Tum Mere Kya Ho (Intro and Episode 1)

Hi Ishbaazians,
How are you all?
This time im here with a FF, This is the first time im gonna write a FF, Hope you all like it.
So guys my FF will be completely different from the original serial, so first i will give an introduction of the characters in my FF.
So introducing :

-Shivay Singh Oberoi – A 32 years old successful businessman whose world is his daughter(Yeah guys he is a Daddy), lost the love of his life, his wife in a road accident after the incident he lost his faith in love. Has a loving sister who has been his support system after his wife’s death.
– Amber Singh Oberoi – Shivay’s love and late wife, mother of Shivay’s daughter. Lost life in a road accident 2 years ago.

– Sara Singh Oberoi – 7 years old, Daddy’s Little Princess, lifeline of her father Shivay Singh Oberoi. Loves her father and Bua the most. Hier of Oberoi Industries.
– Priyanka Singh Randhawa – 30 years old Shivay’s only sister, his pillar of support, married to ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa, mother to a 5 years old boy, she loves Sara as her own daughter.
ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa – 31 years old Police officer and husband of Priyanka.
Aman Singh Randhawa – 5 years old son of Priyanka and Ranveer, Shivay’s nephew and Sara’s cousin cum best friend.

– Anika Sharma – 29 years old, only child of her parents, she is loving and caring, lives her father the most, lost her mother in childhood.
– Vivek Sharma – Anika’s daddy and an accountant in Oberoi Industries. He loves his daughter the most.
Other characters will be introduced as in when the story progresses.

So Guys now i begin with PART 1 of my FF “Tum Mere Kya Ho”

A little girl is seen sitting on the floor of her living area and playing with toys which are spread all around her.
A woman is sitting on a sofa talking to a man who is standing near the window and staring outside aimlessly.
Woman – Shivay bhaiya how long will this go, why dont you think about yourself and Sara, please just for once think about Sara and remarry and bring a woman who can love Sara as a mother.
Shivay – Prinku how many times do i have to tell you, please don’t talk on this matter, me and Sara loved Amber very much and we both can never give Amber’s place to any other woman.

Prinku – Bhaiya i understand your and Sara’s loss, Sara is a child but bhaiya you are mature, please understand and accept that Bhabhi is no more and please move on for Sara’s sake. Sara needs a mother, I can’t come to your place daily leaving my family behind.
Shivay – Prinku I dont have words to thank you for whatever you have dont for me and Sara, you dont worry I will think of something.
Prinku – Bhaiya what are u planning to do?
Shivay – Im thinking of getting an educated nanny for Sara, who can be with her for 24×7.
Prinku – Bhaiya please think wisely and then act, Sara needs someone who cares for Sara like family and not someone who is there with her for money. I will again ask you to think about remarriage.
Just then Sara comes running to Shivay

Sara – Daddy, Daddy
Shivay hugs and picks Sara into his arms and kisses on her forehead.
Shivay – Daddy ki Jaan where is my kiss (Showing his cheek)
Sara kisses on his cheeks and says
Sara – Love you Daddy
Shivay – L9ve you too my Princess
Prinku – So bad of you Sara my Princess, how could you forget your Bua.
Sara ask Prinku to come to her (Sara being in Shivay’s arm) and so Prinku went to Shivay/Sara and Sara places a kiss on Prinku cheek and
Sara – Happy Bua
Prinku and Shivay looked at Sara and smile.
Shivay puts Sara down and Sars goes to her room.

#Sara’s Room :
In the room Sara is seen talking to her mother’s picture and is crying.
Sara(While Crying) – Mumma what wrong did we do, why did you left me and Daddy. We miss you a lot, Please come back, i promise to behave well. Mumma you know just now Prinku Bua wss asking daddy to remarry and bring an another mumma for me, mumma please come back, i will never accept anyone else as my mumma, you are my only mumma. I love you so much
Saying this she slept, hugging her mother’s photo near her heart.

@Next scene
Scene Shifts to a house where a girl is seen calling her father, asking rather ordering him to take his medicines.The girl is shown to be Anika and her father is Mr Vivek Sharma
Anika – Papa you always forget your medicines, God knows what will happen to you without me.
Vivek (Dad) – You are my doll beta, you have taken my responsibilities so well, that sometimes even i feel that how will i manage when you will leave this house after your marriage.

Ani – Papa please dont start again and let me make it clear to you that i will never go anywhere leaving you or this house.
Dad – Beta wish this could be possible but every girl someday has to leave her parents house and go to her husband’s place.
Ani – Okay papa now please stop it otherwise i will start crying.
Dad – Arre why will my doll cry, she will happily go to her husband’s place after marriage.
Saying this dad hugged Anika with tears in his eyes.

