Tum Mere Kya Ho

Hi Ishqbaazians,
Thank you all for the valuable comments on the previous part of my FF “Tum Mere Kya Ho” and Im really sorry for not replying but friends Im really glad to read all your comments and I hope you all will continue to support this FF.
Guys Sara’s character in my FF is played by Harshaali Malhotra, the cute girl who played Munni / Shahida in Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan.(If u want someone else as Sara then do tell me in the comment)
Now I begin with the third part, Hope you all like it.

Anika is crying loudly, sitting near her dead father and holding his hand in hers. Shivay comes inside the ward/room and sees Anika crying, Prinku consoling and giving support to her and the kids(Sara and Aman) staring at Anika.
(AN – Guys the kids are really small and immature to understand Anika’s condition and so they are quietly staring at Anika without giving any expression)
Shivay(Taking Prinku outside the ward) – Prinku I think you should take the kids home, I will be back with Anika after doing the hospital formalities.
Prinku- But bhaiya how will you manage Anika, she is crying since so long.
Shivay- Prinku you dont worry, i will handle her, you take the kids to your home, I think they are really uncomfortable over here. I will bring Sara back to OM once everything gets normal.
Prinku – Dont worry bhaiya, I will take complete care of Sara and she will be busy playing with Aman. You take care of yourself and Anika.
Shivay nods to Prinku with a smile. Prinku goes into the room and call the kids, hugs Anika and ask her to care for herself. Outside the room, Shivay takes Sara in his arms and speaks –
Shivay – Sara meri jaan I know the day didnt went the way you planned and for a few days daddy will be busy with some work so beta can you go with bua at her place for a few days and daddy will bring you back to OM soon.
Sara – Daddy I dont want to go, I want to stay with you, I miss you when you are not around.
Shivay – Daddy too misses you and doesnt want to send you away but look beta i have no option, I promise i will call you daily and you will enjoy with Bua, Uncle(Ranveer) and your best friend Aman.
Sara – Okay daddy, Bye, Love you(Sara kisses on Shivay’s cheek)
Shivay – Love you too and take care of yourself(Saying this he kisses on Sara’s forehead and keeps her down)
Sara leaves with Prinku and Aman.
After they leave, Shivay completes the hospital formalities and take Anika with him.

Shivay – Anika I can understand how you are feeling but please handle yourself. You have to be strong for yourself.
Anika(Crying)- Mr Oberoi why did my papa left me alone, he should have taken me with him.
Shivay – Please Anika dont say like that and stop crying, if you will cry like this your dad’s soul wont get peace. He(MS) always wants you to be happy.
Ani – Mr Oberoi where are we going(Looking outside the window)
Shivay – Oberoi Mansion, my home.
Ani – Pls take me to my place, I want to go there.
Shivay- Anika how will u stay alone at your place
Ani – Pls Mr Oberoi I beg you.
Shivay(Looking sadly at her) – Okay, as you say.
Ani- Thank you.
Shivay drops Ani and goes to OM.

