Tum mere vardaan ho saathiya (Episode 2)

Iam back guys.Sorry for being irregular.I was sick for the past four days.Very sorry!!Also getting less comments.I’ll wait for sometime.
Episode 1In the evening,Swara and Ragini come home laughing.Sharmishtha is confused seeing their behavior(remembering morning incident).
Prema:Itni jaldi sab teek nahi hona chahiye tha!Ab koi maza nahi!
Swaragini:Nani/Nanima,when did u come?(Turns to Shomi)Ma,y didn’t u inform us earlier?
Shomi:Even,I didn’t know about her coming today.I came early from college because I have an important meeting today.(Swaragini and Prema confused)Meeting??
Shomi:U will get to know soon.(She goes to make dinner.Swaragini and Prema go to their room)
After sometime,Shekar and Deendayal return from work.They hear loud music from inside.
Deendayal:Shomi beta,Prema ji aayi hai kya?(Shomi nods yes)Shekar:Kab jaayegi??(Shomi stares at him.Parvati who has just returned from the temple hugs Shekar)
Parvati:Don’t worry Shekar.She will go within a week or within 7 days.See,we don’t have any sound proof room here.So we will have to live with this.(Actually,Swaragini and Prema have the habit of hearing songs in very high volume.Sometimes,they even start dancing but not before locking the door!)
Maheswari house:
Laksh has come to take Sanskar along with him.He meets Annapurna and Durgaprasad.
Laksh:Ma,ur sweet made my day.Please send me daily na?
Durgaprasad:Daily??Phir,hum tumhe pehchhan nayi le payenge.
Laksh:Toh kya?Aap ho na,FITNESS KING?U will help me burn excess calories.
Sanskar(while coming down):Then we will have to burn u completely,mera bhai.
Laksh:Oh punctuality ke bachhe!Aaj mein jeet gaya!So for the whole next week,u will have to come to stay with me.(Sanskar looks at the time and makes funny faces)I have always followed the rules whenever I was late.Now.its ur turn!(Laksh gives a winning smile)
Annapurna to Sanskar:Pappu!(Sanskar’s pet name)Wo bhi tera hi ghar hai.Suji bahoth khushi hogi agar tum uske saath raha tho.Sirf ek haftha na?Jao!Mana math kar(Sanskar looks at Durgaprasad who agrees)
Sanskar:Ok lucky.Iam coming.Ma,we both are going out for a meeting.Please pack my things and get them ready.U know what I need more than me.So….(Annapurna smiles and goes.Sanskar and Laksh move out.Laksh drives the car while Sanskar sits beside him)
On the way,they see a crowd.Both get down and goes towards the place and sees a boy of late teens lying down.He is badly hurt.The people around say that the boy tried to misbehave with a girl and so they thrashed him.Sanskar tries to speak to the boy but he is unconscious.Both take him to a hospital.
Laksh takes the boy’s mobile phone.He sees the wall paper which has two girls with the boy.He shows it to Sanskar.Both are confused on what to do next.They see a contact named Ma and calls the number.
Here,Shomi picks her mobile and gets tensed.She informs Shekar and both head towards the hospital.
At the hospital,
Sanskar:Bro,do u think that this boy would have done this?
Lakshl:No Sanskar,I think he must have been trapped.
Sanskar:But why will a girl do this just to trap a boy?May be,she could have misused the soft corner shown by the society for girls.
Laksh:Those two girls? Sanskar:May be his sisters.
Sanskar sees Shomi running towards him.Shomi stops on seeing Sanskar.
Shomi(with teary eyes):Sanskar,I received a call saying that my son has been admitted here.He is 17 yrs old and….(Laksh stops her in the middle)
Laksh:Aunty,relax.I called u and ur son is admitted in room no:25.How do u know…..(Shomi and Shekar start running towards the room whereas Sanskar is in a state of shock.To himself-Ma’s beta??
Laksh:Sanskar.(no response)Sanskaar..(this time a bit louder)What Ma,Beta?
Sanskar:She is Sharmistha,professor in our university.Iam very close to her lucky.I call her Ma and she regards me as her son.In fact,the special person about whom I was talking is none other than Ma.(Sanskar starts crying and Laksh is trying to console him)
After sometime,Laksh and Sanskar sees two girls shouting at the receptionist.They go towards the reception.
Receptionist:Sorry,Madam.I forgot to inform the incharge doctor about the payment.
Girl 1:Forgot?Will u forget to do the same if it was for someone close to u?
Girl 2:Calm down,see its hospital.We have to be silent.
Girl 1:What silent?If anything happens to my brother because of this mishap….I won’t leave her alive(Saying this she goes away and the other girl follows her)
Laksh:Those two girls……Sanskar…..we saw them in his mobile….Sanskar….Sanskar….
Sanskar(startled):Y are u shouting?Iam infront of u only.
Laksh:Come, let’s go behind them.
Laksh:I mean….Let us find out who they are.(They go behind the girls)
Precap:Sanskar and Laksh gets to know about the girls.They get introduced to each other and become friends.Ramprasad is in talks with an investor.He thinks to win over his brother.But…..
Guys,today Swaragini coming as Ganga Yamunaa.Iam very excited to watch everything all over again.I started to watch Swaragini only after Ragini’s truth exposure.So.it is gonna be a big treat watching Swasan,Dida and others in the initial story that too in my mother tongue.Yayyyyy!!A badawala hi-fi to all tamil swaraginians!

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