Tum mera ho… (intro)


Hai friends… this is Cutiepie Achu with a new storyline…. Really I am obessed with this kkb story line.. so now I am going to give a new story… All the characters are same….But this Tanu and Alia will not enter now in the story.. really I hate that two members and purab is Abhi’s Brother..
Ok lets get into the story…

In Delhi
A big house is shown.. a boy comes to a room..
Boy: Abhi bhai wake up.. it is time for Airport..
Abhi: Purab.. Why are u waking me up so early…. Flight is at 10’o clock only na…
Purab: Bhai it is already 8:30.. we have to reach the airport at 9:00
Abhi: What???? 8:30??
Abhi gets up from the bed… gets ready… takes his mobile… sees that mobile and kisses it.. and keeps it in his pocket..
Purab: Bhai.. I am seeing it from a year… u have 2,3,4 with this 5 mobiles… that too.. the other three are iphones.. but u have this Samsung mobile always with you… Why??
Abhi: The things which are gifted by special one have more value than anything Purab… You don’t know speciality of this… This was…. He had tears in his eyes..
Purab: I am sorry bhai if I hurt u…
Abhi: no problem… and wipes his tears…
{ Purab did not know why behaved like that becoz he went to new York for his studies.. and returned last year..}

The other side.. Another side a house is shown.. it is also big as the first one…
A girl comes toward a bed with water in a jug… she porus the water on the other girl… that girl shouts BULBUL!!!! You made me wet..
Bulbul: (laughs) Pragya Di if u are sleeping like a kumbkaran.. I can do this only… U have to go to ur fashion designing competition to Paris.. but u are sleeping here..
Pragya: ohh!! Yes.. and I have to exhibit my paintings too.. ok I will get ready as I am running out of time…
Pragya gets ready as she wears her red colour saree with black border with black jacket and comes… Bulbul had already set the luggages in car and they head off to airport…
At the same time.. Abhi and Purab gets blessings from dadi.. Dadi wishes best of luck for his rock concert…
Abhi : thanks dadi… and I am super excited as I am going to my dream destination Paris…
Both Abhi and Purab drove off the airport…

Let us see whether destiny makes Abhigya and Purbul together… And pls drop down u r comments.. the only I can kow whether it is good or not and I can change it according to your suggestions… thanks for reading….

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  1. Nice start yaar continue it

    1. Thank you very much Durga…

    2. Asmithaa

      Thank u so much Durga…

  2. Super Story line.. keep going Achu…

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u so much… For ur lovely comment Lakshmi…

  3. nice story lyne but if u want to continue then please be regular

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u Mukund… Yes I will be regular….

  4. Monesha

    It was awesome I loved it plz continue

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u Monesha…. Keep reading continuously….

  5. nice start…keep going

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      Thank u so much…. Priyanka… Keep supporting me…

  6. Nice episode….

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      Thank u soooooooo much Nirmal…

  7. Super…..please continue..

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      Thank u so much…. I will continue it surely my dear maha..

  8. Awesome

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      Thank u sriti…

  9. Superb….i loved it… Eagerly waiting for your next episode

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u dear…. I will post it tomorrow…


    Achu why are you thinking about continue it or not… go ahead my dear… and keep rocking

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      Di…. I am very happy that u commented….. Thank u so muchhhh diiii….

  11. Super friend…

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      Thank my friend Sugan…

  12. Angita

    Nice start

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      Thank u so much dear…

  13. Saranya24

    Wonderful u must continue but waiting to knw who abhi told special suprb????

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u dear…. It will be revealed in coming episodes deary… Keep reading…

  14. Reshma Pradeep


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      Thank u so much baby….

  15. Trisha

    Superb intro dear…love it???

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      thank u di..

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