Shivay is in his bedroom, thinking about Amber, their love moments, the day Sara was born, the smile which Amber had on her face while holding Sara for the first time, the day Amber had her accident, the promise which he made to Amber in the hospital while she was about to die, about to leave him and Sara forever. The promise that he will be a good father and will do anything to give Sara a good upbringing and a happy life.
Shivay had his kanji eyes full of tears thinking about Amber, Just then Sara entered in his room and saw him wiping his tears

Sara(coming near her daddy) – Daddy are you crying, Please dont cry, I know you are missing mumma but mumma always wants her to be happy, she will become sad seeing us sad and im sure you dont want her to be sad and you know daddy mumma used to tell that brave people dont cry and you are the bravest so why are you crying, please smile.
Shivay smiled after listening to his daughter’s innocent yet meaningful talks and says
Shivay – Okay darling, i promise daddy wont cry again but beta why are you still up, its late and you should sleep, u even have school tomorrow.
Sara – Daddy i dont want to sleep alone, can i sleep with you today?
Shivay kissed his daughter’s forehead and picked him up and said
Shivay – Sure princess, daddy will love sleep with you.
Saying this he took Sara in his arms and made her sleep on his bed and both daddy and daughter slept talking.

#Next Morning @OM
Shivay is all ready for office, right now in kitchen making breakfast for his Princess.
Shivay – Sara are you ready?
Sara (Coming towards the kitchen)- Yeah daddy, im here,Good Morning
Shivay – Good Morning sweetie
Sara – Daddy please give my breakfast fast otherwise i will be late for school.
Shivay(Bringing Breakfast)- Here you go, French toast for the lady
Sara – Thank you Sir
Shivay -Ok open your mouth
Sara opens hee mouth and Shivay makes her est the toast with his hands. Just then –
Sara -Daddy is something burning?
Shivay -Oh Shit, I forgot, Its your milk

Saying this Shivay ran into the kitchen and saw the over boiled milk on the gas. He closed the gas and bought milk for Sara.
Shivay and Sara had their breakfast and went to office and school respectively in different cars after hugging and kissing goodbyes to each other.

Shivay’s Office (Oberoi Industries)
Shivay is in his cabin working on the laptop.
Just then someone knocked on his door and asked permission to enter. Shivay looked towards the door and seeing the person said
Shivay – Mr Sharma please come in, how many times i have to tell you that you don’t have to ask permission to enter into my cabin, you are like my father and have worked so hard for this office.
Mr Sharma [(MS), after taking a seat] – Thank you so much Sir that is very kind of you to say this to me. How is Sara?

(A.N. – Guys MS has been working with Shivay for a very long time and knows everything that happened to Amber and has helped Shivay a lot to recover from his loss)
Shivay -She is good MS. Thank you always caring for us.
MS smiles and then they discuss work and MS leaves.
After some time Shivay gets a call from Sara’s school and the Principal asked Shivay to come and meet her.
Shivay goes to Sara’s school
Principal – Mr Oberoi now a days Sara is getting involved in a lot of fights and is not paying attention towards studies. Her teachers told me that she is a brilliant child but needs a little guidance and care, I hope you will manage her and she will soon improve.

Shivay – Sorry Ma’am,i promise to give my full attention to her and will try to bring improvement in her.
Principal – Im sure Mr Oberoi. Good Day.
Shivay – Good Day.
Shivay comes out and sees Sara sitting on a chair outside the Principal’s office and he goes to her. Sara sees him.
Sara – Im really sorry daddy for letting you down. I promise to improve myself.
Shivay – No dear its not your fault. Im sorry for not giving you the time you need. Now cheer up and lets go home
Sara – Yes Daddy
Shivay and Sara leaves for home and on the way back home Shivay looks at Sara and think about Prinku’s words (About remarriage and bringing new mom for Sara)

Precap – A Marriage Proposal for Anika

So Guys here i end my first part of “Tum Mere Kya Ho”. I know its not up to the standards of all the wonderful writers of Telly Updates but guys i will try to improve.
Hope you all will share your views on this and will comment.
Waiting for your valuable views
Take careeveryone.
Lots of Love to all ??

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    Allah Miya what an imagination. You have very beautifully described Sara and Shivay’s bonding. Just a question Did Anika recieved Shivay’s proposal ? I think Yes. Update soooooooooon.

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