Tum mera ho- 29 (PraBul’s Moment)

Hiii guys.. Happy Pongal!!!Thank u Di, Akshaya, Reshu Di (Reshma Pradeep), Priyanka, Ani Di, Lokha sweetie, Suhani Di, Trisha Di, Saranya Di, Priya, Minu and all the silent readers too.. 1000 times sorry for not updating.. ok let’s get into the episode..

The episode starts with Abhigya reaching Veer mansion..
Alia: Bhai.. are u happy now???
Purab: why not?? He has married his love na..
Alia: yes Bhai.. you are true.
Pragya: stop teasing us..
Abhi: enough of ur talks.. today I am going to announce something..
Alia: what announcement Bhai?
Abhi: We are going to discuss about Purab’s marriage.
Purab gets happy..
Rajeev: oh!! Who is my bahu beta??
Abhi: Dad.. I am going to get Purab married to my friend’s sister Priyanka..
Purab is shocked.. Amar(Bulbul) is standing like a statue..

Abhi: Purab u are very lucky man.. she is also in love with u..
Pragya takes Amar with her..
In Amar’s room..
Pragya: bulbul! Where r u lost??
Bulbul: Di, Jiju is so bad.. I hate him..
Pragya: Font worry bulbul.. everything will be alright.. Purab will be convince him..
they hear Abhi calling them..
Purab looks very happy..
He hugs Pragya..
Purab: bhabi j am very happy..
Then he hugs Amar(bulbul)
Purab: Bhai I am very happy Bhai. I am very happy.. and hugs Amar for a long time.
Abhi stamps his leg.
Purab: Ouch!!

and sees Abhi..
Abhi secretly: hey Dramebaaz.. she will get suspicious..
Purab: haan.. Okok..
Purab: Amar Bhai.. will u come with me to meet my Princess Priyanka??
Amar: what!!
Purab: Pls.. pls.
Amar: I have lots of work..
Abhi: I will manage it Amar.. Pls help for a love na.
Amar cursed Abhi and Purab..
Amar: ok.. I will come.
Purab: Thank u Bhai and hugs him..
Alia: Bhai.. and laughs at him..
Purab smiles..
Amar was fuming in anger..
Purab was very happy.. He was enjoying his Princess jealousy.
After sometime..
While Amar was passing through Purab’s room.. He was shocked seeing Purab.. he was holding a pic in his hand..
Purab: Oh my darlu.. when I am going to meet you?? My sweetie.. my cutie.. My
Princess.. love u. And he started kissing the pic..
Bulbul was burning in jealousy… she went to her room and started crying..
other side.. The picture in Purab’s hand was Bulbul’s pic..

At night..
Purab came to Amar’s room..

Purab: Amar Bhai.. Can I sleep with u in ur room??
Amar: what!!!
Bulbul started sweating..
Purab: Ac is not working properly.. so I am not able to sleep..
Amar: let me check it..
He comes to Purab’s room and started shivering..
Amar: bh. Bhai.. it is so cool here..
Purab: No it is very hot..
Amar: if ur pyaari Priayanka is in this room means, she will start to shiver..
Purab: don’t worry Bhai.. I will make her to feel warm..

Amar: How??
Like this., and hugs Bulbul.. they remain like that for sometime..
Purab: Feeling ok??
Bulbul: somewhat..
Purab pulls Bulbul more closer.. Bulbul also hugs him.. she feels happy as she is in her love’s embrace after a long time..( Sanam re plays)
Purab: Feeling ok now meri Pyaari biwi??
Bulbul: yes. She replies in her own voice as she is lost in him, in his embrace.. Just then she comes back to her senses.. she pushes Purab..
Amar: Bhai. What will others think??
Purab: they will not think anything.. after all I am hugging my Fiancé only na..
Amar: what!!!
Purab comes closer to her and removes her topa, moustache and beard..
Purab: I missed u soo much and hugs her..
Bulbul: I missed u too Purab..
Again she pushed Purab..
Purab: why did u push me now??

Bulbul: Go and hug Your Priayanka..????
Purab: Priyanka?? Who is that?
Bulbul: Jiju’s friend’s sister.. Morning he told na..????
Purab: Poor Bulbul.. u believed that??I don’t know anybody in that name.. even he don’t know anybody in that name..?????????.
Bulbul: What!!!?????? u played a prank on me??

Purab still laughing tells yes..
bulbul: I hate u Purab..
and turns to go.. But Purab Drags her to him and gives a liplock. Bulbul is shocked..
Purab: Oh.. our first kiss.. it was so sweet..
Bulbul was blushing..
Purab: you look cute in blushing..?????

Just then
Abhi: Flash news… Business tycoon Purab caught romancing with his gf..
PraBul stand embarrassed..
Purab: when did u come here Bhai??

Abhi: When Bulbul was blushing..
Bulbul: Bach gayi Purab.. Di and Jiju did not see us kis..
Purab: Bulbul chup..
Abhigya: what!!??????
Pragya: I think the two lovebirds should get married soon. Hey na Abhishek..
Abhi: Bilkul( Surely)
PraBul blushes..

Episode ends here.. guys the next episode will be my last.. I wish all should comment.. as u will be back only by April 8.. This time they extended my exam..???????.. going to miss u guys.. ?????????.love u all.???????

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  1. cute epi dear……..

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      Thank u soo much dii.. love u ??????. Miss u tooo..

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    Superbbbb!!!!!!!! Lovely!!!!!!!!!

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    Love it

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    All the best Achu!! Do well will wit for you

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    Awesome update my Cutiepie???… Gonna miss this ff?…
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  6. Nice update…. their idea was really superb…. loved bulbul’s jealousy and purbul romance too….waiting for the last one.. missed you so much….take care….All the best and prepare well for your exams….

  7. Awesome episode angel??..
    Gonna miss this ff??
    All the best for exams!!
    Love you..♥️♥️

  8. Awesome achu…gonna miss you and ur ff….love you so much????. ..and all the best for your exams…take care

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  10. wow awesome episode ma all the scenes are superb waiting for the next episode
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  11. Rabul forever

    Wow yr what an amazing episode it was.. loved it and all the best for ur xams Nd yes we will miss u

    Thanx fr giving an adorable rabul scene?????

  12. Amazing episode sis . So creative and interesting. Wish you good luck for the exams. Eagerly wating for the next update. Will miss u a lot after the end of this. Sad ????And sorry for the late reply. Happy pongal to you too dear.

  13. B_Ani

    it was awesome cutie pie. all the way, i was smiling madly. i am glad that i read it alone. else, my mom would have seriously joined my in kizhpak!!
    any ways, this was so cute.
    and dont worry. wish u all the luck baby.
    write your xam well. all the best.
    love u???

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