Tum Mere Kya Ho – Part 5

Hi Ishqbaazians,
Im back with an another part of “Tum Mere Kya Ho”. Before starting with it, I would like to thank each one of you for the support and love you all have given to my story by your comments and views. I hope to keep on getting the same or even more love and support. Sorry for such a late update.
Thank you Chanya for the cover page. I really appreciate it.
Now I begin with Part 5 of “Tum Mere Kya Ho” –

Shivay is looking at a file when Prinku enters his room.
Prinku – Bhaiya I was thinking that Anika brought very few dresses when she came here from her father’s house and here Amber’s dresses are kept unused so if you agree then can I give few of Amber’s clothes to Anika?
Shivay – Prinku I have no problem, do as you wish.
Prinku – Thank you Bhaiya.
Prinku goes and takes Amber’s clothes from her cupboard and goes to Anika.

Anika is arranging her bed when Prinku enters her room.
Prinku – Anika leave that work and come and see these clothes(Guys all are salwar suits).
Anika(coming to Prinku and seeing the clothes) – They are really beautiful but whose clothes are these?
Prinku – Anika I and bhaiya gifted these clothes to Amber bhabhi but she didnt get the chance to wear them(Prinku becomes sad after saying this). So Anika I and bhaiya want you to have them , I feel they all will suit you and you will look more beautiful after wearing them.
Anika – Prinku there is no need for this, I have got many clothes, you dont have to worry about me.
Prinku – Anika please take them and you know I always believe that no matter how many clothes a girl or a woman have, it will always be less for them so Im sure you need them. So now no more discussion, these are your now, go and keep them.
Anika smiles at Prinku and agrees to take the clothes.
Anika – Thank you Prinku.
Prinku smiles and leaves for her house.
Anika looks at the clothes and picks one of the dress(salwar suit) and goes to get ready.

Shivay and Sara are having their breakfast just when Anika comes to them and wishes them good morning.
Shivay who is having his breakfast while reading the newspaper looks up at Anika and is stunned and gets lost seeing Anika in Amber’s clothes.
Shivay(smiling at Anika)- Good morning. After a small pause he says – You are looking really pretty today.
Anika(giving Shivay a smile)- Thank you.
Sara was looking angrily at Anika ever since Anika came to the dinning area.
Sara(to Shivay) – Daddy why is she wearing mumma’s clothes, didnt she have her own clothes.
Anika feels bad listening to Sara.
Shivay – Sara dear you should not talk to elders like this.
Sara(Annoyed) – No daddy she is really bad.
Sara gets up from her chair and goes near Anika(she is standing nearby) and starts pulling and snatching Anika’s dupatta. Anika tries to hold the dupatta.
Sara – Daddy why are you quite, please ask her to remove and give back mumma’s clothes.
Shivay(while sitting) – Sara dont do like that, Please stop it.
Sara was not listening to Shivay and was continuously pulling Anika’s dupatta and finally she succeeds in getting the dupatta from Anika.
Shivay now gets angry and goes to Sara and held her by her arm and in an angry tone ask her to behave.

Sara(Now crying after Shivay’s scolding) – Daddy you scolded me because of her(Anika), I will never talk to you again.
Sara runs from there after throwing Anika’s dupatta on the floor. Shivay then picks up the dupatta and gives it back to Anika.
Shiavy(Sad bec of Sara’s behavior) – Im really sorry Anika. Sara couldnt see you in Amber’s clothes, she was really attached to Amber and her things.
Anika(Understanding Sara’s pain and Shivay’s helplessness) – Its okay Mr Oberoi, I can totally understand. Sara is a child and it must be really hard for her but you should not have scolded her.
Shivay – She will be fine and I would not have scolded her if she would have behaved herself. Okay now leave it, come and have breakfast.
Saying this he goes and sits back on the dinning table and gets into thinking while Anika leaves.
Sara is sitting on her bed and is badly crying while holding her mother’s photo close to her heart.
Sara(Talking to her mumma’s photo) – Mumma you know daddy scolded me, I will never talk to him again, Im really sad because of him and now I will also break my friendship with him.
Shivay is continuously thinking about the morning incident. He is upset because of Sara’s rude behavior and is unable to focus on his work.
Anika changes her clothes and takes all of Amber’s clothes out of her cupboard.
Sara is still crying and talking to her mumma’s photo
Sara – Mumma now I wont eat anything and will never give kisses to daddy. I will also not talk to daddy.
Anika enters Sara’s room and hears everything.
Anika – Sara baby you wont even talk to me?
Sara didnt respond to Anika.
Anika goes and sits near Sara. Sara is not looking at Anika and is ignoring her.
Anika(Feeling sad after seeing Sara ‘s behavior) – Look dear I came to apologize, Im sorry. I didnt knew that if I will wear your mumma’s dress you will be so much hurt.
Sara now looks at Anika.

Anika(continue saying)- See beta I brought back all your mumma’s clothes, now we both will arrange them back in your mumma’s cupboard. Ok? Will you help me?
Sara(with a smile)- Ok aunty, Thank you. You are very sweet. Im sorry for today. Yesterday also I did a prank on you and you saved me from daddy’s scolding, sorry for that also.
Anika(smiles and wipes of Sara’s tears) – Beta stop apologizing, Im not angry with you.
Sara – Aunty still I will not talk to daddy.
Anika – Why so beta, daddy loves you so much, he didnt do anything wrong and he didnt knew that I had taken your mumma’s clothes.
Sara – Really aunty? But shanti aunty(maid) told that bua(Prinku) gave you the clothes only after asking daddy.

