Tum ho….mera sukoon aur dard (episode 8)


Guyss im back with 8th episode..
Hope u remmember me…sorry for the long gap

Actually i think the story is quite boring..
Anyways ill get it to way again….and i hsve changed the name as swara and sanskaar cause it is not accessable to adapt to new names and i really miss SR so i wanna recreate them…

Scene 1

Ragini : hello ma how r u ?
Sumi (rags ma) :yeah beta im fine and have u met sanskaar sujatha is really worried..
Ragini :haan ma he is my neighbour and i really feel guilty for cheating him…i mean the fake memory loss…
Sumi : its okay beta actually u r dng right thing and to say u r reuniting him with his family so dont think about anything else…god is with u….
Ragini thanks sumi and turns and panicks to see sanskaar.

Sanskaar : wah re wah ragini wow what a drama just to reconcile me with than fake loved family u hurted me with ur fake memory lose…u knw what actually i was scared and guilt ridden that i was behind ur ml but u have been hurted ur best friend for somebody else..
Ragini : stop it sanskaar they r nt somebody they r ur family..i heard that u have told swara that u r an orphan..how can you tell her like that when u have a loving family sanskaar? Dont you think how they feel? Sujatha ma is lying like a cropse there without u and u here being reckless told her that u dont have a family r u shameless to do so?
Sanskaar : stop it ragini. Thats it. They r nt my family. They have seperated me from my real mom for money. I hate them . And they have hidden this from me till then.i hate them to the core.
Ragini : no sanskar this is bakwass. Ur so called real mom sold u for money and they didnt tell u xause u will be worried but u didnt understand all these things and just throwing off their love..
Sanskar : pls ragini..i trust u..pls dont tell me that my mom sold me ( in a crying voice )i mean no mom would sell her son to another for money pls tell me these r not true they r the betrayers. My mom loves me eventhough she is dead now she loves me..
Ragini feels pity for him but didnt say anything..

Swara tries to call sanskaar and eagini but both didnt pick up. Swaaa gets iritated and calles karan who was sanskaar’s first concert dealer. Swara ask him to tell everything about sanskaar and he too tells her knowing that she is his gf.swara after knowing everything gets schoked and departs to sanskaar’s house angrily.

Scene 2

Ragini asks sanskaar to reunite with his family and for that only she xame from aus and faked mem loss. Sanskaar stubornly refuses and says that he came from aus just not to keep touch with anybody there but being lossed all memory i thought avoiding u will be of no reason…
Ragini tries to convince him but he refuses and tells her that he has to go as his pyari swara is going to get award for yougest entreprenaur of 2016. There by chance swara entered the house angrily both of them stood woodstruck seeing her.
Swara : yeah sanskaar swara is getting award but not ur pyaari swara and u knw what u knw ihate lies and u did lie to me.i must be happy right now for award but im broken because of u…sanskaar panicks and comes near her she pushes him away and says,”u have hidden that u r sanskaar maheshwari and u have a big family and knowing u r adopted u xame out before 2 years wow what a flash back…” sanskaar was shocked and ask how did she knew this and swara tells everything sanskaar becomes angry and claps his hands saying” ohh detective swara madam ..i admit i did a mistake because i hate them to say my family but u didnt ask me anything and enquired abt me to someone else..thst much trust u have on me right??u might have asked me right what is it with u sanskaar….but u nefer done it u treated me as one of ur suspect…first so xalled family then ragini then u …everybody cheated me but still thinks im cheating them..fine tq swara for trusting me and loving me im going bye enjy your success” swara slightly feels scared of his anger and ask him,” sanskaar pls dont go i just asked him but i wax ur mis take u might have told me right…’ sanskaar looks at her and holds her face and tells,” i knw but if i have told u this u would try to reunite me with them which i hate..u knw what swara they bought me frm my mom for money my mom refused but they did something to my mom and got me with them i have never saw my mom till now and u knw i hate them..”ragini interupts and says,’ no swara he didnt know the truth the thing is hic mom sold him for money to sujatha ma when he was born then eferything is going well untill our company’s owner ship transfered from dl uncles name to his..his bro started to fight and eventually the truth came out and his wicked mom just knowing that he is wealthy told lie and met with an accident as a punishment but he didnt trust anybody and keep on saying the same thing..”
Sanskaar :no ragini i wouldnot trust them…u knw the acci that would be made by bade papa..im sorry durga prasad..swara u dont think abt all these things just go to award function…
Swara pushes away sanskaar and tells dont come to my award function..u tell anything but my heart still cant bear that u have hidden such a big thing frm me….she sits down crying..sanskaar unable to see her goes broken. Ragini comes to swara and hugs her..swara cries and ragini tells,”swara being a strong woman why r u crying..he will come again surely now its really imp to go to the award function..come lets go” swara refuses but she insists..

