Tum mera ho.. Episode 27


Hii guys.. Happy Christmas…??????????. Here goes the episode..

Abhi had a hectic schedule..when he completed and looked at the time, it was night 11:00 clock.. So he went and slept in his home..

Next morning..
Abhi gets up.. He sees the time. It was 10:00 clock..
Abhi: oh no!! I am very late..
He gets ready and drives the car towards veer mansion… Just then
Alia calls Abhi.
Alia: Bhai.. Where are you??
Abhi: I am on the way to Veer Mansion..
Alia: come to xyz shop..very soon Bhai..
Abhi: why Alia??
Alia: Pragya Bhabi…
Abhi: what!!!
He drives the car very fastly to reach that place… He reaches the place

It was a mall..
Alia was standing outside…
Abhi: where is Fuggi??
Alia: in that Cafe..
Abhi: r u sure she will be still there??
Alia: yes Bhai.. Go soon Bhai..
Abhi: yes..
Abhi goes inside the cafe shop.. He was standing at the entrance..He sees Pragya sitting with someone.. Probably a man.. She was sitting opposite to the man.. Abhi can’t see the man.. Pragya sees Abhi..Abhi signals her to come.. She tells something to the man. And comes towards Abhi..
Abhi: fuggi..

He sees Pragya’s maang filled with Kumkum and Mangalsuthra was tied around her neck.. Abhi was boiling with anger inside.. He was in the zenith of jealousy..
Pragya: yes Mr. Abhi.
Abhi: Mr. Abhi??
Pragya: yeah.. Why did u call me??
Abhi: fuggi.. Why are u speaking with me like this??
Pragya: Mr. Abhi can we go to that place and speak?? My husband is here..
Abhi: ok fuggi..
They go to that place..
Abhi: fuggi… How r u?? It was a forced marriage na.. How did u accept for that marriage..
Pragya: like how u accepted to ur marriage, in the same way I too accepted it..
Abhi: fuggi.. I know ur hurt.. But..
Pragya: No Mr. Abhi.. I am infact very happy.. Because my husband is very caring, very friendly and more lovable.. He pampers men like a child.. He loves me very much.. I too love him..
Abhi was jealous.. And he was angry… ????
Abhi: but fuggi.. He can’t love u more than me.. And you can’t love him as u love me..
Pragya: Mr. Abhi, your love can be deeper than the ocean, larger than the universe, higher than the sky, but this Paru will love her husband more than that.. Saying this she runs away to a shop..

Abhi was standing there with shock.. ??Just then he realised what she told.. Paru was none other than his Pragya..He had tears in his eyes.. It was happy tears… He rushes to the place where Pragya went.. It was a place decorated beautifully.. As it was Christmas.. All surround him by singing beautifully.. They give him a gift box.. He opens that.. There was a Paper a guitar, a rockstar chain and a hand band..In the paper.. How can I live happy with leaving my Rockstar alone?? A small gift for my Rockstar. Abhi smiles.. He searches for Pragya.. They show him a place.. Abhi rushes there..

He sees Pragya smiling.. He goes and hugs Pragya..
He had tears in his eyes..
Pragya: Abhishek why r u crying??
Abhi: these are happy tears fuggi…
Then suddenly he leaves Pragya..
Pragya: what happened Abhishek??
Abhi: Ms. Pragya.. Sorry Mrs Pragya.. I have some works.. I will meet u after sometime..
Pragya: I think u are wrong Abhishek.. I am Mrs. Pragya Abhishek Prem Mehra.. U can even call me Paru..
Abhi: I know that.. But now I have some works.. He turns to leave..
Pragya: Abhishek r u angry on me???
Abhi: Is this is a question?? I am very angry on u..?? Do u know how much did I suffer.. U did not even say that u are Paru right.. Don’t even speak to me.. And moreover.. How did u speak to me before sometime.. U called me Mr. Abhi.. Did u know how much it gutted me?? Abhi was going on speaking like that.. Pragya suddenly crushed her lips in his.. Abhi was suprised but he responded it.. They both broke the kiss..
Abhi: fuggi.. Why did u lie me??
Pragya: omg!! I am very happy that My rockstar has become cool..
Abhi: I am always cool fuggi..
Pragya: oh!! Sometime before u was boiling with anger.. And moreover jealousy..
Abhi: me.. Jealous?? No way fuggi.. Don’t joke..
Pragya: Acha.. Ok Abhishek.. You told u have some work right.. Go and do it.. I will go with Rahul..
Abhi: no wayy.. And he lofts Pragya in his arms..
Pragya: Abhishek.. Choti Mujhe..
Abhishek: chup.. He carries her towards his car..
Pragya: everyone are watching.
Abhi: no problem.. I am carrying my wife right..
Pragya smiled..
Abhigya drove towards feet mansion..

