Tum Mere Kya Ho – Part 10

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Recap – Sara’s friend(Somya) tells Sara that someday Anika will leave Sara after she(Anika) gets married. Sara gets sad and upset listening to her friend and decides that she will never let Anika leave her. Later Prinku asks Shivay about his feelings for Anika and ask him to think about Sara, suggesting him to marry Anika for Sara’s sake. Shivay turns to see a shocked Anika standing at the door, he assumes that Anika has heard his conversation with Prinku and himself gets shocked.
Now here I begin part 10 of “Tum Mere Kya Ho” –

Anika has heard Shivay and Prinku’s conversation but acts as if she hasnt and enters the room with coffee for Shivay and Prinku. Shivay all this time is looking at Anika and is doubtful that she has heard but is acting normal.
Anika gives Shivay his espresso. Shivay takes it.
Anika – I will go and set the table for dinner. You both please come for dinner.
Prinku(Little worried that Anika must have heard their conversation) – Yeah sure dear.
Anika and Shivay glance at each other. Anika leaves.

Shivay(Panics) – Prinku what did you do? I think Anika heard everything.
Prinku(Trying to calm down Shivay) – Bhaiya dont worry, I dont think she heard anything.
Shivay – No Prinku I could see it on her face, Im sure she heard us.
Prinku – Arre Bhaiya relax, She would have said something if she had heard us.
Shivay is worried thinking about Anika listening to his conversation with Prinku.
Prinku – Bhaiya leave this and think about what I have told you.
Saying this Prinku leaves and Shivay gets into thinking.

Everybody(Including Prinku and her son) are having dinner. Shivay is still in his thoughts while Anika is quietly eating her food.
Prinku(Seeing Shivay been lost) – Bhaiya I was thinking to take Anika and the kids for shopping.
Shivay(Coming out of his thoughts) – Okay Prinku do as you wish. Anika you also go and buy whatever you want for yourself.
Anika – No Mr Oberoi I dont need anything. Thank you for asking.
Prinku – Oh come on Anika, how can you let go such an offer. Shivay bhaiya doesnt givesuch an offer regularly. You have to get something for yourself. I insist.
Anika – Okay dear.

Anika is standing near the window of her room and is thinking about Prinku and Shivay’s conversation.
Anika(To Herself) – Oh God what is happening? Is it really that Prinku wants Mr Oberoi to marry me? But how can this marriage happen when Mr Oberoi treats me only as his responsibility and nothing else. Unknowingly she gets sad. Suddenly she realizes and says –
Anika(TO Herself) – Oh God what am I thinking, what’s wrong with me? I cant think all this. Gosh what is happening to my heart.

Shivay is reading some files. Shanti(Maid) comes with his espresso and gives it to him.
Shanti – Sir do you need anything else?
Shivay – No Thankyou Shanti. Has Sara slept?
Shanti – Sir Sara wanted to sleep with Anika ma’am so Anika ma’am took Sara to her room to make Sara sleep.
Shivay – Oh okay. Now you also go.
Shanti leaves. Shivay starts thinking about Prinku and his conversation.

Anika is sitting on her bed still thinking about Shivay and Prinku’s conversation when someone knocks on her door. She gets up and opens the door and is shocked to see Shivay standing on her doorstep.
Anika – You?
Shivay – Yeah sorry, Did I disturb you?
Anika – No not at all.

Shivay – I had to talk to you. Can I come in?
Anika(Realising that she didnt ask him to come in) – Oh Sorry, Please come in.
Shivay enters her room and ask her to sit on the sofa. Anika sits on the sofa. Shivay too sits on the arm chair near to the sofa. Anika could not gather the courage to look at Shivay and so she is looking/staring on the floor.

Shivay(Looking at Anika) – Anika are you happy staying in this house?
Anika now looks at Shivay and is confused by his question.
Shivay(Understanding Anika’s confusion) – What I mean is do you have any kind of a problem or issue staying with us. Look Anika dont hesitate, we both are friends so you can tell me if there is something that is bothering you. After all what are friends for. Right?
Anika(Smiling a little) – Mr Oberoi Im very happy in this house. How can I have any problem when everybody cares for me and love me so much – Sara, Prinku, Shanti and..
Shivay(Unknowingly getting exited and happy) – And..

Anika(Embarrassed) – And everyone else.
Shivay(Unknowingly smiles) – Good.
Shivay then takes out an envelope from his pocket and gives it to Anika.
Anika – What this?
Shivay – Its for you.
Anika – But what is it?

Shivay – Its just some money.
Anika – Money? But why are you giving it to me?
Shivay – Anika take it and I want you to buy whatever you wish and require for yourself.
Anika – But Mr Oberoi..

Shivay(Cutting Anika in between) – Look Im sorry but Im not that aware of the things you require so Im just giving you the money to buy it for yourself. If I would know what you want then I would have got the things for you instead of giving you the money.
Anika – Mr Oberoi please take the money back. I will ask you if I need anything.
Shivay – Please Anika take it, I know you will never ask me anything for yourself.
Anika(Raising her eyebrows/ In a funny mood) – And how do you know that?
Shivay – I know it because you havent asked me anything for yourself from the time you came to this house.
Anika – I didnt ask anything because I never felt the need for anything.
Anika gets up from the sofa holding the envelope in her hand.
Anika – Mr Oberoi please take it back.
Shivay(Getting up from his arm chair) – what is wrong with you Anika?