Prayers of last rites of Mr Sharma(MS) is going on, Ani is lifelessly sitting near her father’s body.There are many other people present. Just then Amit and his son, Jatin enters the house and goes near MS’s body and starts shedding crocodile tears. Anika sees them and gets angry but politely ask them to leave. They both tell Anika that they are her family and she should not ask them to leave like this. Anika calls them as her father’s murderers, listening to which Jatin raises his hand to slap Anika but suddenly he feels a strong hold on his hand and sees Shivay holding his hand and standing in front of Anika like a wall, protecting her and angrily looking at him.
Shivay- How dare you? Dont you try to harm Anika thinking that she has no one in the world.
Amit(listening to Shivay)- Well we can see that she is not alone and has got “Someone Special” to take care of her(He said this taunting Anika about her relation with Shivay)
Anika was continuously looking at Shivay with tears in her eyes.
Jatin(to Shivay)- Who the hell are you?, I will never allow a third person to speak in our matter, Do you understand?
Anika(Shouting at Jatin)- Jatin you and your father both leave right now, I have no relation with you both and so I dont want you to stay in my house and insult my guest(Shivay).
Shivay(To Jatin) – Did you hear what Anika said, Its better for you both to leave now.
Amit and Jatin leaves the place, giving an angry look to both Shivay and Anika. Anika and Shivay looks at each other and then Anika goes back to sit with her friends and relatives(females) while Shivay goes near to the males. After sometime her father’s body is being carried out of the house for the last rites and Shivay too helps in carrying the body out(Guys I hope you understand what I meant to say). Outside at some place, Anika was asked by one of her family friend to come forward and do the final rites(that is to put fire on the body). Anika comes forward and goes near Shivay who was standing at a side and ask him to accompany her in doing the last rites as her father considered Shivay as his son and even Shivay treated MS as his father. Shivay at first ask her to do it alone as she is MS’s only child and has full rights to do the last rites but on Anika’s insistence he agreed and they both together did the last rites. Later in the afternoon the guests went back after blessing Anika. Only Anika, Anika’s best friend(Riya) and Shivay is there in the house. Shivay is outside the house bidding goodbye to the guests, Riya is in the living area doing some household work while Anika is resting in her room after crying for so long. Shivay finally comes inside the house and sees Riya working and asks Riya
Shivay(out of concern)- Listen how is Anika now, Did she eat anything?
Riya -Mr Oberoi she is taking rest in her room and have not eaten anything.
Shivay- oh !! You pls bring some fruits for her, I will go and see how she will not eat.
Saying this Shivay goes towards Anika’s room while Riya goes to bring fruits for Ani as Shivay asked her. Shivay goes to Ani’s room and sees her crying, sitting on her bed and enters in her room.
Shivay – Anika please stop crying, you have been crying since so long, its not good for your health to cry so much and maid told me that you havent had anything, Please have something.
Anika(While crying) – Mr Oberoi how can I stop crying and how can I eat, My world has ended, Papa left me, he didnt even thought how will I live without him(Saying this she started crying loudly)

Listening to Anika, Riya came running into her room and consoled her. Shivay was sad to see Anika crying and missing her father. He went out and sat in the living area while Anika and Riya were in the room. While sitting, Shivay thought to call and check on Sara. He called Prinku
Shivay – Hello Prinku how is everything, How is Sara?
Prinku – Bhaiya all is well, Sara is playing with Aman, you dont worry about her. How are you, How is Anika, Hope her father’s last rites was properly done.
Shivay – Prinku Im okay but Anika is crying non stop and im really feeling bad for her, just worried seeing her like this. Im still at her place.
Prinku – Bhaiya pls take care of her, she has no one in this world, we have to stand by her. Pls tell her to come to Oberoi Mansion, she will like being there.
Shivay – Yeah I will ask her again to come with me and will let you know. Prinku can you call Sara, I want to talk.
Prinku – okay bhaiya(Saying this she calls Sara and gives her the phone)
Sara – Hello Daddy
Shivay – Oh Hello, Daddy’s girl, How are you, hope you are enjoying with Aman and all.
Sara – Daddy Im fine and Im enjoying but I miss you so much, Please take me back with you.
Shivay – Princess even daddy misses you very much and I promise that I will soon come and bring you back to OM. Till then beta be a good girl and enjoy yourself. Love you beta.
Sara – Okay daddy, I will be waiting for you, Bye and I love you the most.
Shivay – I love you the most, Bye and Take care.
Shivay keeps the phone and goes to check Anika and sees Anika sitting quitely with Riya.
Shivay – Anika I think you should listen to me and come with me to OM. Its not safe for you to stay alone in this house and you might not be knowing but my relation with your father was much more than just of an employer and an employee. He was like my father and has always supported and cared for me and my family. I could never be helpful to him in his lifetime but now i want to fulfill the “responsibility” which he gave to me while dying.
Anika – Mr Oberoi I know what relation you and papa had and also Im thankful to you for whatever you have done for me in the last 2 days but Im not your “responsibility” and please you dont be worried about me. I know papa was close to you and so he gave my responsibility to you and at that time even you couldnt have said no to him.
Shivay- Anika its not like that. Even if in his lifetime he would have asked me to do something for him, I would have happily agreed. Look you are not in a condition to understand all this so please listen to me and do as I say, come with me to OM.
Anika – Mr Oberoi Im really thankful to you but I wont go anywhere leaving this house, This house has papa’s fragrance and essence, Here I feel that he is always around me.
Riya – Mr Oberoi you do worry, I will take care of her and will make her understand. Its really late now, u should go to your house and rest. (Its almost night and Shivay was there since morning)
Shivay – Okay fine I wont insist and this is my card(Taking his card from the wallet and giving it to Anika), call me without any hesitation whenever you need anything.
Anika – Thank you again Mr Oberoi.
Shivay looks at Anika and ask Riya to take complete care of Anika and leaves for OM bidding good bye to both the girls.

