Tum Hi Ho (Swasan)~ Part 2

Hi guys?? as i said i will post the first episode of the writing and omg im so dumb i posted the character sketch’s title as part 1 so sorry about that ?…. so getting to the point here is PART 1!?Enjoy and do comment.?

The sun shone brightly through the window of a small room and into the eyes of a girl trying to sleep peacefully on the cold floor. She woke up and patted the floor trying to find her glasses as she was mostly blind without them. She put on her old-fashioned glasses which she thought were better than nothing. The girl went towards the main door and searched for the key under the door mat. After finding it she went out with 2 buckets to fill with water.

As it was 6:30 not many people had woken up so there was no line at the water tap that was given to the colony and within minutes she was carrying the bucket of water back to her home. She decided to take a break in front of the house as it was very heavy to pick- up 2 buckets at a time.
She looked at the house and a little tear escaped from her dull looking eyes that had forgotten to smile in ages. But no one saw her except for god who was watching from above. She wiped her tears and went inside to get ready for college.
An old lady came out and started yelling ‘Shona’
The girl came inside worriedly: “Haan Nani, what happened?”
Nani: “nothing nothing… I just got really scared, when I woke up because I didn’t find u!”
The girl: “arre Nani, don’t worry I will always be with you from start to end”
Nani: “anyways you get ready for college and I will prepare lunch for you”
The girl: “Arre I can do it by myself you don’t need to take any tension”
Nani: “Swara, till I am alive I will cook food from my hands now and no excuses, you got it”

Swara gave out a chuckle and put her hands up in defeat: “okay I loose but promise me one thing don’t you dare mention going away from me every again, I have lost enough people” Slightly choking on the last sentence.
Nani: “no I won’t and stop making me emotional as well, now gooo, you have to attend college and I don’t want you to be late.”
And with this she broke the hug and quickly went to get ready.

After a little while Swara came out of the room wearing a blue and yellow Patiala suit and her bag on one side of a shoulder as well as her thick specs. She paced across the room and put the tiffin in her bag.
Swara: “bye Nani” while giving a kiss on the cheek, “I will try and be home early but you know I have work this afternoon as well so yea”
Nani: “Be safe Swara and make sure you eat the extra food as well” said while Swara waved bye at from the door.
Swara made her way to the college which was a little more than walking distance. She could have caught a Bus or and Auto but didn’t have that much money to do things like this.

On the way just before the college a temple came where she would always go to. She made her way up the temple stairs and walked up to the deities in front of her. She prayed to always keep her Nani happy and maybe, just maybe bring some happiness to her life.
Just then the pandit came up to her and blessed her as well as prayed for her wish to come true while handing over Prasad.
Swara quickly entered the college gates and paced to her roll call class. Just then Kavita and her group came in front of her. They stood in a circle around her and watched upon her like their prey. She knew that they will rag her, and as always could do nothing but just stood there with her eyes fixed to the floor.

Kavita: “arre no no, Swara oh sorry Chashmish girl, don’t be sad? Remember one thing if Kavita comes to you, you don’t even dare to be sad! Because she is the best!” she said with a stern voice rubbing the finger into her forehead making Swara slightly wince in pain. “now Kavya, since today is your birthday do the honours” Kavita grinned as she looked upon her prey (Swara).
Kavya approached Swara with a cake in her hands and even Swara wondered what she was going to do.
Kavya: “You know im gonna be nice today and celebrate my birthday by helping the poor” She emphasised the last word by looking at Swara’s face.
But as always, she tried to be strong but at last a tear appeared from the corner of her face. It wasn’t her fault that she was poor. It wasn’t her fault that her parents had passes away because of her. But then again, she thought maybe it was, maybe she was the worst human being and was a bad omen to everyone.
“Splat” And within seconds Kavya’s hand that had the cake lifted it up and smacked in on Swara’s face. And to Swara’s realisation she had cake all over her face.
The sound and took Swara out of her thoughts and felt the coldness of the cake onto her face only to find the whole college staring at her and Kavita’s group laughing at her hysterically.

