Tum Mera ho-30 (Last episode)

Hii guys.. Happy valentines day!! I know I should not say this. I am wishing for those who have their valentine.. if you have please tell me na.. let me know who is my Jiju. And I posted this update today love because I thought it will be good if I post it today.. Ok let’s get into the episode..

Six months passed
Rabul are happily married and Abhigya had come much closer to each other…
Abhi was searching something in the wardrobe and accidentally he got a dairy..He opened it.. My love My Charming.. A world that gave me sweet memories..
Abhi smiled looking at that.. He started to read it..
This is the first time I am writing my feelings in a piece of paper. It is all because of him.. Today is the first day in my college and fell in love with him at the first sight.
Everyday I used to adore him secretly. But one day he came to me. I was was shocked but I really felt happy. We spent time together and one day to my utter suprise, he proposed me. I accepted it. But soon,We were separated but my love for him is long lasting and eternal.After son many years again I saw him.. He huffed me and cried.. I felt really bad for not just pacifying him.I really wanted to be with him.. not one day or two.. but forever… And I waited for him to come back and he came back to me.After a month passing through many hustles, I married him.. I am very grateful to get such a wonderful person in my life. Abhi on hearing that hugged that diary.. Just then he heard a voice”Don’t you know that reading others diary is indecent.”Abhi turned to see Pragya standing there.. He went and hugged her. Abhi” when you can read my diary, why shouldn’t I read your diary??” Pragya bite her lips. Pragya broke the hug. Pragya”How did u know Abhishek”?Abhi” That day when I was searching for my diary, I saw you secretly crying by hugging it while sleeping.”Pragya”That were Happy tears Abhishek”. Abhi” I know it fuggi” And do you know what is special today?”
Pragya”Yes Abhishek”and she blushes. “I have a great gift for you too.” Abhi sighs what. Pragya”Close your eyes Abhishek and no cheating” Abhi smile sheepishly.. He closes his eyes. Pragya takes his hand and keeps it on her stomach. Abhi emotionally Sighs really. Pragya sighs yes.. Abhi hugs Pragya tightly. Abhi” I am the happiest man today Duffy. Pragya”And me the happiest women”.

Other side
Rabul were on their honeymoon trip. They both were standing on each..
Bulbul places her head on Purab’s chest. Bulbul”I feel complete Purab” Purab”What?”Bulbul” I feel like I have got everything in the world. I love to be with you always like this.” Purab” I will be very happy if you be more closer to me”Bulbul” Naughty Purab!!” Purab” Do you know what Nauhty Purab will do??” And he comes closer to Bulbul. Bulbul runs to their room.. Purab comes inside and closes the door behind them.. Bulbul blushes.. Purab” You look so cute while blushing” and hugs Bulbul.Lights off!!!
The screen freezes between Abhigya and Purab who are now leading a happy life with their beloved ones!!!

Guys this is what I have written… And sorry for the mistakes.. I have typed it in a hurry.. And I am going to miss u all.. Don’t worry I will be back by April 8. My exams will start by March.. Until then take care guys. Bye..
With loads of love,
Cutiepie Achu..

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  9. Nice ending dear…. really missed you and waiting for your come back…. all the best for your exams….

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