Tum Ho… Mere Liye! – Mehrya (Part 1)

A room in the college is in full of mess by colours and cloth with batik patterns.

A girl is colouring a batik pattern on a white cloth. Her hands are full of colour. She smiles looking at the batik.


he room is lonely with her. She dipped her brush on a pink colour and give touches in the patterns of the batik.

“Mehek!” A girl shouts the name.

Mehek stops doing her batik and looks up at the door. A girl is standing at the door. She tries to catch her breath.

“What happened, Sonal?” Mehek asked softly.

“A new boy is getting joining in our college.” Sonal gets into the room.

“So?” Mehek rolled her eyes and starts to colours her batik.

“Just stop doing batik and hear me.” Sonal comes behind mehek.

Mehek turns her head and looks at sonal, smiling. Sonal puts her hand on mehek’s shoulder.

“You know, he is the heir of The Khanna. Our college will become famous in one night.” Sonal is excited.

“So?” Mehek does her batik.

“What, so? Everyone is saying, he’s so handsome.” Sonal endlessly says.

They hears footsteps. They stops talking and looks on.

“I think he had came. Come.” Sonal pulls mehek out of the room.

“At least, let me wash my hands.” Mehek tries her best.

The entrance of the college is crowded with media persons and college students.

“Today, we are going to get a interview from shaurya khanna. Heir of khanna empire.” A media person said.

A car come forward. Everyone gives way to the car. Everyone stands there for him to get out.

The car door opens wide and a man comes out in a formal white shirt and a black pant.

The media persons tries to get to him but his bodyguard did not let them.

Mehek looks at sonal and gives a sign. Sonal sighs deeply.

“Careful. You will get a heart attack.” Mehek makes fun of sonal.

Shaurya passes mehek and gets in. Mehek sees him going and turns to sonal.

Shaurya gets into the principal room with the bodyguard outside.

“Welcome, shaurya.” Principal gives his hand for a shake.

Shaurya gives his hand and they shake their hands.

“Please have a seat.” Principal said.

Shaurya nods and smiles. He sits in front of the principal.

“We are lucky to have you study here, shaurya.” Principal said.

Shaurya smiles and hears him patiently.

Mehek is again starts to do her batik patterns. Sonal is with her.

“I’ll help you.” Sonal takes a brush.

Mehek stops her from doing. Sonal looks on.

“No, sonal. Last year, you get my batik ruined. Not again.” Mehek said.

“Okay.” Sonal nods and drops the brush.

Sonal sits beside the batik and looks at mehek doing the patterns.

Shaurya comes out of the principal cabin. He sighed.

“Uff!” He again sighed and looks at his bodyguards.

“You may take leave. I don’t need you anymore.” Shaurya asked them.

They nods and goes out of the scene. Shaurya sees them going and walks in the way.

He hears a violin music and smiles. He follows the music.

A teacher comes to the room of mehek. She sees mehek and glares. Mehek sees the teacher.

“What are you doing, mehek?” Teacher yells.

“Doing batik, ma’am.” Mehek innocently said.

“That’s I know. I have told you to use a cloth over you to not get the pastes on your dress.” Teacher comes to her.

“I’m not feeling good while wearing it. Its comfortable.” Mehek said.

“Why? After that, your chachi come and yell at me for not making you wear?” Teacher glares.

Mehek laughs out loud. Teacher grabs hold of her earlobe. Mehek screams in pain.

“Go and wash your hands.” Teacher let’s her out of the room.

Mehek nods and walks out of the room.

“Ergh! I told her I don’t want to wear it. Why does she can’t understand!” Mehek looks agitated and murmurs to herself.

Suddenly she bumps on someone without noticing. Her hands on the chest of the someone. The colour in her hand spreads on the someone’s dress.

She gets shocked to see it and slowly looks up. Its shaurya. She sees him closely. He looks at her. In fact, glaring at her.

They have a little eye lock with each other. Shaurya pushes her away from him and looks at his shirt.

“Oh, shit! My shirt!” Shaurya glares at mehek.

“Sorry! I do not done it intentionally.” Mehek looks at shaurya and his shirt.

“Are you lost your sight? You ruined my shirt!” Shaurya yells at mehek.

“Oik! I said sorry, right?” Mehek glares back.

“What? Oik? Hello, my name shaurya!” Shaurya said.

“Whatever. I don’t care.” Mehek looks around.

Shaurya looks on and nods. He unbutton his shirt. Mehek noticed.

“Hey, what are you doing? Everyone is seeing us.” Mehek’s eyes gets wide.

“So what? I don’t care.” Shaurya said and takes out his shirt.

He stands there with bare chest. Mehek puts her palm over her eyes.

“Don’t act too much!” Shaurya grabs mehek’s fist.

He takes away her hand from her eyes and puts his dress on her hand. Mehek looks on.

“Go and wash this dress.” Shaurya said.

Mehek looks at the dress and at shaurya. She glares. Shaurya smirks and turns away.

Sonal comes there and sees mehek and shaurya standing bare.

Shaurya passes mehek and walks down on the stairs.

Sonal comes to mehek. Mehek still in shock, comes into sense by sonal’s touch.

“What happened?” Sonal worries.

Mehek gives her the shirt he gave. Sonal looks on.

“What’s with it?” Sonal asked.

“He wants me yo wash his shirt.” Mehek explained what happened to sonal.

Sonal nods and looks at mehek.

“You’re lucky to see him bare chest.” Sonal begins her fun.

“Just shut up, sonal.” Mehek glares at her and takes the shirt with her.

Mehek walks away from there. Sonal looks on and smiles.

Shaurya reached a room. A girl is sitting on the chair with a violin in her hand. She was deep in the music.

Shaurya claps his hand and smiles. The girl opens her eyes and looks at him.

She smiles at shaurya and sees him bare.

“What happened to your shirt?” The girl asked.

“A girl bumped on me and ruined my shirt, mahi.” Shaurya explained.

Mahi laughs at him. Shaurya smiles back.

“Finally, you’re here. Wow.” Mahi claps her hand and stand up.

She takes her violin and packed it. She outs it on her shoulder and comes to him.

“Bad luck. I have to go. Let’s meet later.” Mahi said.

“I love you.” Shaurya said.

“Love you too.” Mahi said.

She departs from there. Shaurya turns and sees mahi going and smiles.


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  1. story is going good btw who is this mahi,continue soon take care

    1. Mehrya

      Thank you

  2. Anjali Dahiya

    Hi Mehrya…it was lovely update n interesting too…I luved d tashan btw Shaurya n Mehak…now more eager to know how their luv story will start…it really made my day….upload nxt soon…

    1. Mehrya

      Thank you

  3. very nice written

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