Tum mera ho.. Episode 21

Hii guys how r u?? Happy Diwali my sweet South Akkas, annas, small sissy sand small bros. And advance happy Diwali for my cute north babies..ok let’s fly into our story..

Next morning..
Pragya wakes up and finds Abhi still sleeping. He was cute. Pragya calls Abhi. Abhi does not wake up.. As she is in back seat she could not reach Abhi. So she stands in the seat and tries to reach him. While doing so, she falls on Abhi. Abhi she tries to move. But Abhi pulls her closer to him. She cannot get out of his grip.. She calls

Pragya: Abhishek..
Abhi: just two minutes fuggi..and pulls her even closer to him. Pragya can hear his heartbeat.. She can feel his breath.. It was the first time. She is close with Abhi.. Much closer..
Abhi opens his eyes… Abhi did not expect that Pragya would be much closer to him.. They share a cute eye lock. Allah wariyan…plays

Pragya’s mobile rings.. They came back to senses..
Pragya: maa?? Mar gayi mein( maa? I am dead)
Sarla: Kya hello?? Kaha hain tum.. Bulbul ne kaha ki tum Shanaya ke gar mein hai. Kab Ayegi tum?(what hello? Where are u? Bulbul told that u are in Shanaya’s home. When will u come?)
Pragya cuts the call.

Pragya: it is all your work na..
Abhi: what fuggi?? What are u telling? I can’t understand..
Pragya: hey cheater cock.. Why did u tell that I am in Shanaya’s home??
Abhi: bulbul only told na..
Pragya: you only told to bulbul na.
Abhi: yes
Pragya: why did u tell lie to ma?
Abhi: ok.. I will tell the truth to her.. And Abhi goes to call sarla.
Pragya: NOOO
Abhi: no fuggi. I am truthful.
Pragya goes to snatch the mobile from Abhi. But couldn’t. Abhi calls sarla.. Ring is going on.. Then
Pragya: idea..
Pragya kisses Abhi in his cheek. Abhi sits like a statue. Sarla takes the call..

Sarla: Hello Abhi beta.. Hello.. Hello.
Abhi comes back to his senses..
Abhi: hello maa..
Sarla: what is the matter Abhi?
Abhi: nothing aunty. I dialled the number wrongly..
Sarla: ok beta.. Kyaal rako aapko.( take care of urself)

Abhi: cheater cock fuggi.
Pragya: Jaisa husband waise wife.( how is husband, same is the wife)
Abhi: fuggi, you are telling wrongly. We say Jaisa Maa, waise beti( how is mother, same is the daughter)
Pragya: no Abhi it is the new proverb now..
Abhi: for u fuggi. Not for others.
Pragya: ok baba.. Can we go home??
Abhi: ok..

They drove off.. Abhi drops Pragya in her home and he goes to his home..

Bulbul: Hii dii!!! I am wondering, how did u know the way to our home!!!
Pragya: bulbul!!!!
Bulbul: then Di!! You did not tell me also na!! That you were with Jiju!!
Sarla comes inside..

Sarla: what?? Pragya u were with Abhi?????
Pragya: no ma..???
Sarla: then bulbul told that u were with Jiju something.. Then for bulbul Jiju means Abhi only na!!
Bulbul: no ma.. I told that u were with Jiju kutty.. I mean I called Shanaya like that!!
Sarla: can I believe you??
Bulbul: yes ma.. I am saying it truly..
Sarla: ok ok.. Go and get ready Pragya.
Pragya: ok ma..
Pragya goes..
Bulbul: maa. I am feeli. Thirsty, may I drink water. And come?? Bulbul tries to go out.
Sarla: bulbul!!! Tell me the truth Pragya was with Abhi only na??
Bulbul: that..
Sarla: tell me.. I won’t scold you..
Bulbul: yes.
Sarla: I know that.. After many years, Pragya had been happy. Because, she was worried as her dad was not present for her bday.. I am happy because she is happy..??☺️

Bulbul: u r the best mom.. And hugs her..

In the evening..

Pragya gets a call from unknown number..

