Tum meri ho…aur mein Teri…swasan ts Part 2

Guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys I am really sorry for all these inconveniences. ..actually I had a lot to study then I also had to travel to India for four days…so I couldn’t get time for uploading..

As far as I read your comments I know the consummation was too too fast…but I wanted to finish the story fast…I will try to give this episode in detail…

Swara was really happy that they both became one but somewhere she was feeling restless…she felt that the hapiness she is feeling won’t stay long…she kept those bad thought aside…

Next day Swara went to the collage and searched for sanky but no where to be found..she thought he would be busy…

Little did she know that the person who she trusted the most had made an mms of her…yes sanky had taken a video of them making love to show his friends the kind of revenge he took.

After sometime as Swara was walking along the corridor to her class…she found sanky talking with his friends…sanky was going to show some video to them but at the Nick of time Swara ran to him…..all his freinds stopped laughing and was kinda smirking at her…she felt awkward…but she went to sanky and Huged him..but he dosent reciprocate. …she feels bad..sanky makes some execuse and goes…

Swara goes from there..

Swara thinks-maybe he is just worried about our marriage and how to convince his parents…then don’t worry sanky …my parents will talk with your parents…my parent will never refuse anything…

Sanky’s pov. ..

Tomorrow I will break this news to her…sorry infact shock to her. ..poor girl..she gave her everythingto me…like really what does she think that I freakin love her…no ms Swara gododia…
You are mistaken…..this is called pure revenge..you slapped me that too infront all the whole collage…you refused my proposal…I hate you….and about your video I will soon make it viral dear…

Swara’s pov

I went to my dad and told him to speak with sanky’s parents….he instantly spoke with them…such a sweet dad naa….he loves me more than ragu. ..that ragu is mama ki chamchi..

My dad informed me that sanky’s parents agreed for the marriage…Omg can you believe that…no right..even me too…dad said that the maheshwaris wanted the marriage to happen soon….because sanky’s had a problem in his kundli. ..if he dosent marry before 21 he will die…no way I won’t let that happen…Omg there is just 10 days left to his 21st bday. …that means our marriage should happen within 9 days….I feel so happy…I agreed with the condition…

Soon sanky came to know that DPhas arranged his marriage to Swara…he gets very angry…he just felt that his ego was hurted again. ..but he knew that ones his dad takes a decision that would be the final and nothing can stop him…he agreed promising to make swara’s married life hell..

Soon all the rituals gotover and swasan we’re married…

Wedding night..

Swara was waiting for sanky but he did not come…she waited the whole night and atlast slept in the same position. ..

Next day..she got up and searched for him but did not find him…she felt bad…

She changed into a sari….went down and made coffee for all…she went to lakshroom to give coffee and heard him talking to ragini…it seemed like they were fresh love birds..Swara did not disturb him…but she was really happy for them….

Sanskaar came home…Swara approached him many times but he ignored her…some days pass by…sanky never talked to her..

Next day morning…

Swara was searving breakfast to all….she felt kinda dizzy and fell down….

All runs towards her and helps her to the room…they call the doctor and he comes…doctor checks her and informs that she is pregnant…..

Sanku was beyond shocked…he was clueless…he knew it’s was his but his hatred and revenge for her made him hate them…

He did not care for her or the baby..though he loved his child…he used to take care of them secretly as he did not want Swara to know..though he did not like Swara…he can’t ignore his child….his child is a part of his body…it’s a living creation he made…how much ever he tries to ignore her that child use to bring them close…

Three months passed by..

Swara was fully depressed now…sanky was not speaking with her…it was hurting her a lot…he wanted to irritate him with her moodswing but whenever she does she shouts at her…

After some days Swara found sanskaar speaking with some girl and hugging her..

She got really jealous and made a angry pout..

She went to her After he goes..

Swara-ohh hello who are you..why are you here..

Girl-I am kavitha…sanky’s gf. ..I came to meet him..

Swara-how dare you..he is my husband…I know he is angry on me but he will change. ..

Kavitha-he is not angry dear..he just simply hated otherwise why would he spent his first night with me..you remember he was not there with you..he was with me..

Swara slaps her hard….sanky sees this and comes and slaps Swara…

Sanky- how dare you hit her …..

Swara-is she your gf…no right .

Sanky-yes she is understood. ..just stay away from her…

Sanky was just angry and told all that. ..nothing is true..but the fact that sanky was with kavitha during his first night is true.. but nothing happened between them..

Swara was numb…she felt that her soul died..she slowly looks down to the very small baby bump and let a drop of year fall from her eyes…

Sanky sees this ..his heart pains very badly..he could feel the presence of his heart…but his ego again overpowered him…he leaves..

Swara goes back to her…as soon as it became night and sanky slept swara left the house leaving a note….

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    Awesome… slap this blo*dy sanskar with my hands.. played with a girl’s dignity… im gonna cut him into pieces… and he cn a boy behave like this.. srsl my biggest request make sanskar suffer and he shud repend for hurting a girl and playing with het dignity. And we both hv no offence…

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    It’s amazing yaar too good
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