Tum mera ho.. Episode 14 & 15


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Next morning….
Abhi is waiting somewhere…jus then Pragya comes…. She is very beautiful in her baby pink salwar… Abhi stares at her… Pragya waves her hand…

Pragya: Abhishek…
Abhi comes back to his senses…
Abhi: you are looking very beautiful today..
Pragya blushes..

Abhi:how much time would u take to come here??? I am waiting here from half and hour..
Pragya: Abhishek it is jus 7:00.. I told u to come at 7:00 only na. Why did u come soon???
Abhi: what?? No fuggi.. You was away from me for four years.. I can’t control myself… He had tears in his eyes when he said this…
Pragya: oh meri pyaari Abhishek.. Don’t get too emotional…
Abhi: ok fuggi.. Come let’s go..
Pragya: where are we going???
Abhi: I will tell you..
They both go in bike… First Abhi stops in a college…
Pragya: Abhishek…..
Abhi: Fuggi… I want that old days back… That beautiful days….
Pragya emotionally hugs him…
They enter inside the college…
Pragya: Abhishek.., no one is found in college…
Abhi: Today is Sunday yaar…
Pragya: oh…
They both go to the places where they spent their time….. They both remember how did they meet each other… Fb starts..

On the first day of college…
College was going as usual.. Abhi is in second year… That day was freshers day…. Pragya joins the college that day… In the same department in which Abhi is studying…. Pragya was so beautiful.. Many members fell for her.. But she would not mind anyone… Like that many members would propose Abhi.. But he would not even mind them..

One day Abhi was speaking with his friends..

Friend: Abhi this Pragya is there na..
Abhi: koen Pragya??
Friend(shocked): you don’t know her???
Abhi: no.. Ok tell what for her..
Friend: she is not minding anybody yaar…

Abhi: Is that so???
Friend: yes yaar…
Abhi: I am challenging u yaar… I will make her fall for me..
Friend: hey don’t joke…
Abhi: I will… It’s a challenge
Friend: let’s see..
Just then Pragya passes..
Friend: she is Pragya..
Abhi: I know..
Friend: but.. U told that u don’t know her…
Abhi: simply… And it is time to start my mission…..
Friend: All the best..

Days rolled and Abhi and Pragya’s closeness increased.. Pragya started to believe Abhi to the extreme… Abhi met his friend..
Abhi: hi Sandeep..
Sandeep: I think so.. U completed ur mission
Abhi: yes… She fell for me..

Somebody overhears their conversation.. Yes that is Tanu..
Tanu’s PoV: oh!!! This is the matter.. Now I will tell this to that Pragya…

She has a evil smile in her face… Ok guys lets see in next episode… Bye and happy bakrid guys… ?????

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  1. wowwwww nice but 2 small

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u so much

  2. Superbbb Asmithaa !? Waiting for the next update !??

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  3. Monesha

    Awesome episode my dear darlu. I really loved it to the core. And this Abhi is doing over. Love you a lotttttt loads of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ good night

    1. Asmithaa

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  4. Mukundraj

    this is two episode it is look like one episode plz give more long episode if you add 2 or 3 three episode plz ad be regular yaar.

    1. Asmithaa

      Sure Bhai…. I am sorry for the short episode… Next time I promise that I will pis a long episode… Thank u for commenting..

  5. Superrrrrrrr…….. But this episode is so small…… Please give long episode today itself….. Waiting for that……

    1. Asmithaa

      Thank u Maha…. ?????

  6. Loved it cutie??Wonderful episode..Waiting for next part.What is your age dear?I asked so that I would know to call u as di or choti??Love you cutie

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      I am 10th… And u suha??? And thank u.??

      1. I am in 11 so you are my darling small sister ??

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      1. Love you too choti????

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  7. Prathi

    Cute Epi Achu!! But this Tanu na!

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  8. Sethidisha002

    its very short but this tanu always b a problem creator for abhigya

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  9. superb…….

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  10. Saranya24

    Awesome dear?????

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    Sorry for this late comment… really I am busy with onam that’s why… episode was really good achu…

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  12. Trisha

    Nice epi?

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