Caller( hoarse voice): if u want to save Abhi, come to xyz place..

Pragya: Abhishek!!! And runs to that place..
She had tears In her eyes..
It was dark.
Pragya: Abhishek.. Abhishek..

Then all of a sudden..

Everyone: SUPRISE!!!?????
The place was beautifully decorated..
Pragya was hell shocked.

All were there. Sarla, bulbul, Purab, beeji, Janki, Prema, dadi and Abhi was standing in a corner and smiling at her.. But she ignored Abhi.. Abhi was hurt.

Pragya: for what suprise???
Bulbul: Di!! You have been selected for the international fashion designing competition!! And you have won first place in the Paris competition!!

And hugs her..

All say congratulations to her.. They cut cake. Pragya gives cake to Sarla.

Sarla: not me.. First give to Abhi.. He only planned this for you..Pragyagives the cake hesitantly to Abhi..
Abhi is damn hurt.. Then after the party.. All were speaking.. Abhi drags Pragya to a room.

Pragya does not face Abhi.

Abhi: fuggi. Look at me..
Pragya: my name is not fuggi.. If u are thinking that my name is fuggi, then u are wrong..
Abhi: Acha.. My princess is angry..
Pragya: I am not anyone’s princess.. And I don’t know u..
Abhi: oh is it. And comes near Pragya..
Pragya: don’t come.. Near me..
Pragya goes back.. Abhi catches his head and falls down..
Pragya: Abhishek!! Abhishek!!! Get up.. She sprinkles water on him.. She cries.

Abhi slowly opens his eyes. Pragya hugs him..
Pragya: what happened to you?? And massages his head.. Abhi is enjoying This..
Abhi: here somebody was telling that I don’t know u.. And I am not anyone’s princess.. But that member is hugging me..
Pragya: chup Abhishek.. I was just angry on u!!
Abhi: why??
Pragya: u know I was hell frightened because of the call… I can’t afford to loose you Abhishek!! Ands he hugs Abhi more tightly..
Abhi consoles Pragya.. Abhi: so senti- wenti fuggi..
Pragya: Abhishek!!
Abhi: fuggi! For this u got angry!! If u know that I was acting as if I was having head pain, what would u do???
Pragya was boiling in anger.. Abhi runs.. Pragya chases him..

Abhi: chudail!! And runs ..
Finally they end up hugging each other..

Episode ends here.. I once again thank u guys.. You all are so sweet.. Don’t think i am telling also things.. Really yaar..u guys are really soo good.. Day by day I am getting happy seeing ur comments… Keep on supporting me.. And Ani Di.. Your name is Dazzling Diva( DD). How is it?? And a doubt.. Guys should I include a whole song for some beautiful movements?? If so I am ok.. Tell ur suggestions na.. Ok bye.. See u soon.. Take care guys.. ?????

With lots of love,
Asmithaa(Cutiepie Achu)

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  1. superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    lovely dear………….

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u dii soo much… Love you??????

  2. Again surprise aa just awesome yaar.
    You asked my full name na
    My name is Minushya and again one last diwali wishes

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      Thank u so much Minu!! Which std are you??? If I know, I can call u as Di or choti na… Love you soo much!!??????

  3. LakshmiSiva

    wonderful update.

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      Thank u Lachu dear.. If u don’t mind may I call u as Lachu?? Love u??????

      1. LakshmiSiva

        Ofcourse dr U can. And u know i had connection with ur name (ACHU). I love u much dr. Wil u b my frnd.
        And one more thing sorry for this much late reply.

  4. cute lovely epi…

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u soo much Nasi dear.. I am glad that u found the episode cute… Love u??????❤️❤️

  5. Soon Cute once again. This was the Cutest actually. AbhiGya are Cutie pies likewise the writer is.. Cutie achu..apt name sis. Well I am doing my higher studies dear. And I loved the song which u mentioned yesterday in your reply. I am Double okay with your Ide if adding the whole sing but then u should promise me to give Atleast Long updates 3 times in a week. Okay?? And Achu I Love u. U r seriously My Cutie Pie.

