Tum Mere Kya Ho – Part 4

Hi Ishqbaazians,
Im back with an another part of “Tum Mere Kya Ho”. Before starting with it, I would like to thank each one of you for the support and love you all have given to my story by your comments and views. I hope to keep on getting the same or even more love and support. Guys the picture(cover) of this part is Harshaali Malhotra and I have picked her as Sara because I find Harshaali really cute and smart.
Now I begin with part 4 of “Tum Mere Kya Ho”

Late Afternoon
Anika because of continuous crying faints while hugging Shivay, Shivay who has no option picks Anika up in his arms and keeps her on the bed and leaves the room. (AN – Guys Sara has witnessed everything but before Shivay could see her she left)
In the dinning area, Prinku is waiting for all when Shivay comes to her and informs her about Anika’s condition and goes to call the doctor. (Guys he didnt ask about Sara because he is already worried and tensed bec of Anika as she is his “responsibility”).
Prinku is near Anika in her room when Shivay enters the room with the doctor. The doctor checks Anika and gives her an injection because of which she gains her consciousness.
Doctor – Mr Oberoi she is very weak at the moment and lately it seems that she has been thinking a lot about something and is giving unwanted pressure on her mind and because of which she fainted. You have to take care of her and make sure she eats properly.
Shivay – Yeah sure doc, Thank you for coming.

Doc ask Anika to take care of herself and leaves bidding good bye to all.
Shivay – Anika, look now you have to stop crying and think about yourself, we cant change what has happened(MS death), we can only accept the reality and move on. I have been telling you this since so many days and now even the doc said the same thing and Im sure if not mine then you will listen and follow what the doc said.
He gave a smile to Anika, she too smiled back at him and then he left the room and went to see his darling daughter Sara while Prinku went to get some juice for Anika.
Shivay after looking for Sara in the living area comes to her room where he saw Sara sitting on her bed and crying, holding her mother’s photo closed to her heart. Shivay got worried and upset seeing his Princess like this and went to her.
Shivay(Concerned) – Sara meri jaan what’s wrong, why are you crying?
Sara didnt respond.

Shivay – Sara talk to daddy, are you crying because of me, did I do something wrong and you are complaining mumma about it.
Sara(Looking at Shivay, with her eyes full of tears) – I dont want to talk to you, you lied you me, I hate you.
Shivay(Sad after listening to Sara) – Nahi beta daddy can never lie to you and even cant spend a single second thinking that you hate me and will not talk to me, You are the only one I have, my world, my everything.(Now Shivay has tears in his eyes)
Sara – If Im your only world then who is that aunty(Anika) staying in our house?
just then Prinku and Anika comes to Sara’s room looking for shivay and Sara. Sara looked at Anika and started shouting on her
Sara(To Anika)- Why are you here, what do you want, leave my room, I hate you.
Shivay looked at Sara shouting and then at Anika whose eyes was full of tears. Shivay got worried for both Sara and Anika.
Shivay – Sara what’s wrong, stop it, this is very bad, you should talk to aunty properly.
Sara – Why daddy, why should I behave with her, she is bad, she is here to take my mumma’s place, I know you will make her my new mumma and this is the reason she refused to marry on that day and because of that aunty got punished by God and God took her daddy away from her.

