Tum mera ho.. Episode 2


Hiii guys… thank u guys so much for ur sweet comments… I know the former episodes were short… this will be a long one…
Prabul and Prabhi reached Paris…
They two reached their hotel…
It was a grand big hotel named Royal hayatte…
Prabhi goes to receptionist
Receptionist: Bonjour Monseuir.. Welecome to Royal Hayatte…
Purab: Good morning.. We have booked a room here.. and shows his mobile…
Receptionist: Yes sir.. Your room is in 10th floor.. Here is the key..
Purab: Thank you..
Purab goes to abhi
Purab: Lets go..
Abhi: Where is our room???
Purab: In 10th Floor..
Abhi; what?? 10th floor….
Purab: Bhai we can go by lift..
Abhi: But…
Purab: come bhai lets go..
Abhi pov
Ithought the room will be in 1st floor or second floor..But this hotel gave me my room in 10th floor… How can I tell that I am afraid of heights?? Oh ok after sometime lets ask for another room..
After Abhi and Purab left..
Prabul comes
Bulbul: Gets the key from receptionist and tells to Pragya that our room is in 12th floor…
Pragya: What??? Don’t u know that I am afraid of heights.. pls change the room yaar…pls..
Bulbul: di.. they won t change the room… come lets go..
Pragya: with hesitation goes..
Abhi in his room..
Takes his mobile.. shocked it to see it..
Abhi: Purab..Purab where are you??
Purab: what do you need bhai why are you shouting??
Abhi: My mobile is missing.. and you are asking me why are youshouting??? Do u know how much imp is my mobile??and u see this mobile.. I don’t know whose it is?? See I don’t know what u will do I need my mobile and that’s it… [throws the mobile to him and goes angrily and shuts the room door..] Purab[blinking]: what happened to bhai? why is he shouting like this? Ok lets talk to him after sometime.. and he goes.
Other side..
In Pragya’s room
Pragya gets a call from her phone..
Caller: Hello Abhi.. I am your great fan Abhi… I luv u..
Pragya hearing that looks confused
Pragya : Hello[in a angry tone] this is not abhi and I am pragya.. who r u..
Caller: But this is Abhi number na.. First tell me who r u? R u his gf??
Pragya[who is at the peak of anger]: Yes I am abhi’s gf.. what for that?? And ends the call..
Pragya after ending the call only notices that the phone was not hers.. she goes to Bulbul..
Bulbul: what happened di… You look confused..
Pragya narrates everything..
Pragya: But I don’t know why Bulbul I felt jealous towards the girl in the call.. who told I luv u abhi… Iknow that Abhi is a big rocksar.. But I have never seen him… I reacted to that girl that I know him very well that I told her that I was his gf.. Bulbul do I really know him?? Idont know whether I know him or not as I have lot my memory after that accident na.. Tell me Bulbul
Bulbul: Di don’t imagine so much.. You don’t know him.. You are thinking so much.. Don’t stress yourself di.. of thinking the past..
By telling this she went inside room..
Inside room Bulbul cries and tells.. How can I tell u di??? He is the one… I can’t see you in tears…
Other side
Abhi gets call in another mobile..
Caller: Is this abhi the rockstar???
Abhi: Yes. What doubt do u have in that ..
Caller: I called u in ur another number.. But a girl took it.. she told that she was ur gf.
Abhi: Gf??? Do u know what was her name??
Caller: She told that her name was Pra.
The call cuts..
Abhi: Pra?? What is her full name.. Let me find her who is having my mobile….
The screen freezes with Abhi’s confused face..
The next episode is the most important one.. so keep waiting for that epi and I am waiting for ur comments…. Plss give ur comments friends..

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  1. superbb yarr………………………………..but i am little bit confused that…………..abhi & pragya are lover before 3years……………………did they forgot their past

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u so much for ur comment… That u will come to know in next episode dear…

  2. wow very interesting yaaaaaaaaa

    waiting next one as soon as possible………….

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u so much….

  3. nice episode and please next part soon

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u so much…

  4. omg it breaking my head is abhi and pragya are lovers ?????????????????? egarly waiting for next episode dear

  5. Trisha

    Superbbb….love it????

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u sooooo much diiiii…. Luv u….???

  6. Monesha

    Wow you just rocked it if you are not updating next episode soon confirm i will eat my brain i love your ff sooooooo… much plz update next episode soon

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u for such a sweet comment dear….. And I will update it tomorrow…and u update Abhigya and Ishveer life episode soon… I jus luv it????

  7. Saranya24

    Superb waiting fr important part love u dear????

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u so much… Luv u di..

  8. Oh god oh god oh god I’m too excited for next part to know what vl happen next really excited to the peak…

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u so much yaar… I will try to update it soon…

  9. I think Pragya had an accident and lost her memory……. And Abhi thinks she died in the accident. Well that is wat I think……anyway waiting for next episode

    1. Asmithaa

      Nice guess… That u will come to know in next episode…

  10. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u dear…

  11. achu sema epic achu….
    waiting for nxt epic…

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u dear…

  12. Awesome interesting!….

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u Sugan…

  13. Riyashri

    Superbbbbbbbb !! Both the updates were too good !! Keep Rockingg !

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