Tum Mere Kya Ho – Part 9

Hi Ishqbaazians,
Im back with an another part of my FF “Tum Mere Kya Ho”. Before starting off with it, I would love to thank each one of you for reading and appreciating this FF and giving so much support and motivation to me to continue with this FF. I hope to continue receiving all the love, support and motivation from you all and friends Im really sorry for making you all wait for so long, Im doing MTech so was busy with my project submissions(Life really sucks now a days)..Hope you all will understand since many of us are going through the same phase(exam and other unwanted pressures of life).

Recap – Shivay-Anika together make Sara ready and they all go for an ice cream treat, Shivay and Anika picks the same flavor of ice cream, Prinku and Sara tells that Shivay and Anika have similar likings which makes Tia fume in anger.
Now here I begin with part 9 of “Tum Mere Kya Ho” –
Next Day – MORNING
Shivay wakes up a little late, hurriedly gets ready and comes running to the living area calling out for Sara.

Shivay – Sara jaani lets go to school, we are already late, come fast.
Listening to Shivay, Shanti(maid) comes to him.
Shanti – Sir Sara baby has already left for school.
Shivay(Shocked)- Already left? But with whom? She never likes anyone else, except me to drop her off to school.
Shanti – Sir Sara baby has gone with Anika madam.
Shivay(Double shocked) – What, with Anika? (Yeh ho kya raha hai)

Shanti – Sir Sara baby herself asked Anika madam to drop her off to school. She wanted Anika madam to drop her off just like her friends get dropped off by their mothers.
Shivay(Shocked to the power of infinity, speechless) – Okay.
Maid leaves. Shivay goes and sits on the sofa.

Shivay(Thinking)- Dont know what is happening to Sara since Anika has come? After Amber left us, Sara never acted friendly with any woman except Prinku, but now she has accepted Anika, not only accepted her but has given Anika a place which she only has given to me and Amber. I had such a hard time in coming on terms and accepting Sara and Anika’s friendship and bonding which I always thought to be unrealistic and a dream seeing Sara getting close to a woman and now again Sara has again surprised me..I cant believe Sara is seeing Anika as a mother figure for herself(While thinking this Shivay unknowingly smiles). I must say that Anika surely has some magic in her that attracts everyone towards her.

Just then he comes out of his thinking, looks at his watch and starts leaving for office.

Shivay was about to sit in his car when he sees Anika coming back after dropping Sara to school.
Shivay(With a smile) – Good morning.
Anika(Smiling back)- Good morning Mr Oberoi.
Anika was about to go inside the OM..
Shivay – Anika
Anika – Yeah?
Shivay – Thank you.

Anika(Confused) – Thank you for what?
Shivay – For whatever you are doing for Sara, the way you always care for her and is giving so much love to her I really have no words to thank you.
Anika – So dont.
Shivay(Confused)- What?
Anika – I mean you dont have to thank me, Im doing all this because I love spending time with Sara, she is an angel, Mr Oberoi you are very lucky to have her.
All the while Shivay is lovingly looking at Anika with his kanji aakhein.
Anika – Can I ask you something?
Shivay(Still looking at her)- Sure.

Anika – Few days back you told me that Im a part of your family, Did you really mean it?
Shivay(Smiles listening to Anika’s question) – Yes !!
Anika – So Mr Oberoi then stop thanking me for whatever I do for Sara because I believe that we thank only the outsiders and strangers and not friends and family.
Shivay smiles at Anika’s thinking.
Shivay – As you say, Okay now I should go to office, meet you later. Take care.
Anika – Have a good day.
Shivay and Anika smile at each other. Shivay sits in his car and leaves for office. Anika goes inside the house.

Sara is sitting with her best friend, Somya and both of them are having and sharing their tiffin.
Somya(While eating from Sara’s tiffin) – waao Sara today your lunch is so yummy.
Sara(Happily) – Yeah Somya today my Anika aunty made my tiffin.
Somya(Confused) – Anika aunty? Who is she?
Sara – She is my best friend. Daddy brought her home after aunty’s daddy left her and went to God.

