Tum Mere Kya Ho (Episode 2)

Hi Ishqbaazians,

Thank you for the support and the comments on the first part of my FF “Tum Mere Kya Ho”, Im really glad by your comments.
Now here I present the second part of “Tum Mere Kya Ho”, Hope you all like it.

Recap – Prinku ask Shivay to remarry for his daughter, Sara’s sake. Sara’s principal complaint about her being not attentive in class. Other side, Anika is being shown as a dutiful and loving daughter of her father.

Now Part 2 –

Anika and her father are having dinner when Mr Sharma(MS) gets a call from his friend(Amit) who ask for Anika’s hand for his in marriage. Listening to his friend’s proposal, MS agrees immediately for marriage and invites his friend to their place to finalize the relation and keeps the phone. (Sorry Guys but its not Shivay’s proposal for Anika)
MS – Ani beta i cant tell you how happy am i and how lucky you are that you got such a good proposal so easily.
Ani – Papa what are you saying
MS tells Ani everything, listening to which Ani becomes sad and says
Ani – Papa I dont want to get married and leave you.
MS – Ani beta dont say like that and dont worry about me, I just want to see you settled and happy and im sure you will be very happy with Jatin(Son of MS’s friend) and his family.
Anika looks at her father who is very happy because of the proposal and so unwillingly she too agrees for the marriage for her father’s sake.

Shivay and Prinku are talking in the living area. He tells Prinku what sara’s principal told him about Sara.
Prinku – Bhaiya now I feel its high time and you should really remarry, Im sure everything will be alright once you bring a mother for Sara.
Shivay – Prinku I can do anything for my Sara but do you think Sara will be alright with this, will she accept any other woman as her mother? Well I dont think and so I cant make my daughter sad by taking such step.
Prinku- Bhaiya I understand that she will take time to accept someone else as her mother but Sara really needs a mother to care for her and you will see with time she will accept her new mother and will be happy.
Shivay- Well I dont want to make it fast and need to think.
Prinku- Bhaiya please think and act fast before its too late.
Saying this Prinku leaves and Shivay gets into thinking.
Jatin and his parents come to see Anika. They all loved Anika and finalize the marriage.
Jatin’s Mom(JM) – Bhai Saab we really liked your Anika and wants to take her to our home soon.
Mr Sharma(MS)- Behan ji I need some time to make arrangements.
JM- No bhai saab there is no need for any arrangement, we just want Anika, nothing else(Meaning no dowry or gifts)
MS smiles and they decide to do the marriage in 2 days(Guys I cant wait to bring Anika in Shivay’s life). All are happy but Ani is sad bec she will be leaving her father soon.
MS goes into Shivay’s cabin.
Shivay – Ji MS
MS – Sir I have fixed my daughter, Anika’s marriage and came here to invite you for the marriage.
Shivay – Oh Lovely MS congratulations to you. I will surely come. Do tell me if i can be of any help to you.
(AN – Guys both Shivay and Anika dont know each other and even havent seen each other, otherwise Do u think if Shivay would have known Anika he would have been happily wished MS for her marriage)
MS – Sure Sir, Thank you.
Saying this MS goes out.

Jatin’s dad comes, Anika’s dad ask Ani to amke tea for threm.
MS – What happened Amit, in the morning only u came, is there any work or do u have to say something?
Amit – Vivek(MS) today me and wife went to shopping for the marriage, I just want to know what all are you planning to give to Ani so that we wont purchase those things.
MS ask him to wait and goes to bring his gift for Ani and brings out a necklace set and shows to Amit.
Amit – What else are you giving to Ani?
MS – Amit you know na i dont really have anything to give to Ani, i thought to do many things but i dont have time and the necklace belonged to her mother and so now its hers.
Amit – Well I didnt knew you are such a miser, Anika is your only daughter and you are giving such a light weight necklace to her(Guys he is greedy), I didnt expect this from you.
MS(Sadly)- What do you want, whatever i have is Anika’s only.
Amit – This house
MS – What are you saying? Where will I go?
Amit – Vivek you are saying as if im asking this house for myself, I want you to five this house to Anika as her marriage gift, transfer this house to Jatin’s name.
Anika comes there with tea and heard everything.MS sees Anika and smiles(with pain in his eyes) at her and ask her to serve the tea. Amit have his tea and leaves.
Anika gets sad looking at her father.
Ani – Papa I dont want to go to such house where the people are so greedy.
MS – Ani beta dont say this, Amit is right, I should give you something memorable after all u can my only child.
Anika sadly looks at her father.
MS goes to the bank in order to transfer the house in Jatin’s name. In the bank he gets to know that until he doesnt clear of the loan and the dues the house cant be transferred on any other’s name. He sadly goes back home and think not to tell this to Anika and plan to make Amit understand his condition and ask for time to transfer the house.
Since Shivay had a long day work at office, Prinku took Sara to her house so that Sara can spend time with Aman(Prinku’s son).