Shivay calls Prinku and tells her about Anika’s condition and ask about Sara. Prinku informs him that Sara was tired playing the whole day and has slept. Shivay bids good bye to Prinku and keeps the phone.
Shivay refused to have dinner and is worried for Anika(Guys its not love or anything, but just out of concern for someone who has lost her father), He picks up his phone and plan to call Anika and check on her.
Shivay – Hello
Ani – Ji(Yes)
Shivay – How are you now?
Ani – Im fine, Thank you. Why did you called up, do u have some work?
Shivay – Actually I was waiting for your call and when you didnt call up, I thought to ask and check on you.
Ani – Im really sorry, bec of me u are worried. You dont have any relation with me but still you are doing so much for me.
Shivay – Pls dont say like this, I agree we didnt had a relation but we can surely have a relation.
Ani – Ji(She got confused by his reply)
Shivay – Yeah what I mean is we can be friends. What do you think?
Ani(smiled a little) – Yeah sure.
Shivay – Thats good. Okay now you should rest. Take Care of yourself. Bye.
Ani – Bye.
They end the call.
Anika is sitting in her living area with her friend when Jatin comes drunk and starts misbehaving with Anika.
Anika – Leave my hand and get out.
Jatin – Anika stop it, This is what your father taught you, to misbehave with your would be husband. I think I have to teach you a lot of things.
Ani – Just leave, you are nobody to me, I dont want any relation with a cheap man like you.
Hearing this Jatin pushes Anika hard, she was about to fall on the floor when Shivay held her and made her stand properly and ask if she is alright, Anika says yes and Shivay then stares angrily at Jatin and beats him really hard and ask Jatin to leave and never show his face again. Jatin leaves.
Shivay – Anika pack your bags, you are now going to stay at OM.
Anika – But..(She was cut of by Shivay)
Shivay – Anika enough, I dont want to hear anything, go and pack your things, now i cant leave you alone in this place.
Anika unwillingly goes to her room and after some time comes out with her bag. Both Shivay and Anika leaves for OM. On the way Shivay called Prinku and tells her about bringing Anika to OM and ask her to come to OM and even bring Sara with her.
Shivay and Anika reaches OM.
Shivay with ANIKA ENTERS OBEROI MANSION. Prinku has already arrived at OM with Sara.
Prinku – Welcome Anika. Im glad that you agreed to come to OM.
Anika – Thank you Mrs RAndhawa for everything.
Prinku – Anika you are like my sister so call me by my name or call me Prinku as Bhaiya calls me.
Anika – Okay Prinku. (Ani said this smiling at Prinku, Prinku also smiled and hugged her).
Just then Sara comes running to her daddy and Shivay picks her up in his arms.
Shivay – How is daddy’s princess?
Sara – Im good daddy, Im so happy to be back, I really missed you.
Shivay – I missed you too daring and look who is here(Showing Anika to Sara)
Sara – oh Anika aunty, Hello. How are you?
Anika smiled at Sara and said – Hello dear, Im alright, How is my angel?
Sara – Im good aunty.
Sara then sees Anika’s luggage and asked Shivay
Sara – Daddy why has aunty here with this bag. Is she going somewhere and came to meet us and say good bye?
Shivay – No beta, Anika aunty is not going anywhere, She is here with her bag because now she will be staying with us in OM.
Sara gets confused by her daddy’s reply bec till now she has never seen anyone, especially any woman (other than Prinku) coming to stay at OM.
Sara – But daddy who is she to us? Why will she stay with us?
Anika who was standing there and hearing to Sara had tears coming from her eyes after listening to Sara’s questioning to Shivay about her. Shivay looked at Anika and felt bad and said to Sara
Shivay – Sara this is very bad, see aunty got hurt because of you.
Sara – Daddy I just asked who is she.
Shivay – Sara she is daddy’s friend and will stay in OM from now on and now no more questions.
(AN – Guys Sara is small so Shivay didnt want to tell her about Anika’s loss and pain so he said that she is here as his friend. I do agree that they have just became friends but he brought her in OM as his responsibility and not as a friend.)
Sara could not believe what her daddy said, she could not believe that her daddy brought a female friend to stay with them at OM. She said nothing and went to her room looking sadly at Shivay.
Prinku and Shivay apologies to Anika and Prinku takes Anika to the room where Anika would stay and ask her to get fresh and come for lunch. Anika agrees and Prinku leaves the room.

