Tum ho….mera sukoon aur dard (episode 4)


Guyssss i wanna know how u feel abt this story so pls comment down ur feelings……

Now i wanna take this this story a bit interesting so let me qiuckly get into the story….

Scene 1
Ragini ask her watchman to inform her when Aarav comes home as she wants go meet him. He accepts and she goes for finding location for her bussiness complex.
She departs on the way she saw a area which seems to be perfect for her work but the prb is there was another building there. She saw grp of people protesting to demolish the building. She feels this was the correct time and calls the cops to come there in minutes with demolishing order. She uses her influence and they accepts
They came there and she asked them to start the work.the building owner interferes and raised his hand against Ragini.

Scene 2

Ragini smiles and holds his hand. She then says,”When nobody iz dare enough to talk to me.. how dare u raise hand on me..(she then points gun on him)everyone there panicks but did nothing.he was scared and pleads her to leave him. She then ztells,”im Ragini sharma devil’s eye if i kept my eye on anything then its mine and if anybody is against me then let me show them the living hell.” She then lookz at everybody they all dispersed being afraid. The building was then demolished.

Scene 3

In the car… shruthi cries for help. The man closes her mouth tight with his hands and opens his mask. She was shocked to see him. He was Aarav. He smiles and tells,”hare choti bachi…. u told u will not come so i kidnaped u ” she thsn beats Aarav telling that she was scared for a minute. He then looks at her and says,”Nobody is dare to touch u other than me. When your Aarav is there you are not supposed to be scared. Im there Aarav is there for you for ever ” she gladly smiles and tells him ,” Aarav i dont know why on seeing u my lonliness dissapears and i feel secured in ur arms ” he the naughtily smiles and asks ,” in my arms……but see u r not in arms still u r sitting inches away from me” she then slaps him lightly and he acts like being angry hugs her tightly. Sge then feels loved and hug him back. He then thinks to himself ,” Oh god i think im having crush on her” she thinks to herself ,”god pls make this hug permenent and pls make these moments forever in my life… make Aarav mine pls pls .”

Shruthi asks Aarav to close his eyes.(as she is going to propose). Aarav then closes and after few mins he opened his eyes and shocked. Aarav falls on ragini near Aarav’s house he then apologize and she offered him a gift.

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  1. Mahavir

    awesome dear…post next one soon…i m waiting eagerly…

    1. Aksharaa

      Tq dear yeah sure I hope u loved aarthi scenes

      1. Mahavir

        ya dear loved their scences very much and please make them together soon…

  2. Wow Aksharaa ur really superb.. I love this..and I became a hug fan of u .I’m waiting for ur upcoming episodes .keep rocking .love u dr.

  3. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Awsm dear.. Keep it up.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  4. Aksharaa

    Dear my godddddddd i never expscted ur comment…….love u so much this motivation actually made my day. Guysss this is bhavana my best best friend actually patner in crime she is the soul of story. Love u so much dear. Thank u fr ur awesome comment

    1. Oh my dr jaan I’m the one who must encourage u a lot .then I didn’t express anything which is new .I just said the known matter that ur awesome

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