Tum mere vardaan ho saathiya (Intro)

Hello friends,iam here with a fiction series.Iam Priya who wrote an episodic analysis about Swaragini’s decreasing TRPs.So here goes the story.

Deendayal Gadodia-Head of Gadodia family.A famous merchant in spices.
Parvathi Deendayal Gadodia-An orthodox lady.Loves her family very much.
Shekar Gadodia-Son of Deendayal and Parvathi.A perfect man but doesn’t have control on his anger.
Sharmistha Shekar Gadodia-A selfless woman.She is a professor in the University of Mumbai.
Swara Gadodia-Eldest daughter of Shekar and Sharmistha.Pursuing her post graduation in English literature.A fun loving girl and is close to Shekar and her dada.
Ragini Gadodia-Next to Swara.Is an engineering 2nd year student.She is a quiet and studious girl.
Surya Gadodia-Youngest among the three.A std 11 student.He loves his sisters more than anything.
Prema Gadodia-Mother of Sharmistha who is a famous writer.
Durgaprasad Maheshwari-Head of Maheshwari parivaar.A strict and caring person.One of the crorepatis of India.Owns two automobile manufacturing companies.
Annapurna Durgaprasad Maheshwari-A homely woman who is the pillar to her family.Sheis the decision maker in household matters.
Saras Durgaprasad Maheshwari-The eldest son who assists his father in business.
Kumud Saras Maheshwari-A renowned architect but a dutiful bahu
Sanskar Durgaprasad Maheshwari-A well disciplined guy who values Indian culture and tradition.He loves music and is striving to establish himself as a music director
Ramprasad Maheshwari-Brother of Durgaprasad.Is jealous of his brother’s success but wants to live under the shield of his wealth and prosperity.
Sujatha Ramprasad Maheshwari-A jovial lady who respects and loves Annapurna a lot
Lakshya Ramprasad Maheswari-Youngest son.Unlike his father,he loves his bade papa’s family.He has always been Durgaprasad’s favourite.
Uttara Ramprasad Maheshwari-The only girl of Maheshwari family.She is pampered a lot.

At present,
Sanskar sees a letter written by Swara in his room-
“I know that u are doing all this to see me happy.But my real happiness lies in u and u will have to accept this truth.My love for u is true and Iam sure about it.U can never separate us Take care.See u soon”
Sanskar:No swara.This is not true.U r saying this out of sympathy.I have failed and I give up.U better realize the fact as soon as possible.Don’t punish yourself by believing in what u feel.
On the other side,
Lakshya:Ragini,I know what u want and Iam ready to give u.
Ragini:U still have not understood what I want, Laksh.

What is the story behind these four people?Keep reading tum mere vardaan ho.I will update 3-4 epis in a week.

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