    1. ****Soooooooooo Cute

    2. Asmithaa

      Thank u sooo much!!!! Myna Di.. Actually I am choti for u!!! Becoz I am just 10th!!! Love u soo much dii!!! ?????Thank you so much Di for calling me your cutiepie… Really I am very happy!!! Love a lot??????

  6. Soooooooooooooooooo cute episode yaar awesome one…

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      Thank u for the awesome comment Durga Di.. Love u soo much???????????

  7. Rithu

    Very cute epi

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  8. Superb

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      Thank u maha.. U r b.k maha right?? Missed u a lot dear!! Love you????????

  9. Awesome cute chotu???loved it.Very cute episode☺️I am okay for the idea of adding a song for some moments.Love you❤️❤️❤️

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      Thank u sooo much SS( sizzling Sofia). Hmm thank u for the comment.. And love u sooo much..??????❤️❤️

  10. Prathi

    Cute Epi Achu… Loved it!!! Yes you can add a whole song for some sweet moments dear..

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u soo much dii.. Most Special moments I will add song dii..moreover I don’t listen to Hindi songs too.. I only know a few.. Love u dii?????. And ur ff Di!! No words to say!! It is damn awesome!!! I love it madly!!

  11. Reshma_Pradeep

    Soooooooo cutteeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Thank u soo much reshu!!! And where do u get the pics for ur profile?? They are wonderful!!!love u??????

  12. So cute epi achu sissy..About song u can add full song for sweet moments..Waiting for next

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      Thank u soo much lokha Di.. Yes I will add song for special moments alone. Love you?????

  13. I am 3rd year engineering student from Tamilnadu.your 10th std student from Tamil nadu? Study well pa.
    Let’s be friends OK you can just call me Minu love you too cutie happy to be your friend

    1. Asmithaa

      Hii mini dii.. I am very glad to be your chotu.. Thank you soo much.. Ok I will call u as minu itself.. Friends???

  14. i am so late…sorry dear. forgive me naa…
    and abt the epi its awesome as usual. suppppppeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr. but a little angry in abhi…always trying to make pragya cry. but i love the way he does it. ??????????
    you can add songs for beautiful moments dear.
    coming to my name…i really loved it, but i want the reason also dear. yeah…it wud be weird but still i want to know ur thought behind the name dear.
    love u???????…tc…and post the next one soon………

    1. Asmithaa

      Hiii dii..yes that’s Abhi… Reason for your name is I gave u the name because u and as well as your stories dazzle like a pearl… Really u are very nice.. You know and ur name is also cute.. Loshini.. Such a nice name u know.. I think u are beautiful as ur name!! That’s why I gave u that name..????lov u❤️❤️❤️

    1. Asmithaa

      Thanks lucky.. Love u?????

  15. It sooo nice . I’m waiting for next episode sisssssyyyy.

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      Thank u soo much sangi!! Love u?????

  16. Wow di…l loved it …u have written such a beautiful epi….so sweet and so cute just like u….l am really falling in love with ur writings….u deserve a prize for this….u rocked it di…l really love the way abhi surprised pragya,..it was wonderful…thank u di for giving such a lovely epi today…l am a big fan of u di…u r just awsome…..by the way l am 13 years old…maybe the smallest here…take care di….lovvvveeeee u loaddds…..u r the best…keep writing…..happy diwali……..

    With lots of love and huggs…. 😀 😀 😀 😛 😛 😛 🙂 🙂 …

  17. Saranya24

    Awesome darlu and abt song dnt want full song jst 4 lines coz ten we ll miss ur cute scenes ok but lovely???hmm ten u love oly ur suhani dii na not tus sissy na?hmm ok but i love u loads muuaahhh??????

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u soo much dii!!! And I will give the song with cute scenes too!!! And I don’t love Suhani Di alone!! I love u all soo much dii!!! I love u to???

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    Awesome epu Achu…loved it????

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      Thank u soo much dii.. Love u???

  19. So cute my little cutie .if I ur comfortable with full song u can include dear and waiting for next episode Dr with lot of love?????❤❤❤❤❤

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