Tum mera ho.. Episode 24

Hiii guys.. First of all thamk you so much for your love to me..i was very happy reading your comments..
i am very sorry guys i was not able to reply you.. but soon i will reply you.I know I was very late with the previos episode..
i am really sorry..was engaged with school works..thats why guys.. hank you so much gys for supporting me.. i did not think that u will miss me..

Pragya was crying… somebody knocked the door..It was Bulbul
Bulbul: di.. open the door na.. di..
Pragya did not respond..
Bulbul opens the door and sees Pragya crying…
Bulbul: Di… di.. what happened to you?? why are you crying di..??
Pragya hugs Bulbul and cries.. she tells the conversation between Sarla and Maneesh..
Pragya: BUlbul.. i cant reject paps decision also moreover i cannot leave my Abhishek too.. What will i do Bulbul??
Bulbul: Di.. i have a idea..
Pragya: what is that??
Bulbul: i will tell you later..Dont worry.. You will marry jiju only..
Pragya hugs her..
They sleep.

Other side..
Next morning..
Prema: Abhi.. Today your father is coming..
Abhi: Really???.. Omg!! what a suprise.. I will go to airport to call him..
Purab: It is not necessary..
Abhi: why??
Alia: because.. he has come..
Prema and dadi takes aarthi to a man..He is none other than Abhi’s dad..
Rajeev{Abhis dad}: Abhi!! my son!! how r u??
Abhi hugs Rajeev..
Abhi: Ungala romba miss panna pa{i missed u soo much dad.}
Rajeev: ohh.. mee too..
Purab: Didnt u miss us dad??
Rajeev: ohoh..my Purab and Alia.. i missed u too..
They have breakfast..
In abhis room..
Purab comes inside..
Abhi: Did Pragya call you??
Purab: no..Even Bulbul moble is out of coverage area..
Abhi: Fuggi’s mobile is not reachable.. Purab.. i am felling restless without seeing her..
Purab: Bhabi may be busy bhai.. ok leave.. Lets call them after sometime..
Alia: no need of that.. Bhbi told me that she is going to London urgently.. as one of her friend has met with an accident.. and moreover her mobile battery is dead. thats why..
Purab: But Bulbul..
Alia: That.. has also gone with Pragya bhabi.she has left her mobile in her home.. thats why.
Eventhough Abhi and Purab were not satisfied with the reason, they just nodded their heads..

At the evening..
Rajeev calls everyone to the hall..
Abhi: why did you call us Dad??
Rajeev: i am going to say an important matter to everyone..
Purab: what is that??
Rajeev: i am going to get Abhi married!!!
Abhi: what!!!!
Rajeev: Why abhi?? Arent you happy with that??
Abhi: Yes.. BUt..
Alia: but.. bhai want to know who is that girl..
Purab: Alia..
Alia: Bhia keep quiet..
Abhi does not speak anything..
Rajeev: ohhh// thats my friends daughter.. tomorrow morning we are going to go to their house..
Purab: where is their house??
Rajeev: Nearby Bansur village..
Purab: Your friend lives in village??
Rajeev: actually no… They wish to show their daughter to us in their tradional house which is in Bansur..
Abhi goes to his room..
Rajeev: why did he leave from here??
Purab: He is feeling sleepy.. Thats why..
Rajjev: okok..
Purab goes to Abhis room.. He sees Abhi c hugging Pragya’s photo.
Purab: Bhai.. dont worry..
Abhi: how can I be happy Purab?? How can I?? I have missed my Fuggi before 4 years.. gain I cannot.. I need her.. My life is incomplete without her..
Purab: dont worry.. that Girl wont marry you..
Abhi: how??
Purab: If she knows that You are a father of a baby how will she marry you??
Abhi: Have u become mad??
Purab:bhai it is just acting..
Abhi:If she asks proof??
Alia: i am there right?? i will speak like a girl to her..
Purab: tho fir kaam ho gaya.. thab dukh hone ke liye reason he nehi hai.{The works is completed now.. now there is no reason to worry..}
The screen freezes with the trio sharing a passionate hug..

Ok how was this episode?? i know it is a bit boring.. i will try to give a good epsidoe next time.. please be frank guys and please give me your comments..


  1. Suhani11


    |Registered Member

    Awesome chotu😘😘dont say boring and how dare you say we didn’t miss you😦😦Can I know why are angry on me??did I do any mistakes??i am really sorry if I didπŸ˜“

    • Asmithaa



      Thank u Suhani Di.. Nono Di I am not angry on you.. You are my sweet Di na.. How can I be angry on you?? Love you dii😍😍😍😘😘😘

  2. B_Ani


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    no…its just awesome…lovely…whats next????
    i am waiting to know…
    ok dear…tc…love u😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘

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