Tum Mere Kya Ho – Part 11

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Recap – Prinku asks Shivay to think about marrying Anika. Anika hears their conversation but acts as if she didnt. Later at night Shivay and Anika have a light and a good conversation. Next day Sara ask Shivay to make Anika her new mumma, Sara tells Anika that Shivay likes her a lot.
Now here I begin with Part 11 of “Tum Mere Kya Ho” –

Anika(Hesitatingly) – I..I..I mean I was just thinking how good a father he is for Sara.
Prinku(Taunting) – Really? Is that what you were thinking?
Anika – I.. I.. Yeah
Just then Sara comes back from school and runs towards Anika and Prinku.
Sara – Anika aunty Im back.
Anika(Happy seeing Sara) – Welcome home Princess.
Sara – Hi Bua.
Prinku – Hello meri jaan.
Anika(Thinking) – Phew.. Thank God Sara came otherwise I would have died answering Prinku’s questions.
Anika – Sara you sit with bua, i will just go and set the table for lunch. Prinku have lunch with us, today I have made lunch myself
Prinku(Happily) – Really? Then I must stay and have lunch.
Prinku, Anika and Sara together have lunch.
Prinku(While eating) – Anika you are just amazing, I can come to have lunch with you daily if you cook.
Sara(Happily) – Anika aunty you are the best. Wish daddy could have it, Im sure he would love it.
Anika(Happily) – Dont worry baby I have sent the lunch for your daddy.
Prinku(Happy to see Anika caring for Shivay) – Really? You send lunch for bhaiya? You know bhaiya never eats lunch in office and so we stopped sending him the lunch and today after years lunch had gone for him . Im sure we would love your cooking.
Anika smiles at Prinku.
They all happily eat.

Shivay is amazed to get lunch from home. He sits to have the lunch just when Tia comes in his cabin.
Tia – Hey Shivay baby.
Shivay – Hi Tia. You just came on the right time. I was about to start my lunch. Come, join me.
Tia(Happily) – Waao Shivay baby, Seems like you are having a party, It looks delicious.
Shivay(Happily) – Even Im surprised to get such a lunch from home. Its been long that I had lunch in the office. I stopped eating lunch in office since Amber left us.
Tia smiles and joins Shivay for lunch.
Tia(While eating) – Yummy !! Shivay babay you have got a really good cook.
Shivay(Surprised) – Yeah even Im thinking the same. Its not usual.
Tia – Your cook surely has got magic in his hands.
Shivay(Laughing) – Oh no Tia I can guarantee you that my cook didnt make this lunch.
Tia(Curious) – Then who made it?
Shivay(With a slight smile) – Anika
Tia starts coughing(Got shocked while eating). Shivay gives her water.
Shivay – Anyway its delicious. I didnt know she is such a good cook. You know I can get used to this cooking.
Tia smirks.

Anika and Sara with Prinku and Aman are doing shopping. Both Anika and Sara are helping each other in selecting clothes for themselves. After shopping they all went to have ice cream and returned back to Oberoi Mansion.
Aman, Sara and Anika are playing blindfold, while Prinku is sitting nearby and is having tea. Anika has been blindfolded while Sara and Aman are running near her, asking her to catch them. Anika while trying to catch the kids, holds someone.
Anika(Happily and still having her eyes covered) – Yeah I got you.
She then removes the blindfold and see herself holding Shivay who has just walked in the lawn with Tia. Tia smirks seeing Anika holding Shivay. Anika leaves Shivay.
Anika(Embarrassed) – Sorry Mr Oberoi I was just playing with the kids and didnt realize that it was you.
Shivay(Smiling at Anika) – Its okay Anika.
Anika – I will bring coffee for you both(Shivay and Tia)
Saying this she leaves after having an eye contact with Shivay who was looking at Anika with a smile on his face.

