Tum ho….mera sukoon aur dard (episode 6)


(Shruthi Mehra (swara)is the powerful businesses tycoon of Mumbai.she fell in love with Aarav Kapoor (sanskaar) who is rockstar and singer of mumbai he has whole city as his fans . She proposes him and he accepted. There enters Ragini Sharma another powerful businesses tycoon of Australia who just returned to Mumbai after 12yrs. She becomes Aarav’s neighbor.)

Scene 1

Aarthi(Aarav and Shruthi) after enjoying all day return back to their respective houses.while dropping Shruthi at her home Aarav ask her to be safe as she is now his property she smiles and says ,’yes boss’s. He then goes…and while reaching his house he parked his car and about to unlock his home that time somebody calls him from behind and when he turns he steps up on Moses and skited and lose balance and at last fell on a girl. The girl is turned out to be Ragini. He gets up in hurry and apologies to her. She smiles and nods her head and started to introduce herself. He made himself steady and looked at her on seeing her at first itself he was stunned. He stared at her barely and thought himself,” she…..here….how…..” then she offered a gift to him and says,” i have never met u before this was our first meeting and let me give u a gift!” He received it and smiles at her. He then hurrily opened and shocked to see the gift…it was framed picture of his photo and hers framed inside a heart shaped balloon.and at the back of it..it was written”An accidental meeting can change it whole world it accidental meet with me will change it world it will bring u……” he then looks at her for continuation and she tells,” brings u fame success love and care..”he smiles. She offers her hand for being friends he holds her hand and says friends. She smiles and he welcomes her to his house she goes he thinks ,” my god again “. They enters into the house. She tells him that she is a great cook and will cook breakfast meal and dinner for him. He accepts. She hugs him and when she is about to get up she was about to hit her head on the wooden shelf above her head… Aarav notices and keeps his hand on her head.

Scene 2

His hand got hurt and started to bleed heavily she was shocked and panicked. She then cries and asks what he was done.. he says u were about to hurt it head so that only…. she then hugs him and says” u don’t know one thing but what u did not only saved my head but my life.. tq so much.. wait I’ll bring u first aid kit.” She then applies ointment and ask him are u in he smiles and replies..,” medicine is not what u apply it’s the care and love u show while u treat me.. and with that I’m far better” she smiles and tells him that he was the caring person she saw and will pour him lots of love forever. He says to himself ‘i know ‘ she then asks him to sleep and bids good night and goes. He says to himself that “I’m ready to lose my hands for you and not ready to lose you for another time”…next day Shruthi was angrily scolding a person Aarav comes behind her ..takes her in his arms and spins around she panic and ask him to leave.. he leaves her and she hugs him and notices his wound and ask what happened?he tells her everything and she thinks for a moment and says thank God nothing happens to u. He then gets a call and goes.. she thinks,” what is about the girl Ragini why he is so caring?? I must never ignore this..”

Scene 3

Aarav comes and asks her what she was thinking and she ask why he didn’t call her and says u don’t love me like I do… she then makes her face sad. He smiles and says,” Shruthi our love is like stars it always there in sky but sometimes it is not visible and sometimes I does visible.. but it’s always there.. when the whole world is dark our star love twinkles brightly and decorate the black world..and u know my love is like that I will always love u more than u do” she smiles he hugs her and says now my angry baby got cooled down..she says whenever baby sees chocolate baby’s angriness melts and so does baby too.. he ask whether he is chocolate and she shyly nodes..he again takes her in arms and advice her not to be so cute as he will die seeing her.. she again smiles.


Doctor ask Aarav to take care shruthi. He sits besides her and Shruthi ask him to stay with her and he nodes. Then he gets Ragini call asking him to come for meals he tells her that he is with shruthi and will not come. Shruthi smiles hearing this and thinks how much Aarav loves her.. Ragini tells something and he accepts and tells shruthi that he have to go… Shruthi was shocked and got teary eyes .

Thank u for commenting maha Mahira kakali Anu akshaya mica mynalove srinjal shalini manasvi and all other beautiful girls. Love u a lot let me come back with awesome episode again. And if u love this then comment down and support me. Love u a lot frnds stay happy and stay blessed success will come to u in queue…let me pray God for that. Love u a lot…

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  1. Aaawwwwsssooommmeeeee…cab u Plz create link for the previous episodes?

    1. Aksharaa

      Sure dear here it is….love u..

      Love u keep reading ff . Stay blesed…

    1. Aksharaa

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  2. What is the pair

    1. Aksharaa

      What do u want dear???which pair u want????

  3. Sindhura

    Is ragini grey shade

    1. Aksharaa

      Dear no no ragini is not grey shade neither ragini nor Shruthi is grey shade… anyway u will understand better in my next episodes…love u a lot stay happy

  4. Nandhininandhu

    Nice dear

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      Tq dar keep reading love u a lot keep smiling as u do…

  5. More ragini ,Arav scenes please

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      Sure dear will keep equal weight of scenes love u a lot stay happy and healthy…keep reading for more twist..

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    Dii its fantanbulous.
    Waiting for the next episode..

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  7. Mica

    waa.. i read it Akshuuu…huh! what happen to Asrav ? is he hitting with both ?
    he said that he don’t want to lose her another time (talking about ragz)
    but gave chessy line to Shruthi.. oh God

    1. Aksharaa

      Tq for commenting dear and abt aarav there is some mystery btw rag and aarav but see aarav’s love for sruthi is pure…

  8. Kakali

    Lovely episode.. !!! I know Aarav u have a deep n pure relation with Ragini..*may b. !!! n that’s why u respecting her words … !!!
    But i also know LOVE IS LOVE ONLY.. !!! n she is SHRUTHI.. !! so don’t hurt her.. !!
    Akshara well done dear… !! few lines were so touchy.. i lived them !! n yeah ty for informing me.. but sorry fir nit replying.. i dun know what had happened to my inbox.. it’s not opening.. !!
    Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Aksharaa

      Its ok dear yeah aarav loves shruthi and will do ……and ragini she is diff wait and see fr 7th epi love u a lot blessed to have a frnd like u. Stay smiling

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    Amazing dear..
    Keep going

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    So cute of ragini . Nice meeting . Is shruthi feels jealous?? Real fun is going to start. Waiting for the next akshu

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      Tqdear yeah real fun srarts and ill come back with another episode full of romances and shockingtwist keep waiting love u alot

    2. Aksharaa

      Un profile picture la irukartha yaar akshu

      1. Akshaya

        Surbhi Chandna aka Anika of ishqbaaz akshu

  12. Who r the pairs…I want ragini and aarav plzzzzzzz

  13. Mahavir

    akshu….!!! one minute dear..ennaku aarav charactera pathi puringikave mudiyala…one side he is loving sruthi and other side he said ” i wont leave for another time ” to ragu….arghhhhargh…anyways i have a faith on u…and i also know this u wont seperate aarthi and sry dear for late comment xams kaga konjam prepare pannikitu irundhen ippodhan complete pannen so ennoda inbox open panninen unnoda message paathen…thank u d *-) ….love u….tc….

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    Amazing dear
    I am quite confused seeing aarav and ragini

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