Episode ends..

How was the episode guys.. I hope I had made u happy.. Drop down ur comments guys.. Love u all take care.. Moreover I am thinking to end this ff within one or two episodes.. Love u all guys..?????Take care.
With love,
Cutiepie Achu( Asmithaa)

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  1. Awesome epi di…plz don’t end this ff

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u cutie..love u??????

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u reshu.. Love u??????

  2. awesome dear but sad y r u going to end this ff dear miss it lot yaaaaaa

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u soo much diii… Love u too..????

  3. Supero superb dear…
    Feeling sad that u gonna end…

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u dii.. Love u ??????

  4. Trisha

    Merry Christmas cutie-pie???Awesome epi!???Please don’t end this ff ???

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u soo much Trisha Di.. Love u ?????

  5. Superb epi di…. Don’t end this ff di…plzz

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u Varsha… Love u?????

  6. superb episode ma really loved it Abhigya’s scenes are nice you’re going to end so soon na going to miss it eagerly waiting for the next episode

    1. Happy Christmas dear

    2. Asmithaa

      Thank u Minu.. Love u????

  7. Superb twist.. Nice epi..keep writing…

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u soo much Nasmia.. Love u?????

  8. Maya

    Merry Christmas!!?????Superb episode??Ending so fast? Feeling sad about it sis??

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u dii..love u soo much dii????

  9. Awesome cutie pie. .paru is pragya .super dear..u r going to end this?? ?? may be it’s because of ur studies. ..how was ur exams dear…??hope you did well in exams…love you dear❤❤❤and merry Christmas??? ??sweet heart

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u soo much Lokha dii… Love u too..?????????

      1. No need to call me dhi dear…just call me by my name yaar. .I know u r elder to me…u r always my sweet sister and not only sister u r my bestie too..sorry dear if I hurts you by my words…I just thought to tell that’s it…once again sorry dear…love you sweetheart ?????

      2. Asmithaa

        Hey!! Dont u dare to say sorry.. it hurts me.. Yes i am ur bestie and will be ur bestie forever.. by the way i am in 10th grade.. which grade r u in??

      3. I’m in 11th grade dear…OK OK from now onwards no sorry sweet heart..

      4. Actually u r 8 days elder to me na…that’s why

      5. Actually u r 8 days elder to me na…

      6. Asmithaa

        ohh.. thats not a problem at all.. love u dearie

  10. Its very nice…. finally abhi’s love pragya is paru…abhigya scenes are really awesome… pls continue soon….

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u soo much Akshaya.. Love u???????

  11. nice epi dear Merry Christmas and a happy new year

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u Lopez.. Love u??????

  12. Awesome episode chotu?
    Merry Christmas??
    Please don’t end this ff??
    I am not forcing you but think about it..
    Love you♥️♥️♥️

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u meri darlu SS.. Love u too?????

  13. Awesome dear…..

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u dii. love u..

  14. Saranya24

    Lovely achu maa i was shocked frst tat pragz married someone loved it anyway so sad tat u ll end hope u cne up wit new one love u dear????

    1. Asmithaa

      haha. i wrote it delibrately.. u got shock by reading this dii.. think how Abhi will feel… Anyway thanks dii.. love u..


    Sorry achu for late comment… and I knew I am not regular commentator.. sorry for that.. I really like this story… and sad as you are ending it.. but I hope you will come with another plot

    1. Asmithaa

      ohh my darlu dii.. no need of sorry.. and after a long time.. love u dii..

  16. Rabul forever

    After so long . Nyc update???

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u rabul.. love u

  17. Soo sorry i think i’m very late. But nice one . It’s interesting. Sad because you are going to end this soon.

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u Priya love u?????

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