Here Sara is sitting sadly and thinking about Anika’s arrival. Just then Shivay comes in her room and sees her sitting sadly.
Shivay – Sara my jaan are you angry with daddy?
Sara – Daddy can I ask one question?
Shivay – Sure baby, hit me with your question.
Sara – Daddy are you going to marry Anika aunty and make her my new mumma?
Shivay was shocked hearing Sara’s question. He went near Sara and took Sara in his arms and said
Shivay – Nahi beta, why did you say like that, She is just here as your Anika aunty and cannot take your mumma’s place. Im not marrying again to anyone.
Sara – Promise daddy that you will never bring a new mumma for me.
Shivay – I promise I will never do anything if you are against it.
Sara gets happy and kisses her daddy on his cheek and says Thank you. Shivay then takes Sara with him for lunch.
Anika and Prinku are already sitting on the table when Shivay comes with Sara. Shivay makes Sara sit next to him.
Sara – Anika aunty Im sorry for hurting you, you are really nice, will you forgive me and be my friend?
Anika smiles at Sara and says – Sure darling I will love to be your friend and I have forgiven you a long back, How can I not forgive such an angel.
Sara gets happy and says – Thank you aunty.
Shivay and Prinku are also happy seeing Anika happy and coming out of her pain.
Shivay starts making Sara have her lunch and makes her eat by his hand. Anika who is looking at them feels bad and miss her papa and within a few minutes ran back to her room. Everyon else think what has happened to her.
Sara – Daddy why did Anika aunty leave, Is she still sad because of me?
Shivay – Beta you dont worry and eat your lunch. I will go and bring her back.
Shiavy goes to Anika’s room and sees her sitting on the bed and crying holding her father’s photo.
Shivay – Anika what is this, why are you crying, please stop crying, its not good for your health.
Anika(while crying) – Mr Oberoi how can I not cry, In 2 days I lost everything, my world got finished, How will I survive now
Shivay(Feeling bad for her)- Anika stop saying such things, you cant break like this, be brave, you have a full life ahead, If you will cry your dad who is seeing you from heaven would not like it.
Anika – Why should only I think about papa, he never thought how will I live without him and left me, giving my responsibility to someone(Shivay) who is a complete stranger to me and for whom Im a nobody.
Saying this she stood from the bed and then sat on the floor crying loudly. Shivay who was standing near her couldnt see her crying and made her stand by holding her arms, Anika stood up and looked at Shivay who was still holding her by her arms and was asking her to handle herself. Anika couldnt control further and hugged Shivay and continued crying keeping her head on his shoulder. Shivay couldnt understand how to make her stop crying, hugged her back and rubbed his hand on her head and asked her to relax. After a few minutes of crying, Anika fainted, still hugging him. Shivay took Anika in his arms and made her rest on the bed.
All this was witnessed by Sara who came to call them for lunch and saw her daddy hugging Anika and picking her up in his arms. Sara was really angry seeing her daddy with an another woman. She had tears following down her cheeks.

Precap – Sara shouting on Shivay and Anika, Shivay slapping Sara and Anika consoling Sara.

Guys here I end Part 2 of “TUM MERE KYA HO”, I know its very big, I will try writing a short part next time. Hope you liked it, Please share your views and comments. Also the Silent readers, if any kindly give your views.
Chamelis, Tamatars, Eggs and everything are accepted here.
Take Care everyone
Love you all.

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