Tum mera ho.. Episode 25


Hii guys.. this is Asmithaa..Actually our Cm passed away.. there are days we spoke bad about her.. they say that one is valued when they are not there..yes we are missing her a lot.. She is a great lady.. Iron lady.. First in her academics,first in film, and first in politics.. She is a bold and brave lady. As a lady she proved that she is able to stand in her own legs.. Let her soul rest in peace.. Pray for her soul to rest in peace guys..ok lets enter into our episode..

I was going towards a place which is going to change my destiny…. I know i have lost her forever.. i cannot get anybody like her.. this is the second time i missed her..Yes I am going to the girls house who I am going to marry.. But I am not interested in the marriage.. So.. I am going to break the truth infront of that girl.. I amging to tell that I love my fuggi… When I came back to my senses, I was standing infront of the biggest house in that village.. I saw the name plate.. it was written.. Veer kandhan.. I wondered who was that veer..Then I thought..Whoever it may be.. I don’t want to know. Ientered inside the house.. it was a very big house.. actually it looked like a palace. Much bigger than MM. There were many people in that house..Nearly 50-60 people.I undnerstaood that they are the girls relatives. JUST then I heard somebody calling me..it was my brother.”Bhai..sit. why are u standing?”said Purab waving his hands in font of me. I noded my head and sat down.

Aperson comes and greets Rajeev..
Rajeev: aap??
Person.: hey Raj! I am Mani..
Rajeeev: Arey. Mani! Tum?? You look different in that toppa.
Mani: Raj! Mera dost!!We have to follow the tradition right?okok..leave that matter.. Namaste!! Bhabiji!Namaste puttar!! He welcomes everyone.. Raj Ma kahan hai?[where is Mom?}
Rajeev:She is in my brothers house..Udid not even tell me that u have a big house!!
Mani: Rajeev!1 actually this is my Father’s house.. My sisters and brothers all live here.. But dure to business.. I have shifted my family from here..
Rajeev:oh!1 ok .. where is my Bahu??
Alia: yeah!! I was also thinking abou htat.. where is my bhabhi??
Hearing Alias words, abhi glares at her..
Alia{aside to Abhi}: Then only we can go and tell that u are not ready for this marriage..
Abhi nodes his head..
Purab: Uncle!! Can we see our bhabi??
Prema: before that, where is Bhabi bhaiya??
Mani: That she is busy in kitchen.. she will come here when my daughter comes..
Prema: that’s okay bhaiya.. May I help her in some works??
Mani: Don’t take stress ma.. Usit here..
Rajeev: what is this Mani?? This is our house.. Prema u go and help her..
Prema goes..
Alia: How much time will we wait Uncle?? We have to see our Bhabi..

A voice comes”no!! u cannot see her until muh dekhai rasam!!”
They turn to see who is that.. It is none other than Mani’s mother Ganga. Nearby her a guy is sanding.. with a moustache and beard..
Mani: but ma..
Ganga dadi: No Mani.. we cant change the tradition.
Rajeev: yes.. jo maa bol rahi hai vo sahi hai..{what maa says, it is right}
Purab:Katham katham..
Alia: Our plans everything spoiled..
Ganga dadi: Amar.. Show them our house.. they are our Parmeshwari’s sasural..
Purab: Parameshwari??
Amar: yes.. My sister.. Paru.. Your brother is going to marry her right??
Alia: abhi bhai.. come along with us..we can see the house..
Abhi: I am not interested Alia..
Alia: yeh bevakoof bhaiya..
Alia: then..what will I say?? We can see that girl and say the truth.. by having the reason of touring the house..
Purab;Omg!! Second time Alia is telling a nice idea….kadavulae.. avaluku konjam buddhi koduthuthaku rumba nari{God!! I am thankful to u as you have given my sis wisdom.}

Alia: what did u say??
Purab: first time yesterdays idea.. second time todays idea..
Alia: acha.. I have some idea how to beat u also.. shalli execute it??
Abhi: enough of ur silly fights.. come lets start our mission..
Alia: Amarji.. where is bhabi’s room??
Amar: why r u asking that??
Alia: she is my Bhabi right?? I thought of speaking with her..
Amar: oh!! Ok.. second floor 3rd room.
Alia: thanks..
Abhi: where did u go??
Alia: Paru’s room.. Second floor 3rd room..
Abhi: I will go there..
Alia: wait for a moment.. there are many girls in the room..First let me drive out them..
Pragya goes to Paru’s room..
Alia: hii girls..
Girl 1: Hey she is Rockstars sister right?/
Girl 2: yes yes..
Alia: you all are excited meeting me.. Do u know Rockstar is here..
Girl 3: omg!! Abhi the Rockstar is here??
Alia: yes..
Girl 2: where is he??
Alia: he is down.. Moreover..He is going to marry your Paru..
Girl 1: you are so lucky Paru.. they tell to a girl who is in Gunghat..
Alia:guys..r u not ready to see him??
Girl 3:we are.. and all the girls run down..
Alia goes down..
Girl1: I am a great fan of u Abhi!!
Girl2: Can u give me ur autograph??
Girl3: A selfie pls!!
Girl 4: can u sing a song for us??
Purab: oh no! Girls leave him!! I will show u Abhi’s album songs video…
All girls : Cool!! And goes back of Purab..

Abhi goes to Paru’s room…
My hear t is beating furiously… I don’t know why.. wih lot of hesitation I entred her room..She was in gunghat..it seemed that she was shocked..I said her not to get upset.. I said all the things to her.. How I fell in love with my fuggi, how we departed, how we joined again.. and moreover how I loved her..
Abhi: my love is deeper than the ocean.. higher than the sky, bigger than the land and larger than the universe.. I cannot live without her.. Please say no to this marriage.. pls..
Paru: I am so sorry Mr. abhi.. I can understand you..But I Cannot say no this marriage..I cannot say no to my father.. Pls understand my situatuion..
Abhi: But..
Paru joins her hands together : pls..
Abhi teary eyed goes out..
The screen freezes…

Damn sorry guys.. it is a very boring episode I know.. but this is very mportant.. I am very sorry to make u wait for a long time ..guys.. it will be nice.. plss bear this for me.pls.. good or bad.. pls comment.. thank u soo much.. for reading this. .and soorry for gramatical errors.Bye guys.. See u soon.. take care..
With loads of love,
Asmithaa{Cutiepie Achu}

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  1. ????????hey cutiepie ( if I can call u that) it’s amazing just love it I think paru is pragya and i just
    Love it I might be wrong but who knows although a silent reader now gonna try to comment on every ff

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u soo much Prabhi for commenting… It may be Pragya. But it may not be too.. For that keep waiting for the next episode.. Love u?????

  2. superb episode dear loved it eagerly waiting for the next episode

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u soo much Minu.. Love u???

  3. Exicting epi dear

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u soo much Di.. Love u soo much?????

  4. Trisha

    Awesome epi Achu…loved it???

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u very much… Love u soo much..?????? missing ur kambaqt ishq Di..

  5. Suhani11

    Awesome episode chotu??if you say boring I will hit you?It is awesome I loved it????love you ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    1. Asmithaa

      htank u soo much dii.. love you too..

  6. B_Ani

    achu dear…taking time to post??? but its k…this epi was super good. and…i think paru is pragya…a guess. ok tc…cm soon…

  7. B.k.maha


  8. Saranya24

    So cute dear reaveal all soon love u loads muuaah?????

  9. CuteVanshu

    Not at all boring di…epi was awesome

  10. Superb dear..eagerly waiting fr nxt part dear…

  11. Prathi

    I want Paru to be Pragya!! Please, please Achu

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