Anika – Mr Oberoi..
Shivay(In a fun mode) – Oh God why do you always call me Mr Oberoi?
Anika(Confused) – So what should I call you?
Shivay(Lovingly looking at her) – Anika I have a name, Its Shivay. So you should call me that.
Anika(Hell confused) – Ji?
Shivay(Smiling at her confused face) – Ji
Anika – No I cant call you by your name. How can I call you by your name? It will be very difficult for me.
Shivay(Pulling Anika’s legs) – Really? I didnt know my name is so tough that you wont be able to say it.

Anika – No I didnt mean that.
Shivay(Happily) – So say my name.. Shivay.
Anika(Embarrassed) – Mr Oberoi I cant do it.
Shivay – Okay no problem, try practicing saying me name on your own. I sure you will soon be able to say my name and then you can call me by my name. Until then Im okay with you calling me Mr Oberoi.
Anika laughs listening to Shivay and Shivay is mesmerized to see Anika so happy. Anika sees Shivay looking at her and stops laughing, the two of them have an eye lock which Anika breaks in a few seconds feeling awkward. Both regain their composure.
Shivay – You should try smiling and laughing a lot more, you look good when you do that.
Anika gets shy.

Shivay – Now without further discussion and arguments please take this money and get something for yourself.
Anika agrees with Shivay and takes the money.
Anika – Thank you Mr Oberoi.
Shivay(Smiles at Anika) – Now you should sleep. Good Night.
Anika – Good Night.
Shivay leaves.

Shivay and Sara are having breakfast while Anika is working in the kitchen.
Sara – Daddy
Shivay – Yes dear
Sara – Can you please drop me to school today?
Shivay – Beta I have an important meeting, sorry I cant drop you to school. But you always go with Anika aunty so why do you want me to drop you off to school?
Sara – I dont want to go with Anika aunty.
Shivay(Confused) – Why? Did you both had a fight, Are you angry with her?
Sara(Happily) – No Daddy, Anika aunty is very nice and sweet.
Shivay – So why are you not going with her?

Sara(Sadly) – My classmates think that Anika aunty is my new mumma and they say that stepmoms are witch and I dont want anyone to say bad words for Anika aunty.
Shivay(Smiling after listening to Sara) – No darling, your Anika aunty is very good and she cant become bad just because the people are calling her bad or thinking that she is bad. So you dont worry and go with aunty. Okay?
Sara(Happily) – Okay daddy.
Sara(After thinking for a few seconds) – Daddy can Anika aunty be my new mumma?

Shivay was shocked after listening to Sara’s question. Anika who was near the dining area, in the kitchen was also shocked and looked at Shivay, Shivay too looked at Anika.
Shivay – No beta, Anika aunty is your aunty and will always be your Anika aunty.
Listening to Shivay’s reply Anika unknowingly gets sad.
Sara(Sadly) – Why Daddy? Dont you love Anika aunty?
Shivay is again shocked listening to Sara’s question and looks at Anika only to find Anika already looking at Shivay with a shocked expression on her face. Both Shivay and Anika have an eye lock for a few seconds after which Sara breaks it.

Sara – Daddy please tell me that you love Anika aunty.
Shivay(Regaining his composure) – Sara what has happened to you today? Why are you asking such questions.
Sara – Daddy please answer me.
Shivay looks at Anika and finds her looking continuously at him, waiting for his answer.
Shivay(Looking at Sara) – Sara stop it and finish your breakfast.
Sara starts eating her breakfast quickly and after a few minutes she leaves for school with Anika.
Shivay still on the table, having his espresso gets into thinking and smiles.

Sara with Anika is going to school.
Sara – Anika aunty you know my daddy likes you a lot.
Anika(Shocked) – Sara darling why do you say so?
Sara – Because during breakfast when I asked daddy that if you can become my new mumma then he didnt scold me.
Anika – And what if he had scolded you?
Sara – Then that would have meant that he does not like you but see he didnt said anything to me.
Anika(With curiosity) – So you think he likes me?
Sara(Happily) – Yes Anika aunty.
Anika unknowingly gets happy.

Anika – And what about you my princess? Do you like me?
Sara(Super Happy) – I like you the most.
Listening to Sara Anika smiles and gets happy and kisses Sara’s forehead.

Shivay is attending a meeting. He is sitting while some guy is giving a presentation. Shivay is lost in his own thoughts and is thinking about Prinku and Sara’s demand(Of Shivay getting married to Anika) and his own unknown feelings and attraction towards Anika.

Anika is sitting on the sofa, lost in her thoughts when Prinku comes and calls Anika to which Anika didnt respond.
Prinku(Shaking Anika after repeatedly calling her) – Anika dear what’s wrong? What are you thinking about?
Anika(Without Realizing) – Mr Oberoi
Prinku(Shocked and somewhat happy) – Really? Are you thinking about Bhaiya?
Anika comes out of her world and realizes what she just said.
The screen freezes on her embarrassed face.

Precap – In the evening Anika is playing blindfold with Sara in the garden. While trying to catch Sara, Anika holds Shivay who had just come back from office.

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