Tum mera ho.. Episode 11


Hii.. friends thanks for ur cute replies.. loved it.. and sorry for the late update.. tomorrow I will give you a special episode…Pragya goes to home… she is angry.. she brakes everything..
Bulbul:Di?? What happened to you??.. what are you doing??
Pragya: nothing.. she brakes a flower pot..
Bulbul: oh my .. flowerpot.. what have you don di.. why did you break my flower pot???
Pragya: oh.. here I am burning… for u ur flower pot is only important na..
Bulbul: what happened to you?? Why r u doing like this??? I have never seen you like this..
Sarla: tum pagal ho gaya kya??
Pragya: haan.. maa.. me pagal ho gayi hun..
SARLA: ise kya hoo gaya?? To Bulbul..
Bulbul: You itself ask that to ur lovely daughter..

Bulbul gets a call..
Bulbul: Us phone utavu na..{Di take that phone}
Pragya: Here..
Bulbul: who is calling di??
Pragya: Aye..Ayesha????? and goes to brake the phone..
Bulbul: di….. no…….
But Bulbul was too late.. Mobile was lying there was 3 pieces..
Bulbul: oh my phone… she goes and picks the phone.. oh no display went.. what di??
Pragya went to her room and bashed the door against them..
Sarla: what happened to my daughter??
Bulbul: Ayesha…
Sarla: I didn’t think this much will happen.. I told you na.. no need..
Bulbul: What will I do?? Jiju only..
Sarla: I don’t know these things.. but I need my daughter to be happy.. that’s it.. and she goes..
Bulbul:oh what will I do..

She gets a call
Bulbul: hello.. who is this speaking??
Purab: oh.. tumare pathi ko be.. tum ne bool gaya he kya?? What is this darling??
Bulbul: sorry dear.. my mobile display has damaged..
Purab: Whhat?? How???
Bulbul: Ayesha ki drama…
Purab: oh my god???? Bhabi is still angry??
Bulbul narrates everything…
Bulbul: juz stop laughing like a idiot.. you see.. from now.. I am not going to entertain these type of acts..
Purab: now it is paining for u na.. how my bhai would be feeling from the day bhabi left him..
Bulbul: so now what r u telling now..
Purab: nothing leave it.. I am not ready to lose you,.. by stupid fights..
Bulbul: hmm.. ok lets see tomorrow..
Purab: and bring your di there… r else.. bhai would do like your di..
Bulbul: Haan.. sure.. I will come with di…
Purab: come to park..
Bulbul: Why??
Purab:That things.. I told you na…
Bulbul: I will come..

She goes to park…
Purab: Hi darling…
Bulbul: Hi… Hmm ok give the things..
Purab: Here..
Bulbul checks it..
Bulbul: Ye dress.. Ye chain.. do do hai.. and also different..
Purab: One is for bhabi.. and the other is for my biwi…
Bulbul: really… thank u so much… and kisses him in his cheeks..
Purab was startled…
Purab: once more yaar.. pls
Bulbul: no…. and goes from there..
Bulbul; bye.. see u tomorrow…
Purab turns his face..
Bulbul again comes to him.. kisses him again in his cheeks and runs..
Purab: Hey come I will drop you dear..
Bulbul: no dear.. I will go by myself and she goes….
Purab: Bye…..

Next day morning…
Bulbul knocks Pragya’s door…
Bulbul: Di…. What is it??????
She sees somebody punching the boxing punching Bag… The girl is wearing the same dress whn one wears while boxing..
Bulbul: Di.. when did you became a boxer???
Pragya: I am taking training to punch that Ayesha..
Bulbul could not control her laugh.. she notices something written on that Punching kit..
Bulbul; Wait di..
She goes to see what is it.. Somebody has written the Name Ayesha in it.. It is none other that Pragya…
Pragya: Don’t waste my time Bulbul… And she starts to Punch it..
Bulbul takes the video.. in her new moile.. which was given to her by Purab the previous day.. {Guys it was in the bag}
Pragya does not notice this as she is busy in Punching Ayesha{ I mean that Punching bag}
The screen freezes on the angry face of Pragya…

I know guys that I am dragging.. Don’t worry guys as tomorrow there is a big surprise for Pragya… I know some of you have guessed it.. Eventhough u have guessed it.. don’t tell it out.. Let it be a surprise…. Ok then bye.. meet you tomorrow… Take care guys… And pls give ur lovely comments below.. luv u all…

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  1. very nice 2 pragya

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  2. yar sprb ya can’t Control my laughter
    next update pls

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      Thank u dear… i will update it tomorrow for sure!!!

  3. Superrrr….??????? Waiting for next episode…… Punching bag scene was awesome…. I loved it to the core…??????

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      Thank u dear… luv u too..

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  5. superb episode waiting for next episode dear……….

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    Superb dear????

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    No!! Not at all Dragging I like this jealous part of Pragya a lot!! Loving it!!

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  9. Sooooo cute episode yaar really awesome n funny…. Soooo sweet pragya

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  10. nice come soon please

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  11. that is beautiful update

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