Pearl starts with everyone praising Twinkle for her support!!

Twinkle : okay now don’t speak about whatever happened think of what should we do in this 1 hour?

Lata : let’s do masthi!!

Pratibha : no Lata we have some work we will fix the dates for marriage or at least discuss about it!! You kids go and enjoy up on terrace!
Everybody agree…
All the youngsters go up [TwiNj,AbhAran,RajLata,SanJay,kuhu,PreKati,Lata’s bros,keerti and Dhara]

Lata : what should we do now?

Raj : you only said we will do masti.

Lata : yeah, but I don’t have any plan!

Mukati : Lata..where are babies..?

Lata : they are with Anita Mami.
Lata’s bros : Lata we will leave now… we have some work we will come after 1 hour.

Kunj : arey nai nai aise kaise? Stay here go after wards yaar masti karege hum!!

Lata’s bros : no..no.. we have some work to finish we will come afterwards na..

Raj : what works but?

Lata’s bros : no body will be in shop…so we have to go dadaji will be here!!

Lata : okay bhai but come fast again…
They leave…
Prem : arey yaar! Lights off and music on karo…these new couple will dance now!!

TwiNj dance for Sajana Veh !! In their style…

Every body clap….
Raj : hoy..hoy…what a romantic couple….

TwiNj blushes! But Kunj is not satisfied!!

AbhAran dances for Soch na sake… Everybody likes it..
Lata : hidden talent came out now Dr. Karan!

Karan: nothing hidden in me Lata Dii!

Every body dance…

Kunj drags Twinkle behind one wall…
Twinkle : Kunj!! All are here please leave now!
Kunj ignores her and puts her hair which is front to back her ear!…Twinkle stays silent
Kunj look at her eyes…
Kunj : you know Twinkle!! your eyes are the part through which I can live just seeing them and kisses on her eyes..
Twinkle becomes idealized!
Kunj : your nose!! My god … and kissed on her nose.

Your lips are so soft I can just be alive kissing your softy rosy lips… saying this he cups her face and kiss her lips and she too responds…a passionate lip lock!!They soon break it…
Kunj : [turns her back and removes her necklace and puts it a side..] your neck is so thin Twinkle!and fills her neck with his wet kisses…
Twinkle catches his head and feels!!
Kunj: your belly!! It’s a great curvature! And kisses her bare belly sensuously!! And catches her navel and sticks her to the wall and he fills her body with his kisses…Twinkle feels his LOVE!!Kunj stops kissing and hugs her tightly!!!Twinkle too responds it and hug as tightly as possible…

Pratibha :[comes up] Children! Come on… there are only 10 mins more..come down.

Kunj and Twinkle release their hug! Twinkle wears her necklace and come and stand with everyone before anyone notices her!!Kunj and Twinkle put some dance steps as if they were dancing since long time…

Karan : lets go down!

They all go down..

Pratibha : beta, we decided your marriage date… it’s after 6 months so rush up with your arrangements!

TwiNj and AbhAran gets excited!!TwiNj have a romantic eye lock!

Panditji : now come here and get ready to exchange your rings…
Dadi : First Twinkle and Kunj will exchange rings.

Pratibha : Ji what are you saying first elder I mean to say Abha and Karan will…

Uday ; Yes Samdhanji.

Karan : No,it’s fine first Twinkle and Kunj will exchange rings as Dadi loves Kunj more he is favorite grandson , that’s final..and made TwiNj in middle of the hall.

Karan signs dadi and she smile…Singhanias were thinking what’s matter but go with flaw agreeing as Karan said. [Lata’s brothers come] Every body starts count down seeing their watches!



3,2, AND 1



Kunj looks on Twinkle!!

Lata notices and : [coughs] ehem..ehem…Kunj…come back to senses… see her eye fully after your marriage!! Come on yaar!!

Kunj:no..no..nothing like that..

Pratibha : now Karan and Abha will exchange rings.

AbhAran goes in middle and exchanges rings and smiles at each other….they lost in each other eyes.

(Pata nahi dono bhai Aankhon mein kyun kho jate hain…lolzz)

Raj :Karan! Are you there?

Karan: yeah yeah tell me.

