Tum mera ho- 28

Hiii guys… I wish everyone a happy new year!!! Have a blasting year guys.. Ok let’s get into the episode..

Abhi and Pragya were in car..instead of driving the car towards Veer mansion, Abhi drove it towards a park..
Pragya: Abhishek, why didn’t u go towards home?? Instead u brought me to a park..
Abhi: what is this fuggi?? You are so unromantic…
Pragya: Abhishek.. Ma will be searching for us.. Come let’s go..
Abhi: No… I have to spend time with you. I missed u soo much fuggi..
Pragya: oh!! Meri pyaari Abhishek.. I am so sorry.. And hugs Abhi..
Abhi pulls her more closer and tells “we can stand in this position itself fuggi”.
Pragya: naughty Abhishek..and breaks the hug.
Abhi:ok fuggi I have a doubt. Why Bulbul wasn’t present in our marriage. She is your sis right??
Pragya: Abhishek, she attended our marriage..
Abhi: but I didn’t see her..
Pragya: arey Buddhu.. She did not attend the marriage as Bulbul.. But as Amar..
Abhi: what??? Amar was Bulbul??
Pragya: yes..

Abhi: that’s why Purab told me like that..
Pragya: what are u saying Abhi??
Fb begins.
Purab and Abhi were in their room..
Purab: Bhai I feel something strange in Amar’s attitude.
Abhi: Why do u say so?
Purab: whenever I am speaking to a girl,he storms to that place, gives a angry look to me and asks the girl to do the given work.
Abhi: which girl were u speaking to??
Purab: Bhai. I was just speaking with our chotis like Purvi, Sheena, Neha..
Abhi: I think he may be thinking that u were flirting with the girls.
Purab: I can never think of that Bhai… Bulbul is there for me na.. Then why should I think of them??
Abhi just smiles..
Fb ends..
Pragya: oh!! I think Bulbul got jealous when she saw Purab with other girls..
Abhi: yes u are right…
Abhi(in mind): choti Shaitan.. I will not leave u..
Pragya: Abhishek where are u lost??
Abhi: no fuggi.. I was just thinking how did u accept to fool me like this.. And moreover whose plan was it??
Pragya: Every credit goes to bulbul..
Abhi: what????? how??
That day when Pragya heard the conversation between sarla and Maneesh, she ran to her room and started to cry vigorously.. Bulbul gave her a idea.
Bulbul: don’t worry dii.. Everything will be alright..
Pragya: bulbul.. I love him bulbul.. I need him in my life.. I cannot replace anybody in Abhishek’s place..
Bulbul: dii.. I have an idea.. First we can know the guy whom dad had chosen for u.. Then I will call to him and speak that u will die if u marry him..
Pragya: bulbul.. Do u think this will be a good idea??
Bulbul: Why not??
Just then Maneesh called Pragya.
Bulbul: dii if dad says something about this, u just nod ur head.. Don’t tell anything against about that..
Pragya nodded her head..
Maneesh: beti.. I know it is late to inform u.. The thing is that I have seen groom for you.. He is my close friend’s son.. I have promised him that i will get u married to his son.. The boy looks very handsome.. He would be a perfect match for my beti.. Even Sarla is happy with that.. Are u interested beti??

Pragya does not give any
Sarla: First show the picture Maneesh.. Then u can ask her decision..
Maneesh: that is also right..
Maneesh shows the picture to Pragya.. Seeing that Pragya’s eyes widened..
Maneesh: He is Abhishek Prem Mehra.. My close friend’s son. Yeah I forget to say.. He is also rockstar.. Quite famous.. Beti are u ok with this proposal??
Pragya was blushing.. Her cheeks turned Crimson red..
Pragya: I am very happy with this papa.. And she runs to her room with happiness..
Pragya in her room..
Bulbul: what happened Di??
Pragya: I told dad that I will accept this proposal..
Bulbul: what!!!?????????
Pragya: yes.. For dad’s sake I am going to marry that person..
Bulbul: Di. This is not fair..how can you betray Abhi Jiju?? Then ur love everything is…
Pragya: true. My love is true.. That why God had helped me.. Do you know whom am I going to marry??
Bulbul was clueless about her words.

Bulbul: no.. I am not interested..
Pragya: eventhough u have to know that.. He is none other than Mr. Abhishek Prem Mehra..
Bulbul: Really Di??
Pragya nods her head.. Bulbul hugs Pragya.
Bulbul: I am very happy for u dii..
Pragya: let me call him and say this news.
Bulbul: no dii..
Pragya: but why??
Bulbul: I have a plan.. And shares the gunghat plan with her..
Pragya: no.. I can’t see him in pain Bulbul..
Bulbul: Dii. Just for two days na.
Pragya: no..
Bulbul tried very hard and made her to accept it..
Pragya: what if he says no to marriage??
Bulbul: then we an reveal it.

That’s why Pragya did not remove gunghat upto the marriage.. And Ganga dadi called her Parameshwari which was her first name.. Her second name is only Pragya.. Since Pragya was a sweet name, they left that name.. But in her village, everybody knew her with the name Paru..and moreover they gave mask to Sarla.. Everything was Bulbul’s plan..
Fb ends..
Abhi: Omg!! What a plan?? Bulbul well definitely get a punishment from my side..and fuggi..u should not be joining them in this idea fuggi.. I
Pragya: I am really sorry Abhishek.. Whatever punishment u give I will accept it..
Abhi: whatever??? Whenever??
Pragya: Yes..
Abhi smirked..
Pragya: I feel something fishy..
Abhi: nothing is fishy. And pulls Pragya towards him..
Pragya tries to get away from him..
Pragya: Abhishek leave me..
Abhi: no and pulls her very closer to him..
Pragya’s heartbeat increases.
Abhi gives a peck in her lips..then after sometime they broke it..
Pragya: Abhishek.. What have u done??
Abhi: oh.. You don’t know what I have done right.. Wait I will show it again..
Pragya pushes Abhi..
Pragya: what will others think Abhi??
Abhi: hey!! I kissed my wife..
Pragya: that’s not that problem.. U kissed me in public. That’s the problem.What if anyone see?
Abhi: nothing will happen.. Moreover it is lovers park..
Pragya: ok leave it.. Do you one thing?? I am the happiest person..
Abhi: no it is me..
Pragya: no me..
Abhi: no.. We are the happiest persons..
Pragya: yeah.. That’s right..
Abhi: And.. I think I have to play a game with Bulbul.. And u have to support me in this.
Pragya: what kind of game Abhishek??
Abhi: A small game only fuggi.. Pls pls pls.
Pragya: oh meri pyaari Abhishek.. It’s ok.. I am always on my Abhishek side.. But u should promise me that u should not hurt her more..
Abhi: promise.
Pragya smiles..
After sometime they go to veer mansion..

Screen freezes here..

Guys I know that u all are worried that I am going to end this ff.. Even I am worried about this fact.. As My board exams are approaching my school have changed the timings.. So there is 0% probability that I can update my ff.. I am really sorry guys.. I promise that I will return the next day of the completion of my exams., I think it may be in the last or before of March.. So I am thinking to episode 30 may be the last.. I am really going to miss I guys.. Love u soo much?????
With loads of love and care,
Cutiepie Achu aka Asmithaa.

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