Tum mera ho.. Episode 18


IHi guys. Cutiepie Achu aka Asmithaa is back.. I am so sorry guys.. 1000s of sorry.. Hw r u all?? Ok let’s get into the episode..
Pragya is shocked to see purab.. abhi gives a shock reaction.
Pragya: pu…rab… tum???
Purab: bhabi… marien math pls…

Pragya stands gaping.. abhi closes her mouth..pragya still did not come out of her shock ….
Abhi: kya vo …vo.. come lets go..
He calls her and makes her sit in her car..
Abhi: fuggy..
Pragya does not respond.. abhi shakes Pragya..
Pragya: Abhishek… she had tears in her eyes…
Abhi: hey.. for what u are crying???
Pragya: Abhishek.. even juz for playing with me and making me jealous.. u did not even think about other girl na..
Abishek: I cannot even think about that.. because u are my life fuggi.. I am incomplete without u.. I love u soo much… I can’t imagine to live without u..
Pragya:How much??..
Abhi takes a paper and writes something..

Pragya: what are u writing???
Abhi show s the paper.
Abhi: I love u.. and shows the picture.

Pragya: I too love u this much..
And she hugs Abhi emotionally…
Another side..
Purab: why did u say this to ur di???
Bulbul:I cant support u beyond this.. did u know how hurt she was??
Purab: hurt or jealous???
Bulbul: whatever it maybe.. she cried a lot..
Purab: oh… no.. I am really sorry bulbul..
Bulbul: leave this matter past is past..

Purab: may I ask u a question..
Bulbul: hmm ask..
Purab: if I do like this with a girl will u get jealous??
Bulbul: if u even think of that.. I will kill u idiot.
Purab: omg…. U will kill ur husband itself..
Bulbul: hey hello.. we are not married..
Purab: but soon..
Bulbul: it is ok purab.. but not yet na..
Purab: ok meri maa..
They both hug each other..
Abhi and pragya are in park.. they are sitting in a bench.. pragya is resting her head on Abhi’s shoulders.
Pragya: but abhisehek.. still now I don’t understand. Why did u play a trick with me??
Abhi: hmm.. ith ought.. u would be very closer to me.. as u were today…
Pragya just smiles..
Pragya: But.. I will be with u forever na…
Abhi : I wish that happens very soon..

Just then Pragya gets a call
Pragya; haan yes.. haan.. I am coming..
Abhi:kya hua??{what happened}
Pragya: maa is telling to come to home.. because it is very late..
Abhishek: only 9:00 p.m. na..
Pragya gives a glare..
Abhi: ok madamjii… I will drop u..
Abhi drops Pragya in home…
Abhi waves bye to Pragya…

Precap: Under construction…

And I know this is short.. I promise u guys.. upcoming episodes will be big..Thank u so much all for ur wishes and blessings guys… becoz of ur blessings of u guys.. I got A1 in all subjects.. I am very happy..thank u so much guys.. and thanks to silent readers for reading my episode.. .. as I have two days holiday.. I will be updating episodes regularly.. love u all..

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  1. conz dear always with u

    nice epi

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u diii….

  2. Reshma_Pradeep

    CONGRATS Dear!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Asmithaa

      thank u reshu dear…

  3. Awesome episode chotu❤️❤️Loved it so much.Congrats for scoring a1????I know you will always rock in whatever you do.Take care of yourself?Love you ?

    1. Asmithaa

      thank u soo much diii.. luv u too…

  4. Saranya24

    Lovely dear missed u a lot love u????

    1. Asmithaa

      thank u dii.. love u too..

  5. AWESOME episode dear and CONGRATS!!!

    1. Asmithaa

      thank u soo much lokha.. luv u..

  6. Trisha

    ?Congratulations cutiepie?
    Epi was superb…loved it???

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