Listening to Sara Anika started crying badly, Prinku handled her, Shivay who could no longer bear all this slapped sara. Sara couldnt believe that her daddy slapped her because of Anika and she looked at her tears with tears in her eyes and ran out of the room taking her mother’s photo with her. Shivay looked at the crying Anika
Shivay – Anika Im really sorry for whatever Sara said to you, Please forgive her, she is not like that but dont know what happened to her today, I promise I will talk to her.
Anika(Controlling herself to not cry)- Its okay Mr Oberoi, Its not her fault, she is right, Who are you to me(Tum Mere Kya Ho), why Im here?
shiavy – Anika please now you dont start, I cant handle Sara and you at the same time. You please go and rest.
Saying this Shivay left the room and went in search of Sara. After searching for her in the whole mansion he went to his room and didnt find her even there. Suddenly he got a phone from his office and went to office for an important meeting asking Prinku to look after Sara and handle her.
Prinku goes to search Sara in the lawn and Anika searches for Sara in the house.
Evening Time
Anika was searching for Sara in the house and she goes to Shivay’s room to look for Sara. In the room Anika heard some voice from inside a huge cupboard and opened it, Inside the cupboard was Shivay’s Princess, Sara who was sitting and crying silently holding her mother’s photo.
Anika – Angel what are you doing here in the cupboard? Please come out.
Sara looked at Anika and made an angry face at Anika. Anika felt bad seeing the little Sara crying.
Anika(Having tears in her eyes and Feeling pain after seeing Sara crying) – I know baby Daddy(Shivay) did wrong by slapping you and you have full right to be angry with your daddy and complaint to your mumma about your daddy or about me but please dont cry and sit over here. Please come out and say something , scold me or even fight with me but please dont sit and cry and punish yourself like this. Dont stop talking to your daddy, he is really worried about you.
Sara(Looking at Anika who’s tears are now coming out of eyes and wetting her cheeks) – Daddy said that he didnt lied to me and that he will never bring another mumma for me then why did he hugged you and why did he picked you up in his arms. I thought after mumma, its only me whom he hug and pick in his arms.
Anika couldnt believe what Sara asked her and how Sara interpreted what she saw and Anika said – Beta its really not what you think it is, I know that you loved your mumma a lot but I also know that your daddy loved your mumma too and after your mumma the only girl he has loved and cared for is you, he hugged me only to calm me because I was missing my papa and was crying uncontrollably and he didnt want me to cry and you to see me crying and get upset and because I had cried a lot and didnt eat anything I fainted and your daddy had to pick me up and made me sleep on the bed.
Sara after listening to Anika comes out of the cupboard and was about to say something when Prinku came in the room and saw Sara
Prinku(Coming near Sara)- Sara jaani where were so, you know how much we all were worried looking for you.
Sara – Bua you know na where do I always hide when Im sad, I was here only, in mumma’s cupboard, sitting with all her(mumma’s) things.
Prinku(Feeling bad for Sara)- Baby how many times I and your daddy have told you not to sit in the cupboard, you know that you can come to me and daddy and share your problems, daddy was really sad that he slapped you but beta you should have not talked to daddy and Anika aunty like the way you did. Now darling go to Anika aunty and apologize to her.
Sara(Looking at Anika and speaking to Prinku)- Bua do you think Anika aunty will forgive me if I apologize to her?
Prinku(Smiling at Sara)- Im sure she will forgive you, go and say sorry.

Sara(coming to Anika)- Anika aunty I know you must be angry with me but will you please forgive me for everything I did today, Im really sorry for misbehaving with you and daddy.
Anika(Holding Sara by her shoulders)- Sara you dont need to apologize to me, I can never be angry with an angel like you. Now smile and go and play with Aman. I will bring tea for Bua(Prinku) and juice for you and Aman.
Sara(Feeling Relaxed) – Thank you aunty. Bua where is daddy, I have to apologize to him also.
Prinku – Beta daddy had gone to office, he had an important meeting, He will be back soon. You dont worry and go and play.
Meanwhile Anika goes to kitchen to bring tea and juice. Prinku with Sara goes to the garden.
Sara is happily playing football with Aman while at a distance Prinku is sitting on the garden chair under a shade. Just then Anika comes there with tea and juice. She call the kids for having juice and goes to Prinku and keeps the tray on the table and sits on the chair with Prinku. The kids also come and sits with them and starts having their juice, while Anika and Prinku are having tea. Just then Shivay comes from the office and joins them.
Shivay – Oh waao hello everyone, whats happening?
Prinku – Come and have tea with us.
Anika makes tea for Shivay and gives him. Shivay thanks her.
Sara – Daddy after what I did today, I know you will not talk to me and will not forgive me but daddy Im really sorry for hurting you, Anika aunty told me that after mumma, Im the only girl you loved and cared for but see what I did, I made you hate me, Im sorry daddy, please forgive me. (Saying this she started crying)
Shivay(With tears in his eyes and making Sara sit on his lap)- My baby please dont cry, daddy hates seeing tears in your eyes, see even daddy is having tears in his eyes after seeing your tears. Please stop crying and Sara how can you even think that daddy can hate you, Im living only because you are there with me, you are the reason of my life so how can I hate the one who makes me feel alive, daddy loves you the most, for me nothing can ever be more precious than my darling daughter.
Saying this he kisses Sara on her forehead and tears are now flowing out of his eyes and coming down his cheeks.. Sara too is crying by hugging her daddy tightly. Anika and Prinku are also having tears in their eyes after listening to both Sara and Shivay and seeing their bond.
Sara(Calming herself) – Daddy look Im not crying, you also please dont cry(She wipes Shivay’s tears with her little fingers). Daddy please stop crying, brave people dont cry and you are the bravest so how can you cry, see everyone(Prinku, Anika and Aman) is looking at you and they will make fun of you, so now dont cry.
Shivay after listening to his Princess’s innocent talks smiles and hugs her tight and then ask her to happily go and play with Aman. Sara goes to play.
Shivay(after having water)- Anika Im sorry again, Look Sara is not like the way she behaved with you today in the afternoon, she is really friendly but takes time to accept someone new. Im sure she will be comfortable with you soon and thank you for making Sara understand her mistake.
Anika – Mr Oberoi you dont have to apologize or thank me, she is a child and I can totally understand Sara’s condition. She is an angel and I can never mind or be annoyed with her, you please dont worry.

