thank god…. can you please tell me who…. Hello…. hello ..”Gauri understood that the lady disconnected the call. she felt a little bit weird.. A number of thoughts were passing through her mind . “will she be his lover… no may She be his fiancee …..oh God why am I bothered about it… chill Gauri you haven’t even saw his face properly ….ok now get rid of this phone as soon as possible ,for that you have to call him.Again, another incoming call interrupted her outgoing call ….his phone displayed dadi… “his dadi is calling please …Shankar Ji ….help me to get my phone back” she attended the call .
“hello puttar “
Huh…a girl’s voice…”
Janvi who was sitting near dadi heard her and looked up. dadi and Jhanvi looked each other in shock suddenly there shock turned to a wide smile ….
in Unison they said
“ Om ka girlfriend”
Gauri was hell shocked after their reaction
“ actually woh….
on the other side started a rush of dadi and Jhanvi for talking to her…
“ puttar Tere naam kya hai” dadi asked. Jhanvi snatched the phone away and asked “how long were you in this relationship”
“chupkar Janvi ……beti tum kab aur kaise om ko Dekha…. Tumhari love story Kaise start Hui”
“what Om and love story!!!… even without saying a word to his rudy ??…I will definitely kill him” Rudra angrily exclaimed when he overheard the convo of jhanvi and dadi
“wait …..wait…wait …firstly ,I’m not his GF…. Secondly, I don’t even know who is he ….and thirdly ,ah… please let me explain ….”
Gauri used a rarechance she got in between the cat fight of Oberoi’s.
“ what”
The Oberoi’s asked in Unison.
“who are you”
Rudra asked
“ how is Om’s phone in your hand” dadi got confused.
“ did something wrong happened to om???” A mother’s concern was full in that question of Janvi.
“ aunty nothing happened to your son… and l amGauri …..Gauri Sharma and dadi… my phone got exchanged with your grandson’s phone ,in the shopping mall and that’s why it’s with me…
“ ok”
“anyways so nice to talk to you all”
“ same to you dear” dadi said .
“bye aunty…. by dadi and….
“ Rudra….. Om’s Brother”
“bye rudra…” she cut the call.
“ Kitni acchi Ladki Hai Wo Gauri hena maaji”jhanvi asked smiling.
“ I wish to see her”dadi answered her..

**************************** Gauri again took the phone suddenly she saw her cousin Sowmya rushing to her room …
“ di…. what happened to your phone “
“what happened to my phone?…. actually it got exchanged….nothing else but why are you acting like this” Gauri was surprised by soumya’s question .
“check yourself”
Soumya said by dialling gauri’s number and give it to her.Her phone rings and it is answered.
“hello the person you are trying to contact had accidentally exchanged her phone with my boss and hence it is with my boss… thank you…” and the call is cut. god!!! She still couldn’t believe her ears… “what !!!he made my phone a call centre ?….I kill him she again calls and before she could say something the same thing repeats and the call is ended.

*************************** sir my office time is over ….can I go?… here is the phone… om’s secretary said it via confronting him .
“what ??…but …ok… do me a favour take this phone with you”
“nooooo…. sir I am going to my BF he will get suspicious as this phone never stops ringing.”
before she could end the words the phone starting ringing…
“ that’s what I hate…. I can’t handle this non-stop phone ….please tiya…
“ no sir I am going… meet you in the morning” she escapes from there. Nevertheless om attend the call.
“ hello please hear me…. I am the owner of the phone… please let me talk to your boss ..”Gauri said it in one breath
“finally ….you called ….oh my god do you know how much I suffered of your phone!! how many calls do you get in one single day??..it was like a non stop Chatterbox…. how do you tolerate it?”
she was super angry with his words ….how could he say that about her lovely phone!!!.
“Hey….aapke phone kuch kam nahi tha …..even I also had to suffer a thousand kisses from your GF”.
this left Omkara speechless .
“what I don’t have any GF”
“then surely find one soon your family is thriving for you getting into a relationship”
“what ….how did you….they called me????”
“ yes and they thought that….”
“ they thought that…. leave it …. Mr. I want my phone back”
“oh hello madam…. I am not also interested in your phone”
“who told you to be interested after it’s all your fault….”
“ Oh hello don’t blame me ok”
“ oh Mr.Nandi…it was you the one who took the phone even without looking at it ….”
“Nandi!!…..how dare you”
“ how dare you make my phone a Call Centre”
“what will I do if it was banging on my head…. ok I want my phone now “
“what are you saying…are u mad?? do you have a watch to look at the time ….it’s already 9 in the evening !!”
“ok…. come to the same mall at 8 A.M and take this annoying Chatterbox away…
“what you call my phone annoying chatterbox?? Then urs is….. dustbin…”
“what !!??you called my phone dustbin??… do you know what it costs?? you can’t even imagine the price of that phone even in your sweetest dreams …”
“don’t always learn to measure the price… things should not be priced but it should be valued… I value my phone because it have a lot of uses …..but people like you only looks at the price tag not the value of that thing in your life…. so by Mr.Nandi meet you in the morning …..”
she cut the phone and was like throwing it in anger but she stops… Omkara was hurted by the last words, though he is not ready to accept his mistake .screen fades showing their faces with different thoughts and feelings..

Precap:gauri is walking through the stairs of oberoi mansion om looks at her…he was mesmerized by her…..

How was it…pardon me if its boring as l wrote it in a hurry…l know it is stupid..…. pls share ur thoughts….
Loads of love-seyal???

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