Tum Hi Ho (Swasan)~ Part 3

hi guys im trying my best to write episodes but the thing is i dont have a lot of time as i have to study as well. So hopefully you can understand that iim still in school and i have to study so i will be taking a decision. This is that i will be upload after every two weeks, but dont worry they will be super long. And i dont know why but i dont feel like you guys are enjoying my writing. If not please tell me what i can fix up to please you.

College had ended and Swara was trying her best to reach the café to do her shift. She hurriedly entered XYZ café and went to the change rooms to get changed into her work uniform. After doing that Swara made her way up to the counter wearing an apron as well as a hat. She greeted the boss and began her shift. Although it was a 3 hour shift she got paid an okay amount which kept the house going. But these days it wasn’t enough, because she need to buy medicines for Nani which were getting expensive to pay for. She snapped out of her thoughts as soon as a customer came.
Swara in a voice that was barely enough to hear: “Hello, what would you like today?”
Customer: “One cold coffee and a slice of the black forest cake please.”
Swara: “Anything else for today?”
Customer: “no thank you that’s it”

And like that her first 2 hours went by, taking orders preparing the drinks and then sending them off to the customer. But little did she know that this last hour of her shift will turn her whole life around.
The café was mostly empty except for 2 tables. Just then Kavita and her group entered through the door of the café. Giggling and speaking from the top of their voices everyone turned and looked at them. Swara shocked by what was happening in front of her eyes, if anything happened her she would immediately loose her job.
Swara (in mind): “Don’t fall weak Swara, Just keep your head down and do the least talking you can possibly think of.”
She adjusted her hat and fixed her glasses to make her look like a different person. The group sat on a table which was across the room from the counter. All of them where wearing short dresses up to there thighs and holding branded handbags making themselves look very rich. And that was no lie, all of them were disgustingly rich. All of their fathers were shareholders and worked together at managing Karma Industries which was the third-best company in the whole of India. While second is Maheshwari Enterprises which is Sanskar’s families company. And to Swara’s knowledge there was the one company that still is first from 17 years which is Elite Enterprises. But the owner and his wife had died a long time ago meaning that the company was in the hands of a co-owner which was Sahil Singhania. Just then Sonia stood out up and came near the counter to place the order which made her snap out of her thoughts.

Swara: “Hello, what would you like today?” And Sonia tells her order and then goes back to her seat. Swara remembers the morning incident of how Kavya and Kavita insulted her and starts to tear up a little bit. “don’t worry Swara this has become normal in your life, it’s time to start adapting to it.”
She made their order and brought the food to their table. She prayed that they wouldn’t notice her and just continue to ignore her. As she bent down to place Kavita’s plate its then when she realised that she was Swara.
Kavita with a cheeky grin: “Hey Swara!”
Swara silently kept doing her work while they did their best to bully her, but when Riya realised she wasn’t crying or responding that when she said “Guy why are we wasting our time on this filthy little thing, we are rich why we talk to poor people.” A tear escaped Swara’s eyes. “Lets go to night club I don’t like this place anymore, wat do you say Kavya?”
Kavya: “Your right di lets go, im sure the club will be better”
And with this they left from there without even touching their foods, but this made Swara happy as she could eat some and bring some home to give to Nani.

She looked up at the clock and found that she only had 10 minutes until her shift ended. She looked outside and found it was still day time which was a plus because she hated walking in the night especially in Winter. Since everyone had left and no one was still eating she asked her boss if she could leave early to which she agreed.
She collected her stuff and started walking down the road towards her home when suddenly a car stopped next to her. Swara got scared and started pace walking as quickly as she could, but then a hand caught her arm.
Swara with closed eyes: “Please leave me, Please, i did nothing, let go off me please”
Ragini: “Swara, its me, Ragini, stop worrying, its only me.” Swara opened her eyes to realise it was her.
Swara: “im… im sorry” bowed her head
Ragini: “no its okay, tell me where you were going come on we will drop you”
Swara: “no its okay ill go by myself”
Ragini: “Look its all ready to late and you are going to walk home, seriously Swara”
Swara: “I have done it before its okay”
Ragini: “I don’t care you are coming with me” and she drags Swara to her car with had another girl sitting in it. “met her she is Rita, my bff or should I say my sister” and winks are Rita.
Swara: “hi…My name …is Swara”
Rita: “arre I know yaar we all are in the same class smartie”
Ragini starts the car: “so tell where you are going”
Swara: “just drop me across the street and ill go from there”
Ragini: “I asked you were your home is my topper” Giving a smile.
Swara gave the directions and reached in front of her house. Rita and Ragini looked around and saw how different her home was compared to theirs.

Swara noticed this: “im sorry but I know you won’t come in because it’s a really bad home, but it’s the best I could afford after my parents death.”
Rita: “what you never told us that u lived alone we could have given you a room or something, because after all we are your friends” asked concerningly.
Swara: “its nothing like that, first I didn’t know you and now I can’t ask a lot from you guys as you guys are rich and it will look bad for both of us. And don’t worry me and my Nani live together so its all good.” She said with a teary smile.

Ragini: “Okay then, but since we have got to know you and vice versa, I invite you to hang out with us at lunch times and class times”
Swara: “I mean how… I can’t do that, rich people and poor people are not meant to hang out together. And whatever you have done to help me I really thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Rita: “well to bad you are not poor and you are officially part of our sister group now” with this she ties a bracelet to her hand.
Ragini: “now it’s really late so you go and rest and remember don’t start walking again, im going to pick you up and then we will go to school”
Swara: “ but….”
Ragini: “no excuses my topper,”
Ragini and Rita hugged Swara and bid them bye.
And for that moment Swara looked up: “thank you god ji” with a tear escaping from the side of her eye as she was starting to live again.

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