Shivay smiles listening to Anika. Prinku after listening to Shivay and Anika’s conversation smiles thinking about something.
Shivay – Acha Prinku I have to go for a dinner with my clients so is it possible for you to do a night stay today in OM?
Prinku – Sorry Bhaiya I wont be able to stay at OM, Ranveer’s mom(Guys in my FF Kamini is really sweet and loving) has invited us for dinner tonight. But if you allow then I can take Sara with me, I will drop her tomorrow.
Shivay – Nahi Prinku thanks but there is no need to take Sara, you go and enjoy.
Anika(after listening to their conversation)- Mr Oberoi you can trust on me, dont worry, you go, I will look after Sara.
Shivay – Anika its not that I cant trust you or I dont trust you but Im little scared of Sara’s mood and behaviour towards you after the afternoon’s incident.
Anika – Mr Oberoi you please dont worry, Me and Sara will enjoy and you wont get any complain.
Shivay(after thinking)- Okay Anika if you say then I will leave Sara with you but if at all she misbehaves then please call me without any hesitation. Maid will be there with you so you dont have to do any work, just relax.
Anika – Sure Mr Oberoi.
Prinku – Oh thaats good, problem solved, thank you Anika. Bhaiya now I should leave otherwise I will get late, Bye Bhaiya, Bye Anika. Please take care of Sara.
Prinku calls Aman and after giving Sara a good bye kiss she leaves with Aman.
Shivay leaves for dinner.
After Shivay leaves for dinner, Sara comes to her room and starts playing with a doll. She is thinking herself as a mother and the doll as her daughter.
(A.N. – Guys I too have played such games with my dolls a lot, Im sure many of you would have, If yes then do share ur experience and feelings in the comment)
Sara(while holding the doll like a baby in her arms)- No beta, why are you crying, see mumma is here with you.
While Sara is busy playing, Anika enters in the room(Sara didnt notice Anika) and starts looking at the little Sara in her” mumma avatar”.
Sara(still playing and holding the doll in her arms)- Tell me why are you crying, are you hungry, beta even Im hungry, wait I will see why didnt aunty(the maid) brought the dinner for us.
Anika who was continuously watching Sara playing with her doll, now starts laughing at her antics and innocence. Sara listening to the laughter looks at her back and sees Anika looking her her.
Sara – What are you doing here, do you want something?
Anika(No longer laughing) – Beta I just came to check on you, I asked the maid to bring your dinner, I will make you eat the food.
before Sara could reply or say something, a maid brings dinner for Sara.
Anika – Yeah give the plate to me, I will make Sara have her dinner.
Before the maid could give the plate to Anika, Sara speaks
Sara – Shanti aunty(Maid) will you make me have my dinner, Im really hungry.
Anika didnt want Sara to spoil her mood so she didnt argue and ask Shanti to make Sara eat the dinner, Shanti goes and sits near Sara(she is sitting on the carpet and playing) and starts making Sara eat her food. Anika takes a chair and sits near them and sees Sara having her food.
Sara(In a low voice to Shanti while having dinner) – Aunty when will Anika aunty leave my room
Shanti – Beta she will leave as soon as you finish your food.
Anika smiles at Sara

