Tum mera ho.. Episode 3


Hii guys… happy independence day!!!!.. And I know that all are very eager to know what is going to happen next..

Ok lets get into the story..
Bulbul gets up and comes out of their room and goes inside lift..
Suddenly somebody hugs her from backside…. She gets frightened.. she turns to see who was that.. that was none other than Purab.
Purab: where did u leave me and go??.. I was waiting for you for past two years…
Bulbul: Purab leave me..
Purab: I am not gonna leave u… That day I left u.. But today I am not going to leave u.. Saying this he hugged her tighter..
Bulbul: Leave me I said… Saying this she pushed Purab..
Purab: Don’t u love me..
Bulbul: Love ??? I don’t love u…
Purab[who was shocked by hearing this]: trembled to stand.. As he was going to fall down Bulbul gets hold of him.. They have an eyelock{sanam re plays] They both come back to senses..
Purab: If u don’t love me then why do u care for me???
Bulbul remained silent..
By the time the lift gets stops.. They both gets stuck inside lift..
Bulbul gets frightened…
Purab: May I know the reason why don’t u love me???
Bulbul: the reason is.. You are Abhi’s brother..
Purab was shocked by her reply..
Purab: But what did my bhai do???
Purab:Who is ur di??
Bulbul: Pragya.
Purab: but I don’t know her..

Bulbul: You lier.. Don’t u know about her??? Didn’t ur Bhai say it???
Purab: He didn’t say anything to me…
Bulbul: then listen.. Your Bhai and my di were lovers… They are that much close that no one can come between them..Everywhere their name was famous as Abhigya..But one day
Fb starts
In a Park
Abhi: why did u break my guitar??? You know that it was my favourite guitar and I did not leave to touch anyone this guitar.. Even ma.. But u broke my guitar…How dare u??
Pragya: Bt abhishek… I didn’t..
Abhi: What u didn’t ?? my foot.. I hate u… I hate u… Don’t ever stand in front of my eyes…
Pragya[with teary eyes]: Abhishek……..
Abhi: Don’t ever show ur face.. I am breaking of my relationship with u.. Go away from here..
Pragya cries badly and runs in the road
Bulbul who was seeing this runs behind her..
A lorry hits Pragya
Bulbul: diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii………………….
Fb ends..
In hospital my di was saved…But she lost her memory…Your bhai came the next day to meet her.But I told that di.. was dead.. Hearing that he cried and went.. Your Bhai don’t even deserve my di…
Purab had tears in his eyes….
Purab: but…. I didn’t know all these things.. But when did this happen..
Bulbul:The day when I went to India to see my di..
The lifts started to work..
Bulbul went out from the lift.. and at last Purab bulbul said; Your hai”s mobile had exchanged with my di.. only.. I will call u to a place.. come and get it there..
Purab cannot digest what Bulbul said..
Purab: So…Bhai.. No not like that… Now I have to find a solution…
Purab goes to his room
Looks at abhi sitting confusedly…
Purab :What happened Bhai???
Abhi: oh!! Purab atlast u have come..help me to find her name.. My head is bursting….
Purab: what name??
Abhi narrates everything
Purab: u can call to that number or ur nmber and straightly ask na…
Abhi: I have called 100 times.. none of the girls are taking..
Purab gets an idea..
Purab: I will search the possible name starting with Pra… Then we can find her name..

Abhi: who is not in a mood of hearing anything.. accepts that stupid idea..
Purab: The possible names are, Pranithi, Prathiksha,Prayakshana and PRAGYA…
Abhi’s face changed when he heard that name… Purab noticed this
Purab: I think Pragya may be her name na.. Bhai did u listen her name by PRAGYA..bhai PRAGYA.. PRAGYA PRAGYA PRAGYA…
Abhi: Purab juz stop it.. and starts to cry..
Purab: why bhai r u crying…
Abhi: Purab.. Pragya purab..My fuggi…. I lost her.. becoz of my madness. And narrates what bulbul said{ upto pragya running out.. } Then later I came to know that the guitar was broken by that idiot stupid nonsense useless evil Tanu….. Tanu she is juz a …. She had planned as she did not like My fuggi and me together… She kept Pragya’s bracelet in it and made me understand that she broke it.. I was the greatest stupid…. Then she had an accident..That was becoz of me… When I went to hospital.. Her sister said that she was dead… Then I left that college and shifted to delhi.. Even if I enter into Mumbai.. I get her memories… No purab that caller girl cant have my precious Fuggi name…. Maybe she ma be having any other name..
Purab u used to ask na..Why that mobile is so special.. It was her gift… In that cover too.. she had written. Fuggi’s abhi and I have written abhi’s fuggi.. that looks very beautiful.. Purab I need that mobile soon… pls purab.. do something..
Abhi cries badly.. Purab consoles him
Purab{in his mind}Now I have to find a solution for this…. Now again the couple Abhigya is going to be famous… Bythe way I and Bulbul will join soon as Rabul… I cant see my bhai like this… Now see my plan… what I am going to do.. even Bulbul will be my partner in this..

What is Purab’s plan?? What he is gonna do?? Keep watching sorry sorry keep readingreading guys.. and give ur sweet comments guys.. and Uslyn u did a correct guess yaar…
Guys… I will not be able to upload my episode for two days.. as I have maths exam.. I will update it on Thursday.. I promise that it will be a long episode…

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