Tum Hi Ho (Swasan)~ Part 1

Hi guys, i am writing another series but don’t worry Maahi ve will be still continuing. Its just this idea of the story has been stuck in my head and i really wanted to write it. Umm hopefully u like it, for now im uploading the character sketch because its kind of long. But i will be uploading the first part today its self as well. And please do comment.

Character Sketch
Bose Family
Swara Bose: Shy and quite girl, has no family except for her Nani, tries to act happy so her Nani cannot feel sad, she did not know her parents as Nani told her that they died when she was 2 years old in a car crash, does her best to maintain the house by doing a job at a café. Is in college only because she is topper from previous years, this means her school expenses get paid as well. She wears glasses and traditionally clothes.

Shobha Bose (Nani): Loves her grand-daughter from the bottom of her heart, tries her best to make Swara happy even though of the constant sadness in their lives. Knows a secret regarding Swara’s parents and why she is living a poor type of life and thinks to tell her sometime but she can’t find the courage and the words.

Maheshwari Family
Sanskar Maheshwari: Studious and quite but talks a lot in his group at college, he is also a little introverted and doesn’t like to mingle with many people, he is smart and has really good looks which most of the girls in college drool on, wants to be successful by himself even though he knows ‘Maheshwari enterprises’ will be inherited through to his name, loves and respect his parents and little sister.
Dp and Ap are parent of Sanskar and are very proud of him so far, they lead his throughout his life guiding him about which is the wrong and right decision.
Other characters:

Uttara: Sanskar’s little sister who is very cheeky and loves her brother a lot, she would like to be a fashion designer and her parents are proud of her ambition.
Laksh: Sanskar’s best mate more like brother, were friends from a really young age and knows everything about him, has a girlfriend Ragini and have been together for 3 years, he knows that Kavya likes him and not even in his wildest dreams he would think of dating her.

Kavita: Is the ‘know it all’ type of girl and thinks she’s the best, puts on really short clothes and a lot of make-up to look the best, has a major crush on him and is thinking to ask him out to be his girlfriend, has all most all the boys in college trying to ask her out.

Kavya: Kavita’s side kick in pranks and gossip as well as her best friend, also has the same dressing sense as Kavita but loves the attention from her because she gives all her old clothes to her, has a crush on Laksh but unfortunenately he is taken.
Ragini: Nice and kind always helping people, loves Laksh from the first time she saw him, knows that Kavya is trying to get him but she knows that a relationship on trust can never break.

Sanskar, Laksh, Ragini, Rita, Akash, Rajat
Kavita, Kavya, Riya, Sonia

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