Tum ho….mera sukoon aur dard (episode 9)

Guyss hiiii how r u?? Here is 9th epi..

Scene 1

Swara looks at their proposal scene in tv and cries. Sanskaar angrily switches off the tv in his house and keeps his hands on his head and sits down broken thinking swara’s words. Ragini while cooking gets call frm unknown number and attends the call and says hello. The person on other line ,”hello Ragini dont interupt me just listen wanna see ur future husdband…he is with me come to square park to meet him otherwise ill come there and meet u but it will not as awesome as moment u come here..” Ragini was puzzeled and ask what bakwass and he cuts the phone. Ragini feels guessed and thinks to go. Sanskaar comes there and Ragini tells him everything sanskaar without showing much reaction takes his clothes and goes Ragini stops him and ask what he was doing and he didnt answer she then shakes him asking him to say smtg and Sanskaar looks at her and says,”whats more to say?”Ragini ask him to reunite with his family and not to fight with swara.Sanskaar looks at her and says in a broken voice,”im ready to fight with the world for swara’s lve but im not ready to fight with swara for her lve..leave me alone” Ragini too feels bad for him.swara then gets a call frm AP they introduce themselves and AP ask swara to meet them and she agrees. Swara then meets Maheshwaris. Sujatha hugs her and says,” hamari pyari sasrul(our dear daughter in law) im sanky’s mom. Im really proud to have u. U entered like an angel in our life..pls dont hurt or leave my son ever” Swara gets emotional hugs her back and says ,” ma sanskaar is my breath does anybody are idiot to leave their breath and moreover he waswith me when no one was when i lose my family..” sujatha cups her face and says,” swara maheshwari thats what u r gonna be and u now have a big family im ur mom frm now” they hugs eo and swara takes everybodies blessings.

Scene 2

Sanskaar thinks to see Swara in her office and departs. Swaea is in her cabin and surprised to see sanskaar there. Swara then gets upand sanskaar comes to her and drags her towards him she panicks. Sanskaar holding her tightly and ask her to look in his eyes. She akwardly looks and he says,” swara u were my peace but now turned to pain. All i wanted in my life is selfless love anc i thought i got it frm u but u just showed me no love is true. ” swara gets teary eyes but somehow manages to hide it and looks. Swara ask him,” sanskaar do u wanna cry of losing me….” sanskaar says,” absolutely not cause my love for u is slightly smaller than my hate for my family. I will never get back to them.” Swara ask him to get out not to waste her time he kisses her in forehead telling her that one day she will miss him and goes wjile going his jacket zip stucks on to her bracelet. They look at eo. He comes and takes it of tearfully she closes her eyes as he is so close to her. He then sees her and she slightly open her eyes and they have an eyelock.(raaz aankhein teri plays). She then removes his hands and he goes out swara closes the screens of her cabin and sits broken down sobbing. Sanskaar gets into his car and cries badly shattered. He and she both reminces their moments together and cries really very badly sanskaar tells to himsef that he will not cry of leaving her cause he will die….swara looks at sanskaar pic and says,” all these r temprovary pls sanskaar pls reunite..”they both cry shattered .(agar tum saath ho plays). Then Ragini departs to square park for meeting that person. There she calls him but he didnt pick this continues for many attempts. She waits for abt half an hour and lose hope. Then he calls and she angrily picks up. He says,”Actually Ragini u look cute while angry and im sorry as im having a work me and ur husband cant come byee”she gets irittated and goes off angrily. She walks in the road very angrily and suddenly four to five cars started to go beside her two sides fastly. She gets scared and tries to call but cant cause the cars goes fastly beside her. And then a car stops before her and a dshing man comes out to her and removes his coolers saying ,”people who fall in ocean and those who fall in your eyes will never get up…Im Laksh Maheshwari the one who called u ” she gets shy on those lines yet controlled herself and says,” im not ready to talk to u cause u left ur bro for property and he is my frnd u didnt care abt anything and went to somewhere fighting with family as ur bro does…” Laksh interupts and says,” bas bas Ragini i came na ill set everything and btw r u nt happy to see ur future husband??” Ragini nods saying that she never thought him like that and goes Laksh smiles at her. Ragini looks back at him and turns away thinking,’ already u came in my mind but when will u come into my heart…?” Laksh there looking at her going tell to himself,”U dont need to do that dear..ill do that for u ill come soon in heart..” he then goes.

Scene 3

Ragini tells swara that it is dangerous to keep sanskaar away angry and ask her to marry him soon and she ask how to and ragini answers thst there is one person named laksh.swaragini smiles and Swara says its really pity to see sanky in pain and Ragini tells how laksh met her and sqara says,’ wow dramatic entry from ur prince good come on enjoy” ragini smiles and says he is just her frnd and swara too smiles. Swara then thinks abt sanskaar proposal and get teary eyed. Ragini consoles her saying the damily will reunite soon and swara says patience will be essential in love and she would wait for sanskaar. Ragini bids gn. Swaea calls off and plays sanskaar songs and hugs her pilow and sleeps and sanskaar in his house sees swara’s picture kisses it and cries. Then he prays god for making him clear all the truth and show a path to peace and hugs swara picture and sleeps. Laksh prays god to make him convince his bro and reunites his family again as it is looking incomplete without two bros. Then they all go to sleep. In maheshwari mansion all of them prays god to reunite the family.and DP says untill swaragini is with them they will never have to worry.


Swara angrily scoldes sanskaar and he ask her to stop all this and says he would marry her. Swara and ragini makes hifi happily after sanskaar left.


Guyss thank u for all silent readers and commentors keep commenting and reading more twist r waiting for u…..and how did u feel abt swaragini ‘s secret mission to reunite maheshwaris ??comment down pls pls love u stay blessed and keep smiling…:-D:-D;-)


  1. Mahavir


    |Registered Member

    akshu ma….it was awesome u know solla varthaigale illa but plzzz swara sanskar oda marriage-a sikarama pannivaichuduma plzzzzz….love u…n yeah xamslam eppadi panna…????

      • maha016

        akshu apparam oru vishayam sny akka ( yaz ) n navi akka ellarum tamil dhan…n swasan marriage siekarama nadakanum apparam avanga marriage ku nanum varuven kupiduvala….????



    |Registered Member

    loved it yaar…..
    can’t wait to know about the twists… 🙂
    😘😘…..love you…keep smiling….tc

  3. Sanswa


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    Well amazing dea👌..update next soon😊..n thnx 4 letting me knw ur ff link otherwise I surely gonna missed it due 2 lack of tym😁tym😁
    BTW u r rly awsm writer..keep it up

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