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Tum mera ho.. Episode 19


Hii.. hw r u ? this Asmithaa aka Achu I am really really sorry…. I was not able to update… I was busy with my studies.. really tight schedule guys.. sorry for making u to wait.. thank u Suhani di{muy lovely siisy} ,haritha di{ms. Sherlock holmes}, saranya d{where is ur ff??}i ,Riyashri dear{missing u dear}, reshma di, trisha di, maya di[Indian Shakespeare} , Durga di, Dhivya di, Di, Ani di, Lokha di, Reji cutie,Prathi di{chef of stories.. where ins my another plate of story?}, anjlyk, rithu, Riadicruz and all other silent reders.. and I have other names for someothers too.. I will reveal it soon..

Abhi and Purab goes to their home..
Prema{abhis mom}: Abhi, Purab why are u so late… what aere u doing??
Abhi: maa.. that.. we were having some work.. that’s why..
Prema: ok.. it is very late now.. go and sleep..
Abhi and Purab: haan maa..
They go and sleep..
Next morning..
Abhi wakes up..
Abhi: wake up soon Purab.. we have to g o to office
Purab:What bulbul.. u are waking up me so soon.. yesterday only we got married na.. I will go to office after a week..
Abhi: what?? U got married??.. ohoo sir kalaila romantica?? {R u in romance mood at morning itself?? }
And abhi smiles naughtily..
Abhi changes his voice and speaks like a girl..
Abhi: what purab.. u should not speak like this.. get u p.. my darlu na.. my bujju sweety na..
Purab: then give me a kiss..
Abhi {in his mind}: aanalum nee ivlo romantic irupanu konjam kuda nenaikala da… enna panranu paaru{ I did not even think that u will be this much romatic.. look what I am going to do}
Abhi:ok.. and he takes a bucket full of water and pours in this face…

Purab gets up with a jerk..
Purab: bhai.. why did u do like this??
Abhi: hmm.. ne enna bulbulnu nenaichu romance panna ..{if u think me as bulbul and did romance with me means the nwhat will I do}
Purab:athu..that … vo…
Abhi: how many languages u will speak idiot??
Purab: ok.. I thought u too ask one thing.. where did u go after dropping bhabi at home..
Abhi: that .. I met my friend.. I was talking to him..
Purab: ok… Tomorrow is bhabi’s birthday na.. what are u going to do??
Abhi: hmm.. I am going to Chennai for 3 days.. and my flight is today at 11:00 a.m.
Purab: Whaat?? But bhabi’s birthday..
Abhi: I too know that.. what to do?? I can’t come yaar.. it is very important.. u say to her.. I am already running out of time..
Purab: what about that surprise??
Abhi: hmm.. that we can tell her after I come.. and today complete that works.. hey buddhu and don’t tell that to ur gf bulbul ok??
Purab: But..
Abhi gets up and goes…
At 10:00 a.m. Abhi leaves to the airport.. Purab waves bye to him..

After sometime..
Bulbul calls purab..
Purab: hello Bulbul…
Bulbul: what hello?? Where are u..
Purab: hmm a little busy..
Bulbul: oh I see.. then u don’t have time to spend with me na..
Purab: Not like that Bulbul..Understand me na.. he sad in a sad tone..
Bulbul: arrey baba.. ok.. for this why r u becoming sad..
Bulbul: what plan do u have for my dis bday? where is jiju??
Purab: That.. that…
Bulbul: tell me yaar..
Purab: Bhai went to chennai for three days..
Bulbul: what Jiju went to Chennai for three days??
Pragya hears what she spoke..
Pragya: kya?? Abhishek Chennai gayi hai??[ what?? Abhishek went ot Chennai}
Purab: don’t tell this to bhabi alone..
Bulbul stands like a statue..
Bulbul cuts the call..
Purab:oh no.. she told to bhabi..
Other side..
Pragya: what did u say..
Bulbul: jiju went to Chennai today.. and he will return tomorrow.
Pragya: For three days? we could see that.. she was about to cry..
Bulbul: no di..
Pragya: u was only telling like that na..
Bulbul: no di.. that I was telling..jiju went to Chennai within thre hours..
Pragya: really na.. Abhishek aa jagi na kal??{tomorrow he will come na}
Bulbul: yes di.. and she hugs her..
Bulbul{In mind}: I am sorry di.. I cant see u crying..
Pragya was missing abhi very badly..
Pragya looks at Abhi’s photo.
Pragya: you did not even inform me na.. I can’t live this day Abhishek.. I am waiting when this day will pass.. moreover tomorrow is my bday.. without u.. I can”t celebrate my bday.. come back soon na..
Other side..
Abhi: I know fuggi.. u are missing me..i am sorry fuggi.. but tomorrow will be the unforgettable day for you..for that I am making u too suffer.. really fuggi.. I am going to make u soo happy.. u can’t even imagine that..

Hmm guys.. I even don’t know what Abhi is going to do.. for that keep reading.. I don’t know.. whether I can update it tomorrow or not. Because there are assignments, tests, homework etc.. hmm guys please comment na.. really I get happy seeing them.. and moreover then only I can know how was the episode.. and each and every comment is more valuable to me.. bye guys take care.. love u all..

