Tum mere vardaan ho saathiya (Episode 1)

Here goes episode 1
2 years back
It’s the first day to college .Swara gets up early in the morning and gets ready.She finds Ragini sleeping.

Ragini in her sleep murmurs:The most wanted munda….hmm…hmm..
Swara(thinks):Ab ayega thera munda!(She shouts in Shekar’s voice)Ragini….Ragini….still not ready?Come down for breakfast within 15 mins or else…..
Ragini wakes up but doesn’t open her eyes(in a shivering voice):Papa..Papa.. please!Iam sorry.See….I’ll make ur favourite dishes today for dinner.I’ll clean up my cupboard myself and….
Swara(giggles):Bring the so called most wanted munda ….
Ragini sees Swara standing in front of her and understood everything.She gives an angry look to Swara and goes to get ready.Later,they go down for breakfast.
At the dining table,Parvathi is serving breakfast

Ragini:Chotu,aaj mujhe college mein drop kar dena pls….
Surya:Kyun lado di?U always go with badi di na?
Ragini:Mein tumhari badi di se naraaz hu.I won’t go wid her.If u can,drop me or else I’ll go by myself.
Surya knows about his sisters.Swara likes to tease Ragini using her fear for Shekar and Parvathi.As a result,both end up fighting but everything becomes normal soon.
Swara:Be careful chotu.Waise meri behna,itni beautiful hai….U have to take care of her.
Ragini:Everybody takes care of me better than u.
Shekar,Shomi just enter the sceneand get angry on Ragini’s comment.Shomi tries to control Shekar but..

Shekar:Stop this Ragini.Not a word against Swara.Wherever u go,u never can find a sister like her.
Surya:Hero ke entry to bada dhamaka se hua hai!(He means Shekar as his hero)
Parvathi slightly hits on Surya’s shoulder.Ragini gets up in the middle and goes away.Shomi is angry on Shekar.Swara assures them that she will convince Ragini.
Shomi:Why do u always play with her shona?I can’t see u both fighting like this..
Surya:It’s ok ma.This is their routine.Both of them know how to handle each other.Lado di…. let’s go.
(Swara and Ragini leave to their respective destinations)

Maheshwari house:

Durga Prasad and Ram Prasad live in separate house but within a kilometer distance because Ram never wanted to live under his brother’s control.
DP Mansion:
Kumud & Annapurna are doing the aarti.Just then Sanskar comes down and takes blessings from both.
Sanskar is also a student of Mumbai university and is close to Sharmistha.
Kumud:Sanskar,Iam really tired of doing all household chores.Only u can help me.
Saras:Ya,I too feel bored nowadays….(Kumud gives an angry look)Na.. na….Kumud I meant that if my saali comes,then we will enjoy ur fights….

Kumud:My devarani will never fight with me.We will take care of each other very well.
Sanskar:Bhabhi,please if u really love and care for me don’t take this topic again for some time.
Durga Prasad:Bahu,first ask ur devar to think about his life.Yesterday I went to his room and saw all his compositions.Lord Krishna,Lord Rama,Sai Baba but nothing for Sanskar.Even I don’t hear devotional songs in this age.If things go like this,I bet ur devar will become Sanyasi oneday!(Everyone laugh)
Sanskar:Thank u for ur blessing papa!I have to go to Lucky now!That kumbhkarn will never wake up on his own.(Annapurna gives a vessel to Sanskar)I have made Laksh’s favourite sweet.Give this to him.
(Sanskar haves his breakfast and goes to Ram Prasad’s home)
There,Sujata welcomes Sanskar:Aaja Chore!(As usual Ram gives a fake smile to Sanskar.Sanskar directly goes to Lucky’s room and is shocked.Laksh is all ready)
Sanskar:Cutiepie,what special?Got ready so soon?

Laksh:Ha superman,thought of giving u some rest.So where is the sweet?
Sanskar:Acha….so u have become so good for the sweet only….
Laksh:Ha!Ma makes something means it is the best….Like u….(Sanskar smiles)
Sanskar:Ok fine,I’ll recharge for ur mobile this week.
Laksh:Stop it bhai.Iam serious.Remember u promised me to take me along with u to meet someone special.When shall we go?
Sanskar:If u r free,then we shall go now.

Laksh:Ok,we shall go today evening(Laksh is a 3rd year visual communication student)It’s getting late.We’ll meet in the evening.Bye.
(Laksh and Sanskar too leave to their respective places)

Precap:Sanskar and Laksh goes to meet the person.Surya gets into a trouble.

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