Lata : you are engaged now… don’t see your nurse from now.

Abha : bhabi…(shys)
Keerti : Lata bhabi… why will they see others from tomorrow no from today only Abha and Twinkle will be visible to them…
Ajay : We should be carefull don’t know when Bros will see their love in our and they will do romance with us.

Kunj & Karan : Shut up !!

Everybody laugh…
Twinkle : will everyone stop?

Dhara : see…from now only she is not letting any one teasing her to be husband.

Pratibha : yeah..yeah…maybe she will forget us after going there..

Raj: no doubt ma ! whenever we go to see her there…she will say wait I’m busy with my husband.
Uday :Abha toh she will ask to show appointment I think so!

Suwarna : arey! Now everyone stop! Why are you troubling my bahus?

Twinkle : thank you suwarna aunty… at least you are on my side.

Abha: thank you aunty!

Manish: on your side toh..i’m also there beta.

Twinkle and Abha : thank you manish uncle.

Manish : lekin beta why don’t you both call us ma and papa ?

Twinkle : sure uncle …oops Papa.

Suwarna : so Abha and Twinkle are officially ours from today!!
Pratibha :yeah!!

Everybody gets glad!

Sanjana stays silent and sad..

Kunj notices…

Kunj: what happened Sanjana?

Sanjana: nothing!!

Kunj : oh…[comes near Sanjana and pats on her head] tell me Sanjana…. What’s the matter that your hiding from your bff?

Sanjana : bff my sisters will leave me and go…. We did a lot of masti…me, bhabi, Twinkle di and Abha di but they will go…I’ll miss them…and you also will stop coming here and I’ll miss you and I’ll miss jiju’s words…
Kunj : arey! Why will I not come here when my Bff is here… tum mujhe aane se roukege toh bhi meh aunga yahan!

Sanjana : then jiju?

Karan : Jiju also will come to see her choti saali.

Sanjana hugs Karan and Kunj…Everybody smile seeing them..

Suwarna: beta, if you miss your sisters a lot come there and stay those many days you want! If your sisters are my bahus you are also my bahu only right?

Twinkle: ha..good idea..
Karan: ha..ban jayegi Sanjana bhi ghar ki bahu..[says seeing Ajay] Ajay stamps his leg..

Sanjana : kya…what do you mean?

Kunj,Dhara and keerti giggles at Ajay
Karan: i..i…I mean ki Sanjana….you are also a girl you will also become bahu..
Ajay gets relieved…
Manish: lets go now?

Dadi : no..manish beta…we have to sit and talk about functions…is it okay now Pratibhaji?

Pratibha: ha..ha
Lata: ma…i’ll take babies and go up…I’m tired.

Raj : I’ll also come Lata..

Pratibha: okay….

Kuhu : then what shall we do now?
Twinkle : go up and chitchat…

Everybody : okay!

Children go…except RajLata all the others….They go to terrace…Sanjana sleeps on Kunj’s laps and he pats her head….

Dhara : thank you so much Twinkle…if you we..

Twinkle:[cuts in middle]were not there what would be my future? ah?

Dhara nods yes..
Flashback Start :

One & Half  Hour Before

Twinkle holds Kunj’s hand he looks on her ….

Manish : what?  who complained?

Police : ji…Mr.Jaiswal.

Kunj and Karan look each other.

Karan : Jaiswal? But what?

A man who is looking like a very cunning man enters….he is Jaiswal..[let us assume Arpit Ranka…is it ok? He is Duryodhan in Star Plus’s Mahabharat and currently in Color’s Chandrakanta]null

Jaiswal : Hello!Karan… how are you? [sarcastically]

Karan : [anger] you, why are you here?

Jaiswal : whatever goes illegal I’ll not let them happen…Karan..

Kunj : oh Jaiswalji, you are telling us not to do illegal… manna padega..jail se aane ke baad patthar bhi thik hoke ate hai jaise aap hogay…
Jaiswal : [gets angry] yes Kunj…that’s why I want to send you also… jao..thik hoke aao.

Twinkle : par hua kya hai?

Police show the video where manish gives money to driver and manipulates him to take blame on him [in flash back after Kaniak and Prakashji’s accident took place ,did you remember?]