Kavya said “Loser” while smudging it all over Swara’s face a second time. With this her group started a chant saying loser while pointing at her.
The boys of the college started laughing at her too while the girls felt for Swara but couldn’t do anything as their reputation and popularity was more important to them.
But what could Swara do, she was unlucky. So, she had to just put up with this type of behaviour coz one she was too shy to even react and two Kavita was the most popular girl in the whole college as well as being from a rich background. So, in smaller words “She was hopeless”

With this Kavita and her group left Swara while the whole college kept on starring at her. She looked up and found more than 100 eyes on her and with this she ran to the nearest bathroom.
While running along the veranda with her face smudged with cake she bumped into someone and was about to fall. But a pair of muscular hands stopped her from falling. She looked up to see who it was only to find it was Sanskar.
Sanskar: “Hey, watch where you are going!” with this he helped her onto her feet, and then looked at his shirt which had a little bit of cake icing on it. He looked in anger towards Swara only to realise that her face was covered with cake.
For a moment Swara had forgotten that her face had cake on it, but with Sanskar’s intense gaze on her she realised. Before Sanskar could say anything, she began running again.

She ran into the bathroom to only fond one person there who was washing her hands, she locked herself in the last cubicle and began to cry as quietly as she could. But it wasn’t quiet enough. There was a knock on the door which startled Swara.
The girl in the bathroom: “hello, umm I don’t know who you are but umm…. I heard you crying….. is everything all right”
Swara didn’t know how to respond so she just kept on crying.
The girl: “look if you don’t want to tell me its fine, by the way im Ragini, im in the last year of college. Who are you?”

Swara never had friends so this was all new to her. She kind of knew Ragini but wasn’t sure if she was like Kavita to. But she gave it a shot.
Swara: “i….Im….I’m Swara” Said in the faintest voice ever that Ragini nearly missed it.
Ragini: “oh hi Swara, I remember you from Maths, that’s right we are in the same maths class” sounding all happy to make Swara happy to. But that didn’t work. “Why don’t you come outside and let me help you”
Swara remembered that she had met Ragini before and to be honest was the only girl that had been nice to her.
Swara: “is… IS anyone.. there besides you?” she questioned.

Ragini: “no there is not and you can totally trust me yaar.”
With this Swara slightly opened the door clutching her bad in the side with one hand. Her eyes were fixed on the floor as she didn’t know if Ragini as well would laugh at her like all the others.
Ragini looked up at Swara to find all her face smudged with cake as well as part of her upper clothes. Ragini side hugged Swara saying it will be alright even though Swara knew that it will never be.
Ragini grabbed a hand full of tissues and extended it forward to let Swara take them. But Swara didn’t move but instead started crying seeing the act of kindness that Ragini had done.

Ragini: “oh im so sorry Swara I didn’t mean to hurt you I was just trying to help, please don’t cry.” Panicking because she didn’t want to be the reason for anyone’s tears.
Swara: “noo….its just that you’re the first person that has helped me at this college while everyone just teases me.” Said choking on her tears.
Ragini: “aww, now clean yourself up because we have to go to roll call, the bell just rung and im pretty sure our topper doesn’t want to be late.” She said with a teasing smile which even made Swara smile a bit. And helped her clean herself up.

Ragini: “btw friends?” said while putting out her hand to shake, and realising that Swara was still staring at her she frowned seeing that she didn’t want to.
But right then Swara hugged Ragini and said “friends” while starting to cry again.
Ragini sensed that Swara was crying broke the hug and said “but promise to me you will never cry again, gosh you are sooo emotional yaar” wiping a tear from her eyes too.
And with this Swara let out a chuckle which no one had heard in so many years.
Although they had just met each other for a short period of time, they truly understood each other as they knew each other since they were born.

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