Tum Jo Mile (ragsan swalak ff) part-5

Hey guys im really sorry for being late. Actually i got busy with some family issues. Now i promise i will be regular. OK lets start.

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Next day at Gadodia house

Ragini is getting ready for going to school. She wears a peach salwar kameez. In that time her phone started ringing. It shows Sanskar. She recived the call.

Ragini- good morning ji.

Sanskar- Good morning. Can i request you to do a favor for me??

Ragini- Sure ji.

Sanskar- please stop calling jiiii.

Ragini- ok ji.

Sanskar- Raginiii

Ragini- sorry ji.

Sanskar- hey bhagwan ji.

Ragini- ok fine sssaaa…nskar.

Sanskar- sound cool. can you meet me?

Ragini- i have to take permission from papa.

I between their talk swara enter the room.

Swara- From what do you need permission di??

Ragini- oh sona sanskar…. an..d me…

Swara- for this you want permission??? you can definitely go. Ja simran oops ragini jile apni zindagi.

Ragini- sooona.

Swara- im sorry being haddy im going you guys carry on. (she winks to ragini and left)

Ragini(to sanskar)- okkkk i will.

Sanskar- fine then at paramounts sharp five.

Ragini- ok. bye.

Sanskar- bye dont be late haan.

Both cut the phone with a smilling face.

Maheswari house at hall

elders of family are sitting with pandit ji.

Sujata- do you find any date???

Pandit- there it is but in a hurry.

Anu- how many days later.

Pandit- after 20 days.

Ram- is there not any more date??????????

Pandit- there is but after 8 months.

Sujata- we are fine with 20 days later.

Durga- yes we have no problem let me ask shekhar ji.

He called shekhar.

Durga- namaste shekhar ji.

Shekhar- namste ji.

Durga- i call you to talk about sanskar and ragini’s marrige.

Shekhar- ji tell.

Durga- we got a date after 20 days and after that will be 8 months later. so do you have any problem????

Shekhar- no ji no. i belive in chat mangni pat biha.

durga- hahaha. that is confirm. ok bye.

he cut the call and tell the family that they have no problem.

at evening in paramounts

ragini is sitting there. snaskar come there with hurry.

Sanskar- im sorry ragini i get busy with work im really sorry.

Ragini- its ok. you dont have to apolize.

Sankar- o…k. do you order something?

Ragini- nope.

Sanskar- waiter.

Waiter- yes sir.

Sanskar- a passion fruits, ragini???

Ragini- rose malai.

Sanskar- so how was your day??

Ragini- fine.

Sanskar- do you hear about our marrige date??


Sanskar- so whats your plan about shopping??

Ragini- nothing much its sonas depertment.

In between their talk waiter gave them the juice. They started talking and drinking. Sanskar notice there is some drinking in raginis upper lip.

Sanskar- Ragini there (he signed her but she cant recognise)

So sanskar clean her lip. Sencesing his touch ragini got 440 volt jhatka. Sanskar has also same feelings. They have a cute eyelock. But it break by a familier voice its laksh. They moved back they saw swalak is sitting face to face. (tumhe vi laga na 440 volt ka jhatka)

Sanskar- what are they doing here?? also together??

Laksh- a khus khus for her.

Swara- a rose for him.

Ragini(to sanskar)- how did they met???


Swara is standing in bus stand but there are no bus due to strike. Suddenly a car stop infront her and the window of car get down and it reveals laksh.

Laksh_ arrey misss swara???? you didnt get bus?? come i will drop you.

Swara- no thanks.

Laksh- you didnt have any option your father in hospital brother will not come sister in date and mo cant come so??

Swara- ok fine.

Laksh open the door she gets in.

Laksh- now you have to do as i wish.

Swara(fums)- ok fine. (in her mind) you want to take revenge on m you dont know who am i???

So according to laksh’s wish they come there.

flashback end

Ragsan goes to them.

Sanskar- what are you both doing here???

Swara- jiju congrats.

Ragini- sona you here???

Sanskar- is there anything between you to???

Swalak- nooo.

Swara- we just met outside so thoght to plan….

Ragini- what plan????

Laksh- your wedding plan bhabi.

Ragini- ok fine lets go home sona.

Swara- ok di.

Sanskar- oh mr. for whom you are waiting???

laksh- no one lets go.

Sanskar(in mind)- mera date bigad ke mahan ban raha hai.

they all left from there.

i know its not a great part. im really get very much distructed i m sorry guys. next update will be better i promise. thanks for your precious comments.

lots of love πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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