Anika is going to the kitchen when Tia comes to her.
Tia – Anika
Anika – Hello Tia
Tia – Hi. How are you?
Anika – Im fine.
Tia(Taunting) – Seems like you are doing really fine.
Anika(Confused) – Sorry?
Tia – I mean the first time when I saw you, you looked very weak and not in a good condition but now look at you, seem like you are really enjoying your life.
Anika feels bad. Just then everyone else comes inside the house.
Sara – Hello Tia aunty.
Tia(Acting starts) – Oh Hi meri jaan , How are you?
Sara – Im good aunty.
Tia – Sorry beta I was busy with work so couldnt come to meet you, Come I have to do a lot of talking with you.
Tia makes Sara sit with her. Everyone else also sits. Shanti serves coffee and juice to all.
Prinku(In a taunting tone) – Tia you love Sara so much, I wonder how much you miss your own son.
Tia(Fake Sadness) – Prinku I cant explain that how much I love my son, there is not even a second that I dont miss him.
Tia gets up and goes near Shivay. Shivay stands up.
Tia(Acts like crying) – Shivay baby I feel so helpless.
Shivay – Tia dont worry. Everything will be alright.
Tia(Holding Shivay’s hand) – I only have you.
Shivay tries to console Tia while Tia hugs her(Mauke Pe Chauka !!). Seeing this Anika unknowingly feels bad and gets up to leave. Prinku gets annoyed. Shivay breaks the hug and sees Anika leaving.
Shivay – Anika
Anika – Yes Mr Oberoi
Shivay – Thank you for the lunch. It was really delicious. I didnt had such good food in a long time.
Anika gets a little happy and nods at Shivay with a smile.
Tia smirks.
Tia(Taunting) – Oh yeah it was good. You know Shivay baby I must say that girls like Anika even if they know nothing else they surely know how to impress anyone with their cooking skills.
Shivay – Anika you really dont have to do all this. Its not your job. You are already doing a lot for Sara.
Anika – I really dont have any problem in doing all this.
Prinku – Arre Anika you dont have to listen to bhaiya. Do what you feel like, Its your home only.
Shivay(Happily giving up)- Okay fine do as you wish.
Anika , Shivay and Prinku smiles while Tia gets annoyed.

Shivay gets up and looks at the time.
Shivay – Oh God Im late.
Just then someone knocks on his door.
Shivay – Come in.
Shanti walks in his room with his coffee and newspaper.
Shanti – Good Morning Sir.
Shivay – Good Morning Shanti. Thank you for bringing my espresso and the newspaper. Has Sara left for school?
Shanti – Yes sir Anika ma’am made Sara have breakfast and then dropped her to school.
Shivay – Okay, good. Shanti please iron my clothes. I will leave for office soon.
Shanti – Sir Anika ma’am already ironed all your clothes and have arranged them in your cupboard.
Shivay(Surprised) – What? Why did she do that? There was no need for her to do all this.
Shanti – Sir I asked her to leave but she insisted on doing it.
Shivay – Okay, you can leave now.
Shanti leaves. Shivay goes to check his cupboard and gets a flashback.
Amber – Shivay you have become very lazy after our marriage. Come arrange your cupboard on your own.
Shivay – Why should I do it when I have you and its all your fault, I have become lazy because you only started doing all my things and spoiled me.
Amber – Oh come on Shivay it is not like that. I do your work not because I want to spoil you or make you lazy. I do all your work because I get happiness in it, I do it because of my love for you and when we love someone we take care of their needs, happiness, sorrows, their food, likes and dislikes and everything related to that special one.
Shivay comes out of the flashback and is confused.
Shivay(Thinking) – What does it mean? Why are you doing all this Anika?
He comes out of his thoughts and goes to get ready for office.

Shivay gets ready and comes to the dining area. He sees Anika working in the kitchen and goes to sit on the table and starts looking at the newspaper. Anika sees him and brings his breakfast to him.
Shivay – Anika
Anika – Yes Mr Oberoi
Shivay – Why are you always involved in doing the household chores. You already do so much for Sara. There is no need for you to do all this. There are plenty of servants to do all this. You just ask them to do it.
Anika(Sadly) – Have I said or done something wrong? Are you upset because of me?
Shivay(Confused) – What? Why do you say so?
Anika – Because you are asking me not to do any household chores.
Shivay(Smiling at Anika) – Anika Im saying it because I dont want you to spend your day working like this, there are many people to do it. I want you to enjoy and relax. What you are doing for Sara is more than enough.
Anika – Mr Oberoi please do not stop me from doing any work, I do all this with all my happiness and I enjoy doing it. But if you have any problem with it then I will not do anything.
Shivay(Smiling) – Oh come on Anika how can I have any problem with it, I just want you to be happy, nothing else. You know I never got the chance to tell you how happy Im since you came in this house, in my life, from the time you came in this house you just took away all my worries regarding Sara and gave Sara the love which she never received and which I myself could never have given to her, you made this house a home. Im really thankful to you. You know Mr Sharma(Anika’s father) was right that you will spread light and happiness in whom so over’s life you will go in.
Shivay looks at Anika and sees Anika looking at him with teary eyes. Screen freezes with both Shivay and Anika looking at each other.

Precap – Tia hugs Shivay in his cabin. Anika and Sara enters his cabin and are shocked to see them in that position.

So friends here I end this part. Hope you all liked it. Do tell me if it was boring or lengthy. I promise to make the next part interesting.
Eagerly waiting for all your valuable comments and views.
Chamelis, Tamatars, Eggs are all accepted here(Hope I dont it)
Love you all ♥♥

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