Tum mera ho.. Episode 12


Hiii guys.. hw r u all??? Happy teachers day.. and Hppy ganesh chaturthi… luv u all.. ok lets get into the episode..

Bulbul: Di.. its enough….
Pragya: no.. bulbul.. I will kill her..
Bulbul: Di.. Leave it.. Di.. Go and bath di.. Today we have to go to temple..
Pragya: Why??
Bulbul: hmmm.. We are going to temple to watch film..
Pragya: What??
Bulbul: then what?? For what would a person go to temple.. and today is vinayagar chathurthi
Pragya: Oh no.. I forget that… sorry vinayaga.. ok I will get ready soon
They go to temple and come back…

In Car..
Pragya: Bulbul.. thanks for bringing me to temple.. I feel relaxed..
Bulbul: its ok di… Then di… U have to do a promise me..
Pragya: For what..
Bulblul: YOU have to do whatever I say..
Pragya: What I have to do..
Bulbul: You first promise.. you should not tel that I will not do.. any other reasons like that.. whatever I say u have to do..
Pragya: ok.. Promise… tell what I have to do??
Bulbul: U have to come with me to a place…
Pragya: But where??? And when…
Bulbul: Evening..I will tell u where we have to go at that moment..
Pragya: As per your wish..

They go to home..
Sarla: khan chale gayi dono?? { where did u go}
Bulbul: Ma.. we went to temple…
Sarla: acha.. ok come.. lets do pooja..
They pray…
Pragya prays; very soon I should unite with Abhishek.. and my family and friends should be very happy..
Bulbul prays: God… As I am now.. like this I should be happy forever..
Sarla prays I should see my family always happy..and Pragya’s Dad should get success in his deal..{Guys.. Pragya”s father is alive}
Other side…
Abhi’s family prays..
Abhi prays: God.. You know very well that I do not believe in thi pooja.. punashkar.. But..today Is a most important day for me.. This day will bring back mylove of my life back to me.. Pls help me in that…
Purab prays: God.. Always keep my family happy..

In the evening..
Bulbul: Di… Wear this di..
Pragya: what is this Bulbul.. Why??? Where we are going???
Bulbul: No more questions di.. cahlo get ready…
Pragya: I don’t know wheter I am elder sister o or u are..
Bulbul: Di.. chalo di..
Pragya: Meri maa… I am going..
Pragya comes out.. Really.. she looked damn beautiful in the red lehenga with golden border with other ornaments. Which meant that was absolutely made for her.. ..
Bubul was in a silver lehenga.. which looked that was specially made for her.. and ther other ornaments glittered around her hands and neck..like a sun… Anyone would fall for her.. But she… only meant to Purab.. Such a lucky man he is..
Sarla: Oh… both of my lallus look so great…
Pragya and Bulbul: Thank you ma…
Sarla applies Kaal Teeka to both..

They both reach the Venue…
The place seemed like a place where people celebrate festivals.. Yes today thery are celebrating Ganesh chathurthi.. But no one is found outside…
Bulbul: Di.. goto that garden di.. I will come…
Pragya: But Bulbul…
Bulbul: Go… Di.. I will come..
Pragya: But why??
Bulbul: Di.. you always keep on asking questions.. juz go in and see di.. you are scared of everything..
Pragya : How could you say that I am scared??? I am very brave you knbow..
Bulbul: Then Prove it di..
Pragya: Look I am going …
She goes to the garden…
It is very dark…

Pragya’s pov
Oh my god!! It is totally dark here.. This bulbul na….. why did she tell to come here… ok lets wait..
She stands there.. Juz then somebody hugged her from backside.. Pragya was about to shout.. but that person closed her mouth with his hand.. the lights on… she sees a Poster.. .. In that it was written I love you.. First she got angry seeing that.. But she smiled automatically when her eyes noticed the word Fuggi… Yes it was her Abhishek..Reallly she loved it… But she acted like that she was not happy with that.. She turned towards Abhi.. .. they both share a eyelock{ Allah wariyan plays} .. they come back to their senses.. Pragya pushes Abhi..
Abhi: Not happy???
Pragya: Actually… I don’t love you..
Abhi: Oh really??? Then ok.. Ayesha…
Sudenly Pragya grabbed him to herself and give a tight liplock… they both broke it gasping for oxygen..
Abhi: hey!! I didn’t excep this…. Pls one more time… Pls..
Pragya: Chee..
Abhi: What chee.. One more time yaar.. Pls..
Pragya Was blushing…
Abhi: Hey u look very pretty today…
Pragya felt very happy with that compliment…

Abhi: Today.. u are not going anywhere.. you have to spend time only with me..
Pragya: What..
Abhi: Do u know.. how did I miss you???
Pragya: I am really sorry for that abhishek.. so.. today.. whatever you ask.. I will give you..
Abhi: Pakka?
Pragya: Pakka..
Abhi: I need another kiss..
Pragya: Now only I gave na..
Abhi: but that is not enough…
Pragya: Iw ill give you a kiss.. But not today..
Abhi: then?
Pragya: In our engagement..
Abhi: Ok then leave it …Will you dance with me dhandiya???
Pragya: Sure…
They both go inside the hall..
Abhi: Hello guys… Good evening to all.. Today.. I am going to introduce a person.. That Person is going to be the most important part of my life… Do you want to know who is that???
Audience: Yes…..
Abhi: Calls Pragya to the stage.. she is my fiancée.. Ms. Pragya Arora.. All gets happy…
The screen freezes in the happy face of Abhigya… Finally guys… I have made them together… But there are many twists and turns.. Don’t worry guys.. I wont separate them… Keep reading guys.. How was the episode??? Bye… See you soon..

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