Tum mera ho.. Episode 16


Hii.. guys.. This is Cutiepie Achu aka Asmithaa.. How r u all?? I know the that episode was very small??So thought to give a long episode.. And sorry for my delay… I thank u all for ur sweet comments.. And comment too..
Tanu goes to Pragya.
Tanu: Hey Pragya.
Pragya: Hii. Tanu..{ So pity Pragya… She does not know anything abt Tanu..}
Tanu: Tumse Baat Karne hai { I have to speak with u}
Pragya: zaroor… bolo..
Tanu: U and Abhi….
Pragya smiles..
Tanu starts acting…
Tanu: But Pragya… I am feeling so pity on u… He does not love u.. He is just acting…
Pragya is shattered.. She goes to slap Tanu. Tanu holds her hand.
Tanu: ohh.. stop this Miss. Pragya. I am thinking for ur welfare.. But u are trying to slap me.
Pragya: Just stop ur crap… I Dont want to listen to u anymore… How can u prove that??
Tanu shows the video about Abhi talking to Sandeep.. Pragya is taken aback.. She crries badly.. She runs to the garden and sits under a tree..
After sometime.. Abhi searches for Pragya.. And atlast he finds her in the garden..
Abhi: Oh! Meri princess yeha hain..
Pragya does not reply anything..
Abhi: Why ur eyes r red darling?? Did u cry??
Pragya: why do u care abt me when u don’t love me??
Abhi is shocked..
Abhi: what r u saying dear??
Pragya: Pls call me with my name MR. Abhishek Prem Mehra.
Abhi can’t believe what is happening .. She has never called him like that…
Abhi goes near her..
Abhi: OK..Pragya what happened to u.. Why r u speaking like this?
Pragya: Did u challenge to Sandeep that u will make me to fall for u???
Abhi does not tell anything..
Pragya: Tell me the truth MR. Abhishek Prem Mehra.. Tell me..
Abhi nods his head.. Pragya is taken aback..
Pragya: I hate u…
Abhi: But.. Pragya..
Pragya tries to leave.. But Abhi grabs her wrist and pulls closer to him..
Pragya: Leave me.
Abhi: No I can’t leave you.. Yes I challenged him… Do u know why??
Pragya nods her head negatively..
Abhi: it is because I want u in my life. It is because I love u… I need u forever in my life. I can’t live without u. That challenge was a reason to come close to u. The first day. It was love at first sight… I love u more than myself and more than anyone. Why can’t u understood this Fuggi???
By seeing this Abhi leaves Pragya and started to walk. Pragya is speechless. She runs and hugs Abhi from backside… Abhi turns. He too hugs her.
Pragya: I am very sorry… I did not know that u love me this much….. I am very sorry Abhishek… I love u … I love u sooo much..
They break the hug…
Pragya: I should not be believing that Tanu…
Abhi: Tanu?? Wo ne tujhe ye sab kuch bathaya kya?{ Did she tell u this matter??}
Pragya: Haan…she only told me..
Abhi: Don’t u kow abt her?? She is a characterless girl…
Pragya: What???
Abhi: I won’t leave her.. She made my Princess to cry..
Pragya: Leave her Abhishek.. We no need to speak to her.. And promise me that u wont fight with her for anthing…
Abhi: why??
Pragya: she is not wven worth for that. Ok, promise now.
Abhi: ok meri maa.. Promise..
Fb ends..
Abhi: This was the same place na.. we got separated..
Pragya: Why r u thinking like that Abhishek?? This was the same place we joined and this was the same place u proposed me…
Abhi: Yes.. that day u didn’t get a promise from me na.. I will be getting rid of that Tanu.. and even u would not be facing an accident.
He had tears in his eyes.. Pragya consoles him..
Pragya: Abishek.. leave it.. Next.. cann we go to a movie???
AbhI: good idea..
Abhigya goes to a mall
Abhi: come lets go..
Pragya:which movie??
Abhi: come yaar..
They start watching the movie.
Pragya: IS this a horrormovie..
Abhi :Yes.
Pragya: What??
Abhi: Why r u afraid of horror movies?? What fuggi?? And Abhi laughs at her..
Pragya: Who told I am afraid of horror movies??? Pragya sits away from him{ Imagine guys the seat is a single cushion}
In the beginning of the movie Pragya acts like she is Brave.. But after 10 minutes she moves and sits very close to Abhi.. And encircles her hand around his hands.
Abhi:Getting scared??
Pragya: Don’t u know that I am scared of horror movies??
Abhi: I know..
Pragya: Then.. why did u bring me to a horror movie??
Abhi: Because u will be closer to me na. Like this.
Pragya realizes that she is quite close to Abhi. She smiles at him.. Abhi puts his hands around her shoulder…
After the movie. They spend their time by going to beach, shopping etc.. At evening Abhi drops Pragya at her home.
Abhi: Fuggi..Tomorrow come to xyz café.. at 10:00 am..
Pragya : Tomorrow??? No way..
Abhi: what fuggi?? NO..U are coming..
Prayga: suniye.
By that time abhi has gone…
Pragya goes inside her home.

Precap: NO idea..

Really I don’t have any idea.. what to give next… Haritha di. Next, I am suffering from fever… Like u even I am getting bored. that’s why. I am typing this episode. And guys don’t worry. I am feeling okay now… And guys pls publish ur ffs. I am feeling bored to sit simply at home. And I am constantly checking the ffs. And see u tomorrow. Bye… Take care.. guys. luv u all…

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