Tum mera ho.. Episode 10


Hii friends.. I know its very late… sorry guys… I will try my level best to update …. Ok lets get into the story…
Prabhi and Prabul comes back to India..
Abhi: we ae gonna shift back to MM
Purab: Really?? What will dadi and ma say???
Abhi: They will accept… you don’t worry..
Purab: Ok .. I am so excited bhai..
Abhi: ok ok … Start doing the arrangements..
Purab goes..
Abhi: Fuggy.. now no one can stop me… I am coming back to u fuggy..

Other side
Bulbul: Di.. do you know?? Di.. do you know about that Di??/
Pragya: I am sorry Bulbul.. I cannot forsee the future..
Bulbul: what are you blaberring Di??
Pragya: Not more than you..
Bulbul gets irked..
Pragya: Now tell me.. What were you upto?/
Bulbul: Di… Jiju is coming back to Mumbai…
Pragya: Really??? I am very happy Bulbul.. and hugs her Ok but how did you know his??
Bulbul: Di. Vo… Purab told me..
Pragya: oh.. I see… Then the two love birds joined??

Bulbul is blushing..
Pragya: I think someone is Blushing here.. suddenly mobile rings…
Pragya takes it.. It is written Purab..
Pragya: Oh.. your bf is calling.. go and speak..
Bulbul runs from there…
Prabhi comes back to Mumbai..
Abhi’s Mom: Abhi r u sure??

Abhi: Sure ma.. Believe me.. Come lets go inside..
Dadi: Prema.. Abhi is right.. Come lets go inside..
Abhi : Wait… a second … he runs inside and comes with aarthi plate.. He takes aarthi to them.. Now come inside ma.. and Dadi..They come inside.
Prema: when will I take this aarthi for you with my Bahu??
Abhi: don’t worry ma.. she will come here very soon..
Next day…
Pragya goes to a coffee shop.. She sees Abhi there.. But opposite to her.. another girl is sitting.. She is wearing a yashmak..
Abhi sees her….
Abhi: Min ne kaha na.. vo yeha aayenga..{ I told na.. that she will come her}
Girl in Yashmak: But.. bhai.. it is not good to make me act as a girl…
Abhi: Purab.. Cant you even do this for your bhai.. and speak in girls voice.. or else she may identify you..
Purab: ok ok..
Pragya comes and sits to the table near to them..
Abhi: Oh how sweet are you Ayesha.. .. I feel like falling for you..
Ayesha{Purab}: oh don’t compliment me this much..
Pragya is fuming with anger..
Abhi: Really… Ihave to say.. I love you….
Ayesha: What… I cant believe.. I love you too…

Pragya is on the peak of jealousy..
Purab in his mind.. oh my god!! This is the wrost experience I had ever had…. Wha to do?? I have to do this for my Bhai….
Abhi: Tomorrow.. you should come surely to the concert.. I have a surprise for u dear..
Ayesha: really.. I will come for sure..
Abhi : Ok come lets go..
Ayesha: One minute Abhishek…I WILL COME..

Abhi: ok.. I will wait for you in the car parking..
Pragaya: in her mind..
Who is this girl?? Idiot.. How dare she call My Abhishek with his Name.. I only have the right to call her Abhishek.. Iam not going to leave her… And even he is calling her as dear.. I hate you Abhishek..
Pragya smiles and goes towards her.. Ayesha{ Purab} sees her.. Omg!1 why Bhabi is coming towards me..
Pragay: Hi.. I have to talk to you.. can you come out.. to that garden???
Ayesha{purab}: But why??
Pragya: I cant explain it.. pls come..
Ayesha: ok.. ome lets go.

They both go there..
Pragya: you stupid.. idiot … how there you call my abhishek as abhishek?? How can you speak to him like that.. and starts to beat her..
Purab in mind.. IOH MY GOD.. I DID NOT THINK THAT BHABI WILL REACT LIKE THIS.. Purab runs from there..
Purab: Bhai..Bhai where are you…
Abhi: What happened.. why are you running like this??
Purab (removing his yashmak): oh… vo rahega na aapki Biwi… ek minute mera jaan nikal gaya..
Abhi {laughing}: I know.. she would do like this… that why I told you to come as a girl..
Purab: Bhai… why did you did like this?? Ok come lets go..Its already time..
They boarde the car..

The epsidode ends here.. sorry guys for the late update.. and tank you for ur comments.. keep supporting me.. see yous soon .. bye guys..

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