Prinku is talking with Ranveer in the living area and the kids were also playing in the same place.
Prinku – Ranveer look at Sara, sometimes I feel so bad for her, I just hope Bhaiya remarries and Sara gets a loving mother.
Ranveer – Dont worry Priyanka, have faith in God, everything will be alright and Im sure Shivay will soon remarry.
Sara heard the conversation and angrily speaks
Sara – Bua you are very bad, I dont want to stay at your house, you want daddy to bring a new mumma for me, I dont want any other my=umma, I hate you, I hate everyone.
Saying this Sara started crying and Prinku started apologizing Sara for hurting her and consoled her. Ranveer looks at them helplessly while Aman becomes sad seeing her sister crying.

Shivay – Prinku remember Mr Sharma, the senior accountant in our office
Prinku – Yes Bhaiya, he is really kind and has helped you a lot in our hard times.
Shivay- Yeah Prinku. Today its his daughter’s marriage and he has invited us all. So be ready in the evening.
Pinku – Oh sure bhaiya.

The preparations are all done for the marriage but Mr Sharma is really worried because he failed to transfer his house in Jatin’s name, while in her room Anika is sitting surrounded by her friends and is sad because she is soon going to leave her Papa.
All the guests have arrived. Shivay too comes with Sara, Prinku and Aman (Ranveer was on duty so couldnt come)They were welcomed by MS who gets happy seeing Shivay with his family. After a few minutes the Baarat comes and MS welcomes them. MS introduces Shivay to Jatin and his family. Sara demands to Shivay that she wish to see the bride which MS heard and ask one of the girl to take Sara to Anika.

Sara enters Anika’s room and both Anika and Sara see each other.Anika gets happy seeing the little angel who just came to see her
Anika – Oh Hello Beautiful, who is this Angel
Sara – Hi aunty, im Sara Singh Oberoi(Totally Daddy’s Dughter, Naam with title zaroori hai). You are looking so beautiful and your dress and everything is so pretty. Aunty what is your name?
Ani – Oh Thank you Sara, so sweet of you and dear Im Anika
Sara – oh Waao aunty we have rhyming names, Anika and Sara. Isnt it good
Ani – Oh yeah Sara it is so good to have my name rhyme with the name ofan angel.
Sara – Aunty u r so kind and you know this is the first ever marriage which im attending, im so excited.
Ani – Oh waao im so lucky that you are attending my marriage as your first, I just hope you enjoy.
Sara – Sure aunty i will enjoy. Okay aunty now i should go to daddy, he must be missing me.
Ani – Oh sure Sara, so you are here with your daddy and where is your mumma dear
Sara listening to Anika asking about her mumma gets sad and says
Sara – My mumma left me and daddy alone and went to God(saying this she started crying)
Anika couldnt see her crying and held Sara in her arms and said sorry for making Sara cry. Sara after sometime gets normal and leaves the room giving Anika a hug.
Amit(Jatin’s Dad)takes MS to a side and ask MS about the house papers. MS explains Amit the whole situation and ask for some time. Amit gets annoyed and shouts that MS is a cheater and a liar. Listening to Amit, Anika comes out and sees her father crying and getting insulted.

Shivay who heard everything couldnt control himself and ask Amit to behave and talk properly with MS and discuss the matter privately rather than making it public. Shivay then looks at Anika(First Look) who was crying badly and Shivay asked Prinku to console and handle Anika.
Amit could not take Shivay interrupting in their matter and cancels the marriage and announces breaks the alliance. MS could not take this and begs Amit to consider their friendship and not punish Anika for his mistake. Amit didnt listen to MS. Everybody starts talking ill about MS and MS couldnt take it and suffers a heart attack. Anika seeing her father’s condition breaks down badly and is handled by Prinku. Sara too ask Anika to stop crying and wiped of her tears. MS is being taken to the hospital by all, where in soon after reaching the hospital MS makes Shivay promise that he will take care of Anika as his own, as his “responsibility” if anything happens to him(MS). Shivay who considers MS as his father, looks at Anika who is crying and agrees to care for Anika. MS smiles and passes away peacefully. Anika sees her dead father and started crying loudly holding her father’s hand and saying that he cant leave her alone. Prinku hugs Anika and consoles her.
(AN – Guys im sorry i know its very dramatic but i just wanted to bring Anika in Shivay’s life ASAP so had to do it)

Precap – Anika in Oberoi Mansion, Sara shouts on Anika and Shivay -Anika first talk.

Guys i know its a super big and boring episode but I promise to make it intresting from now on. Hope you all will share your views and comments.
Love you all

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