Somya – So will she stay with you forever?
Sara(Happily) – Off course yaar.
Somya – Did she tell you that she will stay with you forever?
Sara – No but I know that she will never leave me.
Somya – Yaar she has to leave your house after she gets married, she cant stay with you forever.
Sara(In a state of crying) – No, no, she can never leave me. I wont let Anika aunty go away from me.
Somya – Yaar she can only stay with you forever if you make her your mumma. Ask your daddy to marry her and she will always be with you.
Sara gets into thinking.

Tia is in her room, having coffee and looking at an old picture of hers and Shivay.
Tia(Thinking) – Shivay baby you dont know what kind of pain I went through when you got married to Amber, I have always loved you and has waited for a long to get you and now again I cant let anyone to take you away from me, no one can come in my way, Shivay is only mine..

Kamini (Prinku’s mother in law) and Prinku are sitting in the lounge and having juice.
Kamini – Prinku beta why dont you call Anika to our place for tea or dinner, I have heard a lot about Anika from you and really want to meet her.
Prinku – Sure mom, I will call her and will ask her to come for tea.
Kamini – Great.
Prinku calls Anika
Anika – Hello.

Prinku – Hello dear, What’s going on?
Anika – Oh Hi Prinku, nothing much, I was just helping the cook in preparing the lunch.
Prinku – Oh dear you dont have to work, just relax. Acha listen if possible can you come to my place today for tea, mom really wants to meet you.
Anika – Sure dear, I too wanted to meet aunty from a long time. I will be there by 5.
Prinku – Great dear, Will wait for you. Bye.
Anika – Bye.
Prinku keeps the phone and inform Kamini that Anika will come at 5. Both gets happy.

@Coffee Shop

Tia and Shivay are having coffee.
Tia(Shedding her crocodile tears) – Shivay baby I feel so helpless.
Shivay(Upset seeing his friend’s condition) – Tia please dont cry, there must be some way, If you say then I will talk to Dushyant and will make him understand.
Tia – Shivay baby that guy wont listen to anyone, he is not letting me meet my son or even talk to him, I begged him so much but he is so heartless. Shivay baby I have no one except you, just be there with me.
Shivay – Dont worry Tia, Im always there on your side.
Tia smiles and holds Shivay’s hand.

Sara in car is going back to OM from school. She is upset thinking about Somya’s words and fears that Anika will leave her.

Anika is in the living room, sitting on the sofa and waiting for Sara to come back from school.
Sara enters OM and comes running to Anika. She is crying.
Anika(Worried seeing Sara crying) – Sara my Princess what happened, why are you crying, is something wrong?
Sara(Crying) – Anika aunty promise me that you will never leave me and will forever stay with me in OM.
Anika – I promise I will never leave you, why do you think that I will leave such an angel like you?

Sara(Weeping) – My friend told me that you will leave me once you get married.
Anika(Cupping Sara’s face and wiping off her tears)- Meri jaan I will never marry and will never go away from you.
Sara(Hesitantly) – Anika aunty
Anika – Yeah baby?
Sara – will you please marry my daddy? He is really good.
Anika is shocked to death listening to Sara.
Anika – Sara what has happened to you, dont talk like this, I promise I will never leave you, now lets go and change your clothes and have lunch.
Anika picks up Sara and takes her to change.

Anika and Sara comes to Prinku’s residence. Sara goes to play with Aman in the garden while Anika, Prinku and Kamini sits in the living area.
Kamini(Happily) – Im so glad to finally meet you beta.
Anika(Happily) – Same here aunty, Prinku you are very lucky to have such a caring and loving mother in law.

Prinku smiles at Anika.
After spending some time Anika and Sara leaves.
Prinku – Mom did you like Anika?
Kamini – Yes dear, she is such a beautiful soul.
Prinku – Dont you think she is perfect for Shivay bhaiya and Sara both. I really want bhaiya to marry her.
Kamini(Happily) – That’s a wonderful idea beta, Why dont you talk to Shivay about it, Im sure he will agree.
Prinku smiles and gets into thinking.