(Guys Anika can clearly hear their conversation)
sara – Shanti aunty will you tell me a story after I finish my food.
Shanti – Beta I dont know any story.
Sara(Sadly) – Oh but without listening to any story I wont be able to sleep, Daddy might get late and even Bua is not here, how will I sleep, who will tell me the story.
Anika(After listening to Sara) – If you want then I can tell you the story, I know many of them.
Sara(Getting excited and coming to Anika) – Really Anika aunty, will you tell me the stories
Anika(Happily)- Yeah angel I will surely tell you a story but only after you finish your food.
Sara after listening to anika’s condition, ran towards Shanti and asked her to make her eat the dinner fast as she cant wait to listen the stories.
Shanti after making Sara finish the food left the room, leaving Sara with Anika.
Sara – Anika aunty look I had my dinner, now please start telling me the stories.
Anika – Sara dear before I start the story, you go and change your clothes and put on your night suit.
Sara(Impatient to listen the stories)- Aunty I will change after listening the story, Please I want you to start telling me the story.
Anika(Smiling at Sara) – Okay darling, hop on the bed.
Sara jumped on the bed and lied down, Anika covered Sara with the blanket and started telling her the story.
Shivay comes back from the dinner and called Shanti.
Shivay – Shanti did Sara and Anika had their dinner?
Shanti – Yes Sir, They both had their dinner.
Shivay – Thats good, so where are they and did Sara slept?
Shanti – Sir I asked and tried making Sara sleep after dinner only but she didnt slept and she asked me to tell her stories but I dont know any stories.

Anika is still telling stories to Sara and Sara is happily listening the stories.
Anika(after finishing the current story)- Sara thats all for today, see its late now and you should sleep before your daddy comes, go and put on your night suit, I will make you sleep.
Sara(Who wanted Anika to tell more stories, said unwillingly)- Okay Anika aunty, thank you for telling me so many stories, you sit, I will change and come
Saying this Sara went, After a minute she comes back and looks at Anika whose back is on Sara’s side. Sara silently goes near Anika and throws a plastic lizard(a toy) on Anika. Anika saw the plastic lizard on her lap and thought it to be a real lizard and without realizing that its fake, she panicked and shouted on top of her voice.
Shivay who was on the stairs, coming to check on Sara heard Anika’s shout and got tensed and ran to Sara’s room. While in Sara’s room, Anika realized that it was a fake/plastic/toy lizard and saw Sara laughing at her and understood that Sara has done a prank on her. Before Anika or Sara could say anything, Shivay entered in the room.
Shivay(Worried and Tensed)- What happened, Is everything alright?
Sara got tensed, fearing that Anika will complain to Shivay about her prank and Shivay will scold Sara again. Anika looked at Sara and understood her fear.
Anika(To Shivay)- Nothing Mr Oberoi everything is alright.
Shivay – Really? Then why did you shout?
Anika – Actually Mr Oberoi I was telling a horror story to Sara and we both got scared and because of the fear I shouted.
Listening to Anika, Sara looked at Anika and was feeling bad and guilty for doing such pranks on her .
Shivay – What, you were telling Sara horror stories? How can you do this Anika, you look sensible then how can you do such things, dont you see that Sara is a child and such stories may impact her badly. From now on please keep this in mind and Im taking Sara to sleep with me in my room, you too go and take rest.
Shivay picks up Sara in her arms and is about to leave the room when suddenly Shivay saw the plastic lizard on the bed and gets to know the reality, he realized that how beautifully and smartly Anika saved Sara. Shivay felt bad for scolding Anika for a thing which she never did and now he couldnt face Anika after knowing the reality and left the room after saying good night to Anika. Sara while leaving sadly looked at Anika because today Anika saved her and got Sara’s share of scolding from Shivay.
Screen freezes on Anika’s sad face.

Precap – In morning Prinku gives Anika some clothes from Amber’s wardrobe and ask her to wear them, Anika wears them and comes to the dinning area for breakfast where Sara sees Anika in her mother’s clothes and behaves rudely with Anika, asking her to give her mother’s clothes back. Shivay and Prinku try to handle Sara.

So Guys this was part 4 of “Tum Mere Kya Ho”. I hope you all liked it, Kindly share your views about it and do comment whatever you feel about the story. Im trying my best and I just hope its not boring, If anyone of you feel it to be boring then do tell me, I will try and improve.
Thank you again everyone.
Take Care,
Love you all.

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