Tum mera ho.. Episode 8 and 9


Hi guys… I am very happy that I have completed 10 episodes….?????.. This is because all u guys… You guys supported me every time… A big hug to all of u… Luv u guys…???????… Ok let’s get into the story…

Alka comes out of Tanu’s Caravan..
Alka: what a lady she is??? She is a devil… Who keeps on shouting on others… Oh Tanu the model… You need to put makeup na… Oh god I wish this Tanu becomes like grandma soon…

She curses Tanu while a girl in yashmak comes there…
Alka: Fathima???
Girl: yes..
Alka: Why are you late???
Fathima: no I am not late… It is correctly 10:00
Alka: Ok.. Madam is waiting for u in that caravan..
Fathima: ok.. And she goes to Tanu’s caravan..

Tanu’s caravan
Tanu: oh u are Fathima right???
Fathima: yes mam…
Tanu: ok I am getting late.. Make me ready…
Fathima: ok mam..

Telling this she applied something on Tanu’s hair..,
Tanu: what are u doing???
Fathima: I am applying colour on your mam. As you are so beautiful it would suit u mam..
Tanu was overwhelmed by her flattery..
Tanu: Acha… Kat do..
Fathima: tek hai mam..
After sometime.
Fathima: I completed it mam.. It is time for the make up..
Tanu: ok..
Fathima does make up on her face… She applies some cream on her face..
Tanu: what is this???
Fathima: Mam.. It is a special cream.. Which will make ur face bright and shiny…
Tanu: really??? Then apply..

The makeup is completed.. Fathima shows the mirror to Tanu…
Tanu: Bahut Acha hai… I am looking so beautiful.
Fathima: yes mam..
Tanu: ok it is 10:30.. It is time for the shoot.. And rushes to the spot..

While she came to the spot… All laugh at her… Tanu gets confused… She sees Alka laughing at her..
Tanu: What the hell are u laughing at me??
Alka: Mam.. Look at you and shows the mirror…
Tanu’s hair was pink and orange in colour like a joker.. And there were spots in her face…

She sees Fathima standing there… She rushes to her.. She starts running in the road..
Tanu: I won’t leave you idiot..Alka.. Go and get her…
Alka runs behind her…

Fathima runs in the road… She dashes with Abhi..,
Fathima: I am sorry.. And runs.. She leaves her bracelet there…
Abhi takes the bracelet…
Abhi: it is Pragya’s right?? I have gifted it to her… She searches for her.. But she was not there..

Alka comes there…
Alka: sir did u see a girl in yashmak here???
He sees somewhere.. He finds Fathima yes she is hiding… In a small gap…
Fathima nod her head as no.. To Abhi..
Abhi: why are u asking???
Alka: she narrates everything.. Actually I came to thank her… For doing a wonderful job….
Abhi: oh… Then look there… She is hiding there…
Don’t see know or else she will run…
Fathima looks confused…
Alka: ok
Alka goes towards her silently and she catches her hand.. Fathima tries to run.. She tells mam.. I am not going to do anything.. Mam actually I came to thank you… Fathima looks at abhi.. But he is not there…

Fathima: ok mam..
Alka goes out.. Fathima walks in the road… Somebody pulls her inside..
It is Abhi.. Abhi removes her yashmak… It is Pragya..
She tries to move from there.. Abhi pulls her closer to him..

Abhi: You can’t go away from me..,
Pragya: that day itself I told clearly to you that I don’t know you.. Leave me..
Abhi: oh you don’t know me na.. Then ok..
And leaves her..

Pragya gets confused.. She goes..
Abhi: now I am leaving you.. Soon., you will come to me..
Pragya: let’s see that..

Precap: PraBul and Prabhi comes back to India…

Ok guys the episode ends here.. I was late because.. Again I had maths exam.. Guys who don’t like maths exam?? And give ur comments abt the episode guys..

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    Achu episode was good but too short dear

    1. Asmithaa

      Haan Di… Mujhe patha hain… But what to do I have continouus exams.., and thanks for commenting Di…????

  2. want see tanu face happy 4 that…………..

    funny epi yaaaaaaa

    1. Asmithaa

      Even I have to see it..???

  3. Very funny

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u Rithu..

  4. Prathi

    Cute and funny epi!!

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u Prathu…

  5. Awesome n superb n funny episode bt I loved it to the core really tat tanu deserves it thn it’s too short…

    1. Asmithaa

      Yes… I don’t even like Tanu.. That’s why I made her like that..??

  6. nice one but to shor pleasse give big one and plese be regular

  7. Tanu scence super…

  8. superb yaar tanu scene are very funny ……………

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    very funny?

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