Ishaan(Tia’s Son)is sitting in his room and is crying holding Tia’s photo.
Ishaan – Mom where are you, Please come back soon, I really miss you, Dont you miss you, you havent even called once, Please come back, I promise to be a good a boy.
Dushyant who had come to Ishaan’s room to see him heard everything and goes to hug his crying son.
Dushyant(Thinking) – Tia please dont do this with your child.


Shivay comes back from office and sees Anika, Sara, Prinku and Aman sitting in the living room. Prinku is reading some magazine while Sara and Aman are doing some drawing and Anika is helping them with it.
Shivay – Hello all.
Prinku – Hello bhaiya, you are really late today.
Shivay – Yeah Prinku, I had a lot of work today.
Prinku – Shall I ask the maid to set the table for dinner?

Shivay – Yeah, Im really hungry.
Prinku was about to get up..
Anika – Prinku you sit and talk, I will go and tell the maids to set the table.
Prinku smiles and nods at Anika. Anika leaves.
Shivay(Happily) – What is my superstar doing?
Sara(Going to Shivay with her drawing) – Look daddy what I have made.
Shivay(Seeing the drawing)- So waao darling, it is such a beautiful family that you have drawn. Whose family is it and who are these people?
Sara – Daddy you tell me, just guess.

Shivay – Okay let me guess. So I think this man over here(Pointing on a man in the drawing) is daddy and this little girl is daddy’s princess Sara and this lady over here(Pointing on a lady in the drawing) is…(He looks at Sara and sees her smiling and waiting for his answer) your Anika aunty.
Sara gets delighted after Shivay recognizes/identified every character which she has drawn. Prinku too smiles and seems happy.
Sara – Good job daddy, you have correctly identified everyone in my drawing.
Shivay smiles at his daughter and picks up her and takes her for dinner. Prinku and Aman too goes with them.

Sara and Aman both have slept in Sara’s room. Anika ask Prinku to go and sit with Shivay in the lounge while she gets coffee for all.

Shivay is talking on phone about his next day meetings when Prinku comes and sits next to him. Shivay seess Prinku and finishes the call quickly and keeps the phone.
Prinku – Bhaiya I wanted to talk to you about Sara.
Shivay – Yeah Prinku.
Prinku – Bhaiya have you noticed how much our Sara has changed ever since Anika has come in our lives. Im so glad to see Sara happy and cheerful. Dont you think its all because of Anika?
Shivay(Smiling) – Yeah Prinku I too have noticed the change in Sara, Im really thankful to Anika and happy that she has come in our lives.

Prinku – But bhaiya have you ever thought what will happen to Sara when Anika will go.
Shivay(Confused) – Go? Where is she is going? She is going nowhere.
Prinku – Bhaiya someday she has to go, every girl has to go, we cant stop her and keep her with us always.
Shivay(Unknowingly gets sad) – Did Anika say that she wants to marry and go?
Prinku – No bhaiya she didnt say anything but she has to get married and after that has to leave us.
Shivay(Sadly) – Yeah Prinku but what can we do, When Anika will leave again I have to handle Sara like before.

Prinku(Hesitantly) – Bhaiya why dont you marry Anika?
Shivay(Shocked to death) – What? Prinku what are you saying, Anika is my ‘responsibility’.
Prinku – So bhaiya take this responsibility for your whole life, make Anika your responsibility and take care of her forever.
Shivay – Oh God Prinku what are you talking, have you seen me and Anika, we are of no match, im a father to a 7 years old.

Prinku – You are a father of a girl whom Anika considers her life and without whom Sara cant imagine to live. I think Anika is perfect for you and Sara both and there is nothing wrong in it.
Shivay turns to look away from Prinku and is shocked to see Anika standing at the door.
Screen freezes on Shivay’s shocked face.

Precap – Shivay experiencing a new feeling, Sara demands something from Shivay which shocks him..

So friends here I end this part of “Tum Mere Kya Ho”. I hope you all liked it and hope it was not boring. Do tell me how it was through your valuable comments.
Take Care all.
Love you all ♥♥

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