Everybody gets shocked seeing the video..

Manish : so..

Police : sir, apno ko bachane ke liye doosro ko takleef pahuchthe toh woh illegal hai..woh bhi paise deke bahut bada apradh hai.. (over dramatic lag raha hain mujhe)

Manish : so, I did that so you can arrest me…

Police : but you did for the sake of them so…and anyhow they did the accident so…they are under arrest..

Twinkle [shouts] : excuse me…can I speak something?

Police : yes..

Twinkle : you have to arrest me not anyone else.

Every body looks her confused…
Police : what? ma’am but we did not get any information about you… so.. we can’t take any action..
Twinkle : I, myself is saying na.. manish uncle manipulated driver for the sake of me not for the sake of bhaiyaa and Kunj..actually I love Kunj from that time only…and Kunj love bhaiyaa lot… if he go to jail Kunj will be upset and if he is upset I will be upset so manish uncle manipulated…
Abha : yes, not only Twinkle but I also love Karan and for both of us sake only…
Police : ma’am but accident is done by Karan and Kunj.

Karan : [shouts] accident is done only by me…arrest me and leave every one…Kunj,Twinkle and Abha please you don’t suffer for my mistake…
Kunj : bhaiyaa…we did….we both shared the grief ,difficulties and problem why not this now?

Jaiswal : wah…wah… ham aapke hain koun!! aur hum sath sath hai family entertainer…stop your drama now…police men arrest these both…

(Oye chup kar chirkut yeh(title) Tumhi Ho Bandhu Tumhi Sakha Tumhi ka essence hain samjhe ya samjhaye Bham Bham Bhole !!)

Twinkle : excuse me Jaiswal ji, first of all why did you complain on them? What is the relation for you with the accident?

Jaiswal : as a citizen…[he don’t know that Kanika and Prakash are Abha’s parents] Twinkle signs Abha not to say the truth…Abha signs okay..

Uday : sir please can you wait out side we will discuss and send them…
Police : sir, we can’t..

Manish : trust? right you can’t trust… I promise you or else you can come after 15 mins
Police :okay and goes out…
Karan : jo kuch bhi hua hai woh kuch saalo pehle hua abhi kyun uski baath la rahe ho Jiaswal?

Jaiswal : I thought of taking revenge at that time only but… already you were sent out any how you will cry… so I thought to take on the day which gives you very happy so what I even came on the day of Ajay’s birthday but elders were discussing about your engagement…so I thought to come today I came…
Kunj : [requests] Jaiswal please complaint wapas lo…please..whatever you want we will do.

Karan :Kunj why are you pleasing him..

Jaiswal : Kunj, will you do whatever I want?

Manish : what you want?

Twinkle: uncle no…
Pratibha :Twinkle, wait..


Everybody stay shocked…(in simple words they all got Pikachu’s thunderbolt shock)

Maina: what?

Kunj : you rascal, how dare you?

Goes to beat…Police hears some sound and they come inside…and stops them

Dhara : I’m ready…Jaiswal I’ll marry you leave everybody…
Jaiswal : okay then I’ll close this case come on lets go…
Twinkle : who are you to close this complain… you are not at all related to the victims of accident but I’m related to them.. they are my bua and phupa ji… I’m closing this case and you can leave now..

Jaiswal (Now your time to get Pickachu’s thunderbolt shock)  and policemen are shocked …where and everybody gets relieved…
Jaiswal : what? How did you think that we will believe.

Police : yes sir we need proof… if we get proof we will close this and leave you.

Abha goes and brings her family album and show…
Jaiswal is shocked…
Police : sorry..sir we will leave.

Police men leave…
Jaiswal : you all planned and did this.. i’ll not leave you…
Twinkle : all the best…you can do whatever you want..but remember till now opposite to your cunning nature bhaiyaa and Kunj were there but from now our LOVE towards them is standing opposite… think before harming them…

Kunj and Karan looks on…
Twinkle goes and slaps jaiswal…
Jaiswal : how dare you?

Twinkle : get lost from here… you need Dhara di? huh… till Twinkle is alive…that never happens..[shouts] get lost.

