Tum ho….mera sukoon aur dard (episode 5)

Now the real story starts.

Scene 1

AARTHI (aarav and shruthi) were ready to enjoy the whole day out. First they went to beach. There Shruthi for the first time feels excited and enjoyed herself in the water. Seeing her Aarav felt happy and looked her constantly. She noticed that he is looking at her and came near Aarav.
Shruthi: Aarav why r u looking at me like that. Am I behaving like a child.

Aarav : (glanced her) Who told u r matured….you r little girl I have told this already. For me u r always a little girl. Actually I can describe Shruthi. Shruthi is a cute little kid hiding inside a khadoos body.
Shruthi smiled and thought he would be perfect for me. She thought of proposing him. She called someone and began to plan abt proposal. Aarav asked what but she distracted him. while enjoying themselves like kids she again remembered her family death she becomes sad. Aarav noticed her and hugged her tightly and told,” Shruthi I know u lost ur family. But I’m here Na…..let me be ur mom I will love u like ur mom…let my hands be ur brother always around u with lots of love and naughtiness….let my mind and heart be ur dad with neverending care and guide let me be ur family for ever ”
Shruthi nodded and said ,” I want to tell u something now but let me tell u after wards….” He asked what but she refused and he didn’t compel her.

Scene 2

Ragini looked at Aarav’ framed photo and smiled. Then she asked the shopkeeper to pack it and asked him to write what she says. He nodded. She then took the gift and smiled heartily. There AARTHI were at Temple of Lord Krishna they prayed and came out it was like grassland… Shruthi felt it will be right time and called someone and asked to start his work. Aarav ask what she is telling and she ask him look any where but not above he ask why and she closes his eyes with her shawl.

Scene 3

She then makes him sit down in the grass. She then opens her bag and smiles. Then after few mins after finishing her work she went inside her car he was constantly asking questions but there was nobody to listen or answer him.
Then she came near Aarav and opened his eyes. He instantly told WOW on seeing her cause she was wearing dark blue and yellow Saree it was not that much grand nor simple. She pinned her hair into rope braid side bun and the last but not least the main thing that makes her look beautiful none another jelly’s identity her cute smile. She is an angel and that’s why he said WOW. She then ask him not to look above and instantly asking why he looked up there were all colourful balloons with Aarav photo are flying high it was really colourful. He felt so loved and blessed then he looked all around him there were full of flowers and music of Aarav’s last song Dekh Lena. He looked at her surprised.

Scene 4

She then kneeling down took two balloons out from her back one has Aarav’s name and other Shruthi’s. She holding them told ,” Aarav I know that u will my mom dad bro and even sometimes when I’m not myself u would be Shruthi for me. But all that I want is only one thing I don’t want u to be my dad mom or bro I want u to be Aarav . My Aarav. I want u to be mine. Will u ???” He was shocked he didn’t tell anything she then continued ,” I don’t believe in first sight love but I believe in u. I think it’s not first sight its God’s wish we r made for each other pair pls dear be with me forever nd she started to cry. Aarav smiled and make her stand up he then holding her hand said ,” what will I Say…. I thought it was crush but……dear one thing is for sure if u love me this much then I’ll promise u one thing . From this very minute Aarav is not different from Shruthi. I promise u r my life and will be forever choti bachi ho tum I too love u. I promise I will never leave u and I will pour lots of love on u and u know what Aarav kapoor never breaks his promise.” She then with west tears looks him and he without thinking so much carried her in his arms and kissed her in forehead she hugged him tightly and said ,”u r gentleman dear u always kiss me in forehead and u prove to be gentleman ” he then ask her her to close her eyes she does so he then make her stand and hugged her tightly and started to cry she opened her eyes and asked him why he was crying and he told I never had a person to love me this much I’m orphan. Though I’m a big boy I’m still child pls don’t hurt me ever. She too started to cry on hearing but controlled herself hugged him more tightly and kissed him in his cheeks and told him,” nobody ever in this world will hurt u when I’m here. I love u and shruthi is there fr u ” they both felt secured in each other’s company.


Aarav falls on ragini she offered him the gift he opens and smiles. She tells him that she now came and going to bring lots of love into his life from now. He then smiles.

Guysss do love this episode proposal scene pls comment down thank u love u a lot pls continue reading.


    • Aksharaa


      Dear ragini hs written another sentence and shruthi here proposed him cauz she loves him and have you read four epi cause then only u can understand but let me tell u shortly sruthi loves aarav and ragini didnt even saw aarav and now only she is going to see him

  1. Fairy

    |Registered Member

    Its soooooo awesome yaaaaar…..loved it sooo much…specially ragini 😉 ….waitng for nxt part…..update ws superbbbb..keeep rockng n stay blessed sweety 😉 😉 😉

    • Aksharaa


      Ohhhhh myyyyy goshhhh ur comment made my day. Beauty ur comment is as beauty as u r. Keep smiling and stay blessed. Love u pls dont forget to read my ff. Rake care

    • Aksharaa


      Thank u dear akshu that was an amazing comment and actually yeah u cant think like that in ur ff because u r fore better than that. U can think best scenens in ur ffs. Anyway keep rocking
      With ur ffs. Kep smiling love u a lot

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