Anika(getting exited) – Oh no, see because of all this I forgot to tell you that daddy called up just now and asked me to tell you that he will take you to wonderland today in the evening.
Sara(getting exited and happy)- Oh really Anika aunty?
Anika – Yes angel.
Sara – Oh waao, If daddy is taking me to wonderland then I will surely do friendship with daddy again.
Anika(Making a pout) – Oh you will do friendship only with daddy, what about me, will you do friendship with me?
Sara(Smiling happily at Anika) – Oh Anika aunty please dont be sad, I will do friendship with you and daddy both. Now smile.
Anika(smiling at Sara) – If we are friends then come give me a tight hug
Sara listening to Anika jumped and hugged Anika tightly. Anika to reciprocate and hugs Sara back.
Anika(Breaking the hug) – Darling now lets go and keep these clothes at its right place.
Anika and Sara goes to keep the clothes in Amber’s cupboard.
Shivay comes back to OM and calls Sara.
Shivay – Sara daddy ki jaan where are you? Look daddy is back.
Sara comes running to Shivay.
Shivay(Seeing Sara)- Look beta what daddy got for you.
Sara(Taking the gift)- waao, thank you daddy.
Just then Anika comes there.

Shivay – Sara daddy is really sorry for scolding you today.
Sara(in an apologizing tone)- No daddy, It was my fault.
Shivay(smiling at Sara) -No problem beta. I love you meri jaan.
Anika smiles seeing Shivay and Sara’s bonding.
Sara – I love you too daddy and daddy now go and get ready, we are getting late.
Shivay(confused) – Getting late for what?
Sara – Oh daddy you forgot that you have to take me to the wonderland, remember you called and told Anika aunty about it in the afternoon.
Shivay after listening to Sara, looks at Anika and Anika signals him to agree with Sara. Shivay understands that it was all done by Anika.
Shivay – Oh yeah baby I remember, you just wait, I will change and come. Anika you also get ready.
Anika – No Mr Oberoi, you and Sara go and have fun.
Sara – Please Anika aunty, come with us, I promise you will not get bored and we all will enjoy and play a lot of games.
Shivay is stunned seeing the change in Sara and Anika’s relation and gets happy seeing Sara accepting and behaving well with Anika.
Anika(smiling at Sara) – How can I or anyone get bored when an angel like you is there with them, I will go and get ready.
Sara gets happy, Shivay is also happy(seeing Sara happy). After sometime they leave to enjoy at wonderland.
(Guys this is a place with everything for fun, it has water park, game parlor and food court)
At the wonderland Shivay and Anika like parents made Sara experience and enjoy all the rides, together they played several games at the game parlor and had a perfect family dinner at the food court. They returned back to OM late at night after enjoying to their fullest.
Sara – Thank you daddy for taking me to the wonderland, I really enjoyed it.
Shivay – Im happy that you liked it and enjoyed yourself.
Sara – Anika aunty did you like it?
Anika – Yes baby I loved it.
Sara – Aunty will you make me sleep, Im tired.
Anika – Sure darling, you go and change your dress, I will come in a minute.
Sara – Okay aunty. Good night daddy.
Shivay – Good night dadday ki jaan(He says this and kisses Sara on her forehead while Sara gives him a good night kiss on his cheek)
After Sara leaves, Anika also is about to go to her room to change her clothes when
Shivay – Anika
Anika – Yeah
Shivay(happily) – Thank you for today
Anika(confused) – Thank you for what?
Shivay – Thank you for handling Sara and understanding the situation. You solved my problem, I was so tensed and worried for Sara, I couldnt even focus on work today in the office, what you did for me and Sara today someone own can only do it. So thank you for everything.
Anika – You dont have to thank me Mr Oberoi. The mistake was mine, Sara would not have behaved like that if I had not put on her mumma’s clothes, She was hurt so she expressed herself. But now you dont worry about Sara, I dont promise but as long as Im here I will take full care of her. You wont get any more complaints about her. Now its very late, you should rest. Good night.
Shivay is really pleased after listening to Anika.
Anika turns to go upstairs to Sara’s room when
Shivay – Listen
Anika turns to Shivay
Shivay – This is your house also so please feel free over here and if you have any complaint from my or Sara’s side then do tell me.
Anika – Sure, Thank you.
Shivay – Okay good night.
Anika – Good night.
Anika goes to Sara’s room to make her sleep. Over here Shivay is thinking something and leaves to his room with a smile on his face.

Shivay is standing near the window of his cabin, having his espresso and thinking about his and Sara’s yesterday’s conversation(about going to the wonderland), thinking of how nicely Anika handled sara. He then think of his and Anika’s last night conversation and a sudden smile appears on his face.
He goes and sits on his chair and looks at Amber’s photo which is kept on the table. He picks up the photo and says
Shivay – Amber I know like me you also cannot believe that Sara got calmed down by someone else, till now whenever she gets sad, annoyed or whenever she cries only you or me can calm her down and handle her, after you left us only I was the one who could handle Sara and even Prinku fails in handling her but now Im so stunned to see Sara changing and accepting Anika, what is there in Anika that made Sara close to her in such a short time.

Precap – A lady is arguing at the reception area of the Oberoi Industries, Shivay hearing the argument comes there and looks at the lady and says “you”. Prinku gets annoyed seeing a visitor at OM.
He keeps the photo back on the table and again starts thinking about Anika and is unable to understand why is he thinking so much about her.

So guys here I end this part, Hope you all liked it. Sorry if it was boring or lengthy.
Waiting eagerly for all your precious views and comments,
Chameli, Tamatar and eggs are also accepted here,
Take care everyone
Love you all.

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