Kunj and Karan pushes him outside..

Dadi : I said no if we start in Bad time this only happens.

Twinkle : dadi.. please…till our love is there nothing will happen to them.

Kunj hugs Twinkle for giving such support…
Twinkle : ok ok..now no need of being senti…lets continue the ceremony…
Panditji : not now…you have to wait for 1 hour..now  muhurth is not good and what time we fixed is passed so wait for 1 hour then good time will come…
Everybody gets glad..

Karan: thank you so much…Twinkle..

Twinkle :Bhaiyaa… its okay now leave it.

Suwarna : we are all proud of our bahu… we are really lucky to get bahu like you…

Pratibha : even we Twinkle..

Lata : [shouts] Abha…
They turn and see…Abha crying ..Everybody rush there…
Twinkle :Abha di..what happened?

Pratibha : she opened the album no she is missing Kanika and Prakash ji…Karan catches her and ask to be strong…
Abha : Karan, they promised me that they will be with me always..but they…
Karan : sorry Abha.. I’m rea..

Abha :[cuts] its okay Karan..

Twinkle : di..you were Twinkle to mumma and papa when I’m not there..now why can’t you think that they are bua and phupa for you?

Pratibha and Uday: ha Abha..
Abha: yeah…you are right…itne saal se Maa Bauji ko hi parents mana hain but phir bhi Mumma Papa ki yaad aa hi jati… I’m very lucky to have such family and have sister like Twinkle..if she is not their today my to be husband and best friend would not be here now..

She hugs her..

Flashback ends:


Twinkle: what is this di? Leave it..

Kunj: Sanjana…why did you become emotional?

Sanjana: whats that question? if Twinkle di and Abha di will leave me and go i’ll become bored here…
Karan: then after your marriage you have to go to other house right Sanjana?

Sanjana : I have a solution…
Karan: what?
Sanjana : I’ll not marry…
Karan: [shouts]no…no… he will die if you don’t marry![Says pointing Ajay but no boy notices Karan pointing him] Ajay gets tensed…
Sanjana : what? Who is he?
Karan: [realizes] wh…wh…what ? who..who..who is he?

Twinkle : uff… bhayya just now you said he will die if Sanjana wont marry…who is he?

Karan : I didn’t say that…

Sanjana: jiju…[look him]

Karan: I…I….said that many he will die I mean many boys[hes,lol!!] will die if she don’t marry!! She looks beautiful and she is good at heart….so all will prefer girl s like this only no…that’s what…
Sanjana: kuch bhi..
Twinkle : accha….chodo…
Abha : Kunj, Sanjana…tum dono ki patchup kaise hui hai?

Ajay gets tensed!
Sanjana: yeah, I forgot to say…Thank you bff [Kunj] all the gifts are very nice…
Twinkle: gifts?

Kunj: gifts?

Sanjana: ha…sorry gifts Bff has sent me sorry gifts and I came to know how much I mean to him…so…I said sorry…. But they are very nice..

Kunj looks confused..
Kunj: but Sanjana are you just talking to me as the sorry gifts were sent…but I’m sorry I did not send any gifts..

Sanjana shocked: what?
Kunj: are you just talking to me for that?
Sanjana: no bff I’m talking because I understood you…
Twinkle: but…who sent those gifts…
Everybody think… Ajay gets tensed
Karan:  kya yeh jaiswal ka kuch plan toh nahi hai na?

Ajay: no… no…bhai..
Karan: how do you know?
Sanjana: Ajay sach bolo….when I came to your bday you were asking me about what girls will prefer and all…did you send them?

Ajay: no..no…why will i?

Kunj: Ajay…don’t act in front of your bro…come on tell…
Ajay : yes…I did..
Sanjana : but why? Do you thought of impressing me?

Ajay : oho…calm down I can’t see my bro worrying about a girl….so I did that and you see I don’t impress some one for their approval…. I’ll be what I am and this will never go in vain as my bros thought me this…Bro I’ll get some water….
He goes…
Sanjana looks on with some kind of feeling…

Twinkle: he respect you both a lot bhaiyya..Kunj

PRECAP: Will Ajay propose Sanjana?

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