  1. Hellloooo Achu Dear 😃😃😃😃😃! Hifi yaar same situation here also but then Sooo much of Work load !😣😣😣😣😣😢😢😢😢 I missed u too !😣 this epi was nice . 😊😊😊Will spend some time and try to comment regularly frnd . 😃Sorry if i had missed to comment in any of your pre updates . But then i am reading it regularly ! Take care dear !😊😊😊 And no need regular updates . take your time and update but then dont take too long breaks okay ?? Bye then .Love U Achu !😘

    1. Asmithaa

      Hiiiii… After such a long timee😘😘😘😘.. Missed u…. Love u too dear.. Hmm I know about ur situation dear.. This schools na…thank u for commenting dear..

  2. Trisha

    It was awesome cutie-pie…Abhi and Purab’s scene was superb…and Abhi and Pragya missing each other was too cute….loved it😍😍😍
    Take care achu…good luck with your studies…love you😘😘😘

    1. Asmithaa

      Hii diii.. Thank u diii… Lov u diii… 😍😍😍. Update ur ff na.. Eagerly waiting for it..

      1. Trisha

        Hi…will update by tmr morning(your time)😊😊

  3. Hello🙋Awesome episode chotu.Loved it😘😘😘I missed you so so much🤗🤗It’s ok if you cant give updates regularly.Take care❤️Love you chotu😍.I will try to comment regularly.

    1. Asmithaa

      Hii.. No I am not going to speak with u.. Still now u didn’t open a new account na.. And luv u too😍😍😍😘😘

      1. Chotu I said na I will do any punishment except opening my account.You give me any other punishment.If you ask me to die I will do that also.But don’t stop talking to me.I only speak to few people and if my pyaari chotu stop talking to me I will really feel bad.I know you are reading my comment but ignoring them but please this is seriously killing me.If you ignore this comment also I won’t pester you anymore.I can’t force anyone to talk with me.I will just think it is my bad luck.Dont think I am blackmailing this is my opinion.

      2. Asmithaa

        ohhoo.. not like that… suhani dii.. ok i understand that u have problems.. no need to kill urself for me.. i just want u to one thing for me.. love urself na.. i am not ignoring ur comments… i was a bit angry on u .. thats it..okok.. i will speak to u.. this emotional??

      3. I am not emotional chotu.I just said my opinion.You should be angry on me for deleting my account and u have been angry on me for the past 2 days.So now i want my cute chotu back🤗😘

  4. Balasonika

    I luvd it achu and if u don’t mind can I call u achu and ur fff r really fabulous

    1. Asmithaa

      sure Sonika Di.. I love to called to be like that.. Thanks for commenting.. And love ur ff too..😍😍😍😍

  5. Harisha39

    U doing a great job dhi! Loving it! Waiting for the next! Love u. Tc 😘

    1. Asmithaa

      Hiii choti.. First time ur commenting.. I am very happy choti… Love u.. And update ur ff.😍😍😍😍

  6. Superb episode… Really awesome n also I’m too excited for abhi’s surprise 4 pragya’s bday… Plzzzz update next part asap…

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u Durga Di.. Really was missing u and ur comment.. Where did u go this much days??luv u😍😍

  7. wow wonder full dear

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u soo much Di.. What is ur name Di?? And I gave Tamil fialouged specially for u..😍😍😍

      1. dhivya

        love u asmithaa n thanks dear

  8. awesome episode achu..its k if u can’t give u regular..too excited about abhi’s bday surprise to you u alot

    1. Asmithaa

      Hii lokha dii.. How r u.. Hmm next plot I will update soon.. Love u soo much😍😍😍

  9. Saranya24

    Lovely darlu muuaahh missedu😍😘😘😘and i updated my ff da

    1. Asmithaa

      Hurray!!! Happy!! I love it ff soo much dii.. Love u too..

      1. Saranya24

        Upti 58 oly i updated till ladt week da nw exams frm nxt thurs i ll update daily😍😘😘

  10. B_Ani

    lovely epi achu. awesome dear. i loved all those phrases in tamil. funny and tooooo gud.
    love you. take care.

    1. Asmithaa

      Hii.. Beauty and the beast.. When are u going to update Di?? And I have name for u too.. I will reveal it in next episode. Love u😍😍😍.

  11. Omg! Indian shakespeare! Thats too much Asmitha sis! Then now i also think of a name for u! Let me think n i will tell u soon! As usual u gave a sweet epi😊😊

    1. Asmithaa

      haha… i thought of this name for u… reallly u write very well di.. love u dii.

  12. Princesskrisha

    Solo cute n awesome aasmitha di pls update na di I’ll always be with you di loved today’s epi di

    1. Asmithaa

      i know princess.. that u will be always with me.. u ae my sweet chotu na.. love u..

  13. soo cute episode dear

    1. Asmithaa

      thank u soo much divya di.. missed u a lot..

  14. Mukundraj

    nice pls try regular and update next part soon

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