Tum Ho… Mere Liye! – Mehrya (Intro)

Shaurya Harish Khanna – A college going man. He is very much a popular because of his background. He is very rude.

Mehek Sharma – A college going girl who is from a middle class family. She is very bubbly and innocent. She is very friendly to others.

Chaya Chaturvedi – A college girl. She is the girlfriend of Shaurya. She is a orphan by birth but were adopted by a rich family. She is rude.

Nehal Sharma – Mehek’s younger sister. A money minded girl but loves Mehek. She is fitness freak.

Adithya Khanna – He is workaholic. He is cousin brother of Shaurya. A soft spoken person.

Karuna Khanna – A lovely mother to Shaurya. She doesn’t like Adithya and his family and wants the whole property to her sons. She is widowed.

Svetlana Khanna – A cunning lady. She is the mother of Adithya. She doesn’t like Shaurya and his family.

Kanta Sharma – Mother like person to both Mehek and Nehal. She is very affectionate.

Jeevan Sharma – He is father like figure to Nehal and Mehek. He is the well wisher of both Mehek and Nehal.


Chaya Chaturvedi


Adithya Khanna


I’ll start this story very soon. Thank you.

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  1. Anjali Dahiya

    Hi Mehrya….pls do continue…I luved this intro…I m eagerly waiting fr 1st part…upload it soon….

  2. I say sorry but plz if you want to write full story than plz you upload your next ff…coz so much ff is incomplete here….

    But it’s looks nice….

    1. Mehrya

      thank you…. I’ll update soon

  3. hi I am sanju, nice start continue soon

  4. hi very nice start soon post next episode

  5. Looks super interesting
    Excited for it to start
    Post ASAP dear
    Stay blessed?

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