Scene 3

Swara and ragini are at award function. Sqara seems to be restles and ragini contantly consoles her..sanskaar sitting in his house thinks abt everything happened and thinks to do something to get his swara back. Ragini tells swara,” swara i knw he would come back again but i dont want u to forgive him…” swara looks her shocked Ragini continues,” swara now i got a powerful weapon to reunite him with our family..pls cooperate..maheshwaris love him like anything they really want him to be there pls swara they r good he didnt understand them as there is no proof against his real mom..” swara holds her hands and tells,” ragini some relationship necer want any proof to continue..i uderstand what sanskaar cant. Ill there for u. I reunite him with my family” ragini and swara smiles at eo and hugs eo. Ragini asks her abt sanskaar’s hate and swara answers,” if i cant sacrifice for want i want..then what i want becomes my sacrifice..so let me sacrifice my sukoon (peace) for few days and im sure my true love for him gets his love back with his family and we would live happily..” ragini and swara again holds eo hands. The host calls ragini to give award for best entreprenaur of 2016 to swara both of them holding eo hands went to stage and ragini hands over swara the award and swara still misses sanskaar’s claps but still receives the award..then the host anounces the next programme of sanskaar’s song and swaragini shocked. They both getd down the stage and sanskaar asusual looked dashing deliver his best performance..and at the end of his performance he surprises everybody by calling swara on stage.

Scene 4

Sanskar holds swara’s hands and gets her to the stage. Then he kneels down holding a ring in his hands says
Swara its really tough for my eyes to live without seeing u everyday. To lose oneself is the custom of love and i justified it by losing myself on u..so it is unfair for u to get away frm me..i promise u that i may not able to solve ur all problems but i assure u that i would never leave u alone with ur problems..u r my everuthing..u r my sukoon(peace ) and u r my dard(pain) if somebody searches me then i want them to find me in ur hands..so swara will u marry me..??

Swara gets teary eyes and says yes. Ragini smiles at them. Sanskaar puts her ring and then they hug everybody there claps.
Then they get to home and swara give a schoking news to sanskaar by saying,” sanskaar as u proposed me in front of everyone i told ok but i really dont want to be swara sanskaar kapoor..i want to be swara sanskaar maheshwari i want our bade papa bade ma and our ma and papa ur bro sis ragini and her family every one i want everybody in our marriage sanskaar was schoked on hearing this ragini smiles and sanskaar tells her that this would not happen. Swara tells him that unless he reunite with his family she would never talk to him. Sanskaar asks r u sure? And swara replies as sure as our love.sanskaar looks at her barely and swara goes in her car ragini smiles at sanskaar asking him to reunite soon and bids good night. Sanskaar angrily goes.


Ragini calls Ap anf tells everything everybody there gets happy and sujatha prays god to reunite her with her son soon. Then Maheshwaris and swara meets and swara takes everybodies blessing sujjatha hugs and thanks her for comming as an angel into their life.


Sorry guys for long episode cause i wanna complete it in 15 episodes. And what do u feel abt this track comment down ur views. Thank u for all silent readers and commentors for supporting me keep suporting with ur lovable cmts..love u guys stay happy and blessed:-D:-D

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