Tum ho….mera sukoon aur dard (episode 7)


Guysss im back with another episode…actually previous episodes had a huge welcome and really thank u fr that…….never expected such comments ….thanks fr ur love and support dears..
And actually there is a big confusion on pairs..let me clear it now in this epi i hope u all love it!!

Scene 1

While talking with shruthi Aarav eventually touches her and feels hotness in her. He then ask her why she is hot and she replies she has fever and now she is better. He then scolds her fr nt telling to him and calls doctor. Doc arrives there and treats Shruthi and says that she has ordinary fever and will go off if she takes rest. Aarav thanks him and departs along with shruthi for her house
At Shruthi’s house:

Aarav makes Shruthi lie on the bed and sits beside her.
Shruthi: Aarav pls stay with me dont go anywhere..
Aarav: haan baby im here u take rest.
Then Aarav gets a call frm Ragini asking him to come fr meals.. Aarav says he will not come as Shruthi is ill and he has to stay with her.(Shruthi hears and gets happy) Ragini says something and he accepts.
Aarav: shruthi i have to go Ragini is calling me..
Shruthi got teary eyes and ask him to go..
Aarav: go means… alone ha noo u have to come with me Ragini said she prepared some kichidi and it will instantly cure ur sickness come on slowly get up come with me..
Shruthi(feels happy): haan Aarav wait ill come (she tgen tries to get up and feels dizzy yet slowly gets down of the bed..
Aarav who is at door watches her runs to her and stared at her angrily. She stayed without reaction.
Aarav: idiot!! Im here na wont u call me?? Wait ill help you(makes her stand and makes her hand around his shoulder and walks)
Shruthi: thanks Aarav (felt shy)
Aarav : throw ur tq in garbage did i asked u ?? No tq or sorry!! He then frees her hand and stood straight she looked him and he replied,” god itni short hai yaar you r too short!!!she makss faces.
Aarav: i cant bend more than this come on hold my waist ill carry u saying so he carried her in his arms she holded tightly and they went to Ragini’s house (dont worry they went in car)

Scene 2

In Ragini’s house

Aarthi entered ragini’s house she welcomed them with a bright smile…
Aarav: shruthi this is Ragini my bestie..and Ragini this is Shruthi my baby oops sorry my life!! He looks at shruthi and winks. She smiles.
Ragini: i know Aarav ur pair itself reveals thst u r couple haan heavenly made couple..anyways welcome Shruthi ill serve u a kichidi and ur aickness will say tatabye bye to u.
Aarav: my lover is iron hearted will chase all diseases away.yet im scared and so treated her with doctor.
Ragini: Shruthi i think Aarav loves u more…
Shruthi : no Ragini i love him more than he do.and looks at Aarav. Aarav gives a naughty look.
Ragini: let me pray god u both are adorable couple and let u stay together forever.
Aarav and Shruthi smiles at each other.
The trio eats meals nd shruthi says actually she feels better.Ragini says all praaise to my kichidi.Aarav smiles. Then they got to depart and Ragini drags Aarav into her room. Shruthi without seeing went to car.
Aarav: hey rags leave me yaar…Shruthi is waiting
Ragini: Hey duffer! U didnt tell me u love someone..
Aarav: hare barbie doll (ragini smiles) haha smiling see u r actually a barbie doll. And Shruthi u knw may ne i forget to tell u shd is cute little angel. She came in my life and made me feel loved u knw im changing crazy on her..i love u Shruthi saying he tries to hug Ragini and ragini pushes him and says enough go and romance with her get lost i have to sleep . There is a function at evening and i have to go..
Aarav: yeah barbie ill go u enjy..byee
Bidding bye he comes out. There shruthi thinks,” Aarav what is it with Ragini…i knw u r frnds but did u frget im waiting here..or she became so imp than me..i love u aarav dont hurt me pls”Aarav then comes and pinches her cheeks and holds her hand and walks away. Shruthi cant react seeing him and stayed silent. They went away to shruthi’s house.

Scene 3
(Kind notice fr all beauties who r reading this scene is fully romance and pls just do imagine the characters and their actions as follows..and if u really felt shy then comment down how u felt)

Aarav sees Shruthi thinking deeply and says boo near her ears. But she didnt react. Then he claps and she didnt react he screams and she didnt react. He throwed car keys in frnt of her eyes she noticed and didnt react.. he understood she is actimg and thinks to himself,’ haan baby palying with me ohhh dear u dont knw abt this aarav” he invites her fr playing the game the game is she must not react whatever he does.. she didnt react fr that also.. and he wickedly smiled.
Pls imagine

Aarav comes behind Shruthi and hugs her around she stood firm. He then made her hair one side and placed his chin on her shoulder.she slightly felt shy but still didnt react much..he then turns her around fastly she spinned and holded Aarav. He holds her face and draged it to his’s yhey trapped in a eye lock. He hussed ,” ur black eyes are trapping me with black magic..whatwill i do..” she stood still. He holds her waist and draged her towards him she panicked..he smiled naughtily nd tries to kiss her…she pushes him and runs back. He drags her embraced her into his arms and said,”U must nt react remember”then he made her stick to the wall and gets closer..she clossed her eyes.. he holds her hand tight into the wall and came more closer to her..she breaths heavily..he cups her face and kisses her in cheek then when he came to her lipz..she pushes him away and fell on bed laughing hard…he fell in near by sofa and looked at Shruthi dissapointed. Shruthi: i accept i was defeated..u won this game and sorry fr being reaction less but u must not do like this u idiot.. u nonsence.. u stupid..he then comes near shruthi and smiled at her that smile(official smile of varun aka sanskaar )Shruthi looked at him puzzeled and he ask him to continue..he slowly comes closer with the same naughty and matured smile of varun she struggled with words she blabered,”u naughty boy.. u duffer…u dog…u….(he was already 0.00001mm away her.)she again comtinued,”u…yuvraj of romance ” said and instantly hugged him. He again smiled aloud and ,” haan ill leave u now and remember ur always mine and one day u will be trapped again…baby”she shyly smiles and hugged him he hugged her back and ask her to take rest and says he will be back after few mins a he has some work to be completed.


At award function..
Shruthi is seen siting restlessly beside Ragini and Rags consoles her and tells his anger will not last…


Guyss pls tell me is the episode is long or shall i cut short it…can i continue like this or want another track…and how was scene 3 ??pls comment ur suggestion down..dont worry ragini (Aarav’s barbie doll) is main protoganist and as well as mysterious and imp role. And Shruthi is cute little angel of aarav and will be. New character is yet to be introduced…whom do u love Aarav,Shruthi or Ragini?

Love u guysss and keep reading ill come back with better epi next time bye bye see u love u stay happy blessed and keep smiling!!!

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