Tum mera ho.. Episode 17

Hii.. guys.. ia msorry for the late update… missed u soo much guys..… ok lets get into the update..
Pragya enters into her home..
Bulbul: Di.. what r u doing here now??
Pragya: What is this question??? It is our home na..
Bulbul: but I thought.. u will be with jiju… u came so soon..
Just then Pragya hears a vessel falling down..
Pragya: What is the sound there?? And goes towards the store room..
Bulbul: nothing di.. and follows her.. di…

Pragya:oh.. this is the matter.. and she turns Purab’s ears..
Purab: Bhabi.. chodo na mujhe.. dard ho rahi hai{bhabi..leave me na… it is paining}
Bublbl: Di.. that .. I was..
Pragya: wait.. I will complete the sentence.. u as.. romancing with purab.. Am I right..
Juz then somebody says..”so what.. Don’t think that everybody will be unromantic like u..” Pragya turned.. yes it was none other than Abhi..
Prayga: U went to home na..

Abhi: yes.. but I saw my pyaari bros car near.. so I came back..
Pragya: ok.. before maa. Comes .. you both go na..
Bulbul: No.. di.. maa wont come now..she will come at 8:00 only..
Pragya: so.. U.. planned everything…
She smiles at her.They spend some time together.. It is time for Purbhi go to their home…
Abhi; fuggy tomorrow.. coffee shop.. u have to come..
Pragya: No…
Abhi: u r coming…
Pragya just smiles..
Pragya’s pov:
Oh no.. what to do now?? If maa know this .. she will scold me.. I know he missed me very much.. even I too missed him a lot… I am very happy to be around him.. it makes me feel happy..but what to do? Tomorrow.. I am going to tell to maa about him.. I don’t know whether she would accept or not.. I wish she accepts..
Next morning..At 10:00 a.m.
Abhi calls Pragya..
Pragya: Haan. Bolo Abhishek..
Abhishek: What bolo? R u coming to coffee shop r not??
Prayga: no.. I am very busy.. I have to make some designs..
Abhishek: oh… then.. ok..then I will go with Ayesha.. and he cuts the call.
Pragya: whaaaat??????.. hello hello…
Pragya rushes to the stopping.. she sees abhi going with a girl in yashmak..
Pragya: Abhishek… u stupid Ayesha.. I wont leave u..
Pragya rushes to the coffee shop.. she sees abhi speaking happily with Ayesha..
Prayga: Abhishek…
Abhishek: Fuggy… u came.. u told na u were busy..

Pragya; no.. I completed my work..
Abhishek: its ok.. Ayesha is here.. u do ur works..
Pragya had tears in her eyes..Actually she was having mixed emotions.. she was feeling angry, jealous and sad.. she ran from there.. she goes towards the parking.. as it was a isolated area no one was there..
Abhi: Fuggy.. where r u going..
He goes towards her.. He grabs her hand.. Pragya treis to go away from him.. but his grip was strong.. he pulled her towards him..
Pragya: chodeyin mujhe..

Abhi: Don’t ever think of going away from me…it is not a request.. it is a warning..
Pragya could feel his pain in the words… she immediately hugged him..
Pragya: I am very sorry Abhishek.. I felt jealous…
She broke the hug.. abhi burst into laughter..’
Abhi: u felt jealous?? Fuggy really u felt jealous???
Pragya: yes.. I cant see u with any other girl..
Just then Ayesha comes..

Ayesha: any problem abhi??
Prayga: aa gayi shaithan…
Abhi laughed at her…
Pragya: is it funny to u??
Abhi: no problem Ayesha.. come lets go…
The full day..Pragya was very close with Abhi.. she was always with him.. she didn’t leave him even a second.. do u know why??? Because Ayesha was with them..
In hotel.. Waiter unknowingly spiiled juice on her.. so she went to washroom to wipe it off… when she returned again.. she saw Ayesha and abhi laughing together looking at something.. when she came ayesha kept quiet..But abhi was laughing…
Prayga: kisse dekh kar has rahi hain??[ what are u laughing at??]
Abhi:At you.. then he realizes what he spoke and bit his tongue..
Pragya grabs the grabs mobile from him and looks it.. she was shocked to see thher in boxing ut fit hitting Ayesha.. mean punching bag.. with name Ayesha in it{ hope u all remember this episode..}
Pragya: I .. am .. sorry Ms. Ayesha..

Bulbul comesthere that time..
Bulbul: Arey.. Ms. nehiMr.
Pragya: what??? And she removes Ayesha’s Yshmak.. she was shocked to see Purab..

Precap : Thinking…..

Iknow guys I am very late.. I will be regular from 28th .. as my SA1 xams will be over by then.. and thank u so much for ur comments.. do comment na.. And sorry for the mistakes.. I was in a hurry to do this.. Bye.. take care.. luv u all..
And how was the episode???

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