Tum mera ho.. Episode 6


Hi friends?.. Ok let’s directly get into the story…

The episode starts with Bulbul asking Purab where is Tanu..
Purab: she is in Paris.
Bulbul: really???
Purab: yes… She is in hotel royal phonetic..She has come here for an shoot..
Bulbul: can u help me in one thing???
Purab: whatever..
Bulbul tells something which is muted..
Purab: hey it is not fair..
Bulbul: what is not fair?? U will help me and that’s it..
Purab: let’s see…
Bulbul: if u don’t help me.. I will break up with u…
Purab: No…. I will help you..
Bulbul: that’s like a good boy…

Other side..
Abhi gets ready to meet that girl…. Abhi teaches the hotel..
Receptionist: Abhi sir.. I am ur big fan… Can u pls give me ur autograph?? Pls pls
Abhi gives his autograph..
Receptionist: A lady in pink saree came and told that she will come and meet you.. Is that true??
Abhi: yes..
Receptionist: if so sir she told that she will wait for u in the garden..
Abhi: ok.. And he goes toward the garden..
Just then Purab calls…
Abhi: hello.
Purab: where are you Bhai???
Abhi: that girl with whom my phone exchanged… I am going to meet her in hotel ****… Ok I will call you later..
Purab: what?? Bhai…
But Abhi cut the call..
Bulbul asks what happened??? Purab explained her..
By Heath g this they both rushed to that hotel

Abhi’s mind
Why I am feeling happy today??? As if I have got everything??? I feel like I ne’er lost anything.. Why is it so??

He reaches the garden..
He sees a girl standing there… He goes towards her and keeps his hand on her shoulder.. She turns.. Abhi stands stunned…
He hugs her tightly.. He had tears in his eyes.. But that does not mean that he is crying… The tears are sign of happiness.. Pragya also had tears in her eyes

Abhi: fuggi… Where were you these much days??? Do you know how much I missed you??? Fuggi I am very happy today…
Pragya brakes the hug…
Pragya: fuggi??? Who is fuggi??
Abhi: fuggi… What are you speaking???
Pragya: sorry u have mistaken me… Actually my name is not fuggi…
Abhi: ohh.. Ok I will call u by name.. Ms. Pragya Arora.. Soon ur name is going to change as Pragya Abhishek prem Mehra.. Did u get it now??
Pragya: what are u speaking??? Yes I am Pragya… But I don’t know u personally..
Abhi: fuggi don’t tell like that.. It is killing me..
Pragya: I am sorry but I don’t know you… And here is ur mobile.. And pls sir give me my mobile..
Abhi gives her mobile..

Just then Bulbul and Purab comes..
Bulbul: Di…
Purab: Bhai…

Abhigya turns and looks them..
Bulbul: Come Di lets go..
Bulbul sighs Purab. Purab nods his head… Pragya and bulbul leave the place..

Abhi is still in shock… Purab shakes him..
Purab: Bhai…
Abhi: Dekho Purab… Mera fuggi kaisa baat jar rage hain..( look Purab how my fuggi is speaking)
Abhi cries badly..Purab consoles him..

Purab: I know why she is speaking like that… She is speaking like that because she lost her memory..
Abhi: what??? So that only my fuggi is speaking like that.. I know if my fuggi comes to know abt me she would come and give me a tight hug… Ok.. How did that happen???
Purab explains everything what bulbul explained to him..
Abhi(crying): it was all because of me… I am a idiot.. I am a stupid… I am a senseless fool..
Purab: you are not going to get anything.. By crying like this and scolding yourself like this..
Abhi: then what will I do??? I need my fuggi back..
Purab: make her again fall in love with you…
Abhi: but how???
Purab: you are a big rockstar.. You don’t know even how to solve this problem???
Abhi thinks something..
Abhi: I have got an idea..
Purab: what is that???
Abhi: wait and watch…

The screen freezes on Abhi’s face…

I know guys u are angry with me.. For giving this bad episode… I promise that next episode will be interesting…. And guys I am very sorry that I was not able to reply for ur comments… And I thank everyone for commenting… And as I say often.. Pls give ur comments this time also…

Bye friends… Meet u in next episode… Luv u all guys??❤️❤️????

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  1. Achu superb epic.. but pls update regularly yaar.

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank you yaar… I will try to update it regularly…

  2. Superbbb yarrrr……….but can’t imagine abhi crying

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      Thank u yaar….

  3. superb yaar waiting for next episode

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      Thank u divi…

  4. Saranya24

    Superb dear loved it a lot????

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      Thank u so much Saranya Di…????

  5. Reshma Pradeep


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      Thank u Reshma dear…??

  6. ???(that’s all I can say about the episode$)

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      ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️..???? for ur comment Di..

  7. really super dear………….

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      Thank u Di..

  8. nice one please upload next episode soon

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      Thank u Di..

    2. Asmithaa

      Sorry thank u Mukund…

  9. Super…

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      Thank u Sugan..

  10. Nice episode yaar

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  11. Monesha

    Awesome dear i loved it

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  12. Prathi

    Definitely not a bad episode it’s cute actually!!

    1. Asmithaa

      ThAnk u dear… Luv u…

  13. Trisha

    Superb epi honey…not bad at all…sorry for late comment…now catching up on my ffs?…see u in epi 7…take care

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank you Di… Luv u..????

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