Hi guys….l am new to this page, but l am a great fan of rikara from the beginning…actually my exams were going on…bit today l am soon happy as today l got rid of my biology exam…yeah??…guys l hate biology….so l thought to celebrate…that’s why l am trying this…hope u all will like it…

Note: here, l will borrow some characters of the great SSO’s for Om….he will be portraying an arrogant young business tycoon who cares a lot for the prestige of the family…and the person who loves his family especially his siblings a lot…he won’t be that much rude to his father ,but is not that much close to him….
Oh…about gauri ….???she is a cute bubbly girl…well educated, good looking and a kind hearted girl..loves her mother a lot…a great artist….
So moving to the chapter….

Chapter one –
A big shopping mall is shown.. A girl is coming in an umbrella cut churidar with her one hand full of shopping kits and the other with her phone and purse. Her hair was set free along with her shawl and she is none other than our gauri….gauri dharma??.on the other hand ,from the opposite direction there comes the dashing young omkara Singh oberoi in his usual attire with a sun glass hiding his beautiful eyes from the roaming girls in the complex, talking in one phone ,holding another phone in his other hand….gauri was lost in counting her shopping kits and om….u know he is busy in talking….both are approaching eo from the opposite directions .they are coming closer and closer and closer…ready….one….two….three…..”thud”….omkara collided with gauri and there all her kits,purse,her phone his other phone…all over the ground. Gauri bend down to pick it up, but om….he was standing still ,talking in his phone(the other one)like “the great omkara Singh oberoi can’t bend his head”…he is not even looking at her for once at least to see how she is(so rude ?? hena??).she took everything from the floor including his phone(so sweet??)and started to correct her dress, she couldn’t also see his face as he was facing his back towards her and once he sensed that the one collided with is up,he just simply turned and snatched away a phone and started walking…but unfortunately his clutches had something else also, her shawl(hope u all could imagine) .

this left her mouth opened…,for a minute she was stunned…but he who was still so busy with phone didn’t even noticed that thing…somehow she gained back her sense and started following him…”hey….Mr.….you….hey….hello….my shawl….”she as shouting on the her way racing towards him while HE ,moving like a super fast jet with her shawl ,which was calling HER to rescue it from the hard clutches of this “jatadhari hippy”gauri was like praying to her sankerji to cause something to stop him to get her shawl back. At last her wish granted as he kindly decided to put his phone in his pocket(thank god) ..the light piece of cloth flew as fast as it could to gauri and fell over face. She took it and pinned to her top..”phew? “ but bfor she could relax, she realized that the phone she had in her hand was not actually hers but that long haired man and he took hers leaving his behind accidentally…which made her hand hit her head. She looked up and again another trouble came out ,as she couldn’t find a single sign of the man with whom she collided a few minutes bfor…..

How was it?…friends, kindly avoid the mistakes MD let me know should continue this story….it will be based on ur comments….ad f u want so, then l will post the next part on 2nd august….till then, bye??take care…
Loads of love-seyal???

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  1. Seyal

    Guys….l meant gauri dharma not gauri dharma…

  2. Seyal

    Guys….l meant gauri sharma not gauri dharma…

  3. AWESOME.i loved it a lot.plz dont bother about comment and continue the ff.plzzz.i am also a huge fan of rikara.hope you will continue the ff.

    1. Seyal

      Thank u …yeah…l won’t bother about the comments and will definitely try to continue this story….glad to know that u are also a great fan of rikara…
      Loads of love-seyal??

  4. Alekhika20

    Nice update

    1. Seyal

      Thank u….
      Loads of love-seyal??

  5. Very nice. Waiting for next chappy

    1. Seyal

      Glad to know that u liked it ,will try to post the next one a little bit earlier than 2nd august.
      Loads of love-seyal??

  6. Very nice. Waiting for next chappy

    1. Seyal

      Thanks a lot….

  7. Nikita_jai29

    Nice one dear

    1. Seyal

      Thanks for commenting
      Loads of love-seyal??

  8. Sagithya

    Awesome yaar….

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