TUM HI HO – Abhigya ff (Part 1)


she is ready “ as her voice pierced into his ears which make him to divert his look from laptop to her, his wife.

“ Abhi, as you said, I discuss things with her and she is ready for this. Now you Won’t stop me right” He look at his wife who is standing before him as winner but for him she is a loser. He can’t even imagine that she is serious in it, the thought itself boiling his blood.

“Abhi, why are you remaining silent ? I need your answer. I did as you suggested, now you can say no to me “ what she want ? did she really meant it ? going to give away her husband that too for her sister, he feel disgust about himself.

“Abhi, things are for our betterment, please try to understand “ she hold his hand.

Within seconds he release her hold “what betterment you are talking about damnit  ? don’t you knew for what you are compelling me ? iam your husband Tanu, you are going to give away your possession on me to another .”

“it’s not an another person, its my sister!!”

“And my saali, do you get that & you are going to share me between you guys ?  what society will talk about this, who will be she my keep “ He shout back at her and curl his fist to control his nerve.

“she will be your wife not a keep” she said in anger

“may I knew then who you are ? “

“I.. I will be sister to both” she turn her gaze to floor as she cant tolerate his intense anger filled eyes more.

“haha..promotion from wife to sister right “ he said in a mocking tone

“look why cant you understand my situation Abhi ?” its her failure to make him understand. When somehow she is getting things easier ,he is making everything stay apart.

“Can I knew about which situation you are talking about Mrs. Mehra ?? “

“that I cant give you the happiness which you deserve, I cant make you feel as father “ tears flow through those eyes , she feel like hell infront of this truth. She cant be a mother, he as father. Its only her fault not his.

“Tanu, did I say you that iam not happier in our relationship. Did I convey you, you are burden. Did I say you that without a child, I cant led my life ?” he look directly into her eyes where  she bow down as big NO

“look tanu, I love you, I love you not only in past in present and for future. There wont be any change for it, our relationship will be same as ever. There is no need of a child to bond us together, we are bonded forever and I wont regret that iam not a father, even we can adopt a child, she / he will call us papa and mama. “

“Abhi, don’t waste your time by taking me lecture , nothing gonna change, you have promised me that when she is ready you will marry her. Then why are you arguing me? Is this the value of promise you given to me ?”

“tanu, I have given a lot of promise in which I said I will hold your hands forever”

“holding me and her is same thing abhi ?”

“why tanu , why are you forcing me for a thing which I can’t do forever. You knew well how much I love and what you meant for me?even then too you are forcing me to marry her, my saali ?”

“she will be your saali, when we are together right. I need divorce Abhi !!” his eyes got wide by her demand. She is ready to leave me , her love, her husband, why this is so easy for her, where its like stabbing my heart? Is this much her love means for ?

“Abhi, you cant object me as you promise me you will fullfill my wish, my wish is that you must marry my sis and led you life by divorce”

He close his eyes for giving her promise to fullfill her wish. How can he expect such a wish from her wife on their 5th wedding Anniversary. He still remind that day where she break his heart for the first time. A huge argument take place between followed by one week , where he himself surrender infront of her to get consent from his saali, as he knew she can’t , but today his wife is ready with her consent. How could she say yes for this? Did she create any drama infront of her. Yes chances are high. He thought.

“I need to talk with her, then I will gave you my reply.” Without paying a look at his wife, he go straight towards his saali who return back from college few days before. His pace get slow down when he is near to door in a dilemma that how is he going to confront her. But there is no go back, He need to knew truth.

He slowly knock the door which is half open and step inside where he saw the figure which is resting her head on her folded leg which is close to her chest.

“jiju” the word slip out from her mouth by seeing him . His face is an open book to read whats inside his mind. So she knew what made him to stand before her. Her di dropped the bomb just like before her.

“pragya, I want to hear it from you” Abhi observe her ,whose expression change to sad and guilt “we both knew what I want to hear, but I will ask my question , Are you ready to get married to your jiju ?” she can read his anger and hurt from the words which came out of his mouth. He is not a distant person to her, he is familiar to her before her di, yes because he is her teacher. Its right he is, she is the link which connect tanu and abhi, she is he one who seen and feel their love before and after marriage.

“I want to hear it from you directly, will you answer me ?” she has no strength to look at that eyes, because her answer is

“yes, iam ready for this marriage “ she saw his clenched teeth and jawline, curled fist which is pressing his thumb in pressure to control his anger and calmness.

“ Did you feel is this a  fairytale ? did you really mean it ?”

“I knew what I said and iam not a child to get confused with my decision, once I decide, then nothing gonna change” she got up from bed and moves away to window , she hurt him, till now she didn’t behave rude to her jiju, but now she have to. She need to shut his mouth with these words as she cant control much before him.

“haaa , I forget that you are not an 17 year old girl now who herself get confuse with what she want and not “ she close her eyes to stop her tears from falling down.

“haa, you are right. Things change within this time, as you become my jiju from teacher and now to “ her words get choke within her

“now to would be and in future husband right and you are going to get promotion too..what a strange thing right. How everything happen , the girl who share each and every moment in her life with me till now, is trying hard to cover her truth with words” if she tried to play with his feelings, then she forgot that he is her teacher who taught all this.

“pragya, tell me the truth? What made you to yes for this? Did your di force you o blackmail you, tell me truth”

“she havnt said anything, I just say yes when she ask me because I cant give away my love once I miss” she said again looking outside

“love ??? love means you fall in love years before and sacrifice it for your di, now when you get chance you are taking it back. Iam I right fuggy ?” fuggy, that one word will shake her to core. Fuggy that’s what bond her and her jiju. She always see his love in it. Her jiju is a gentleman who don’t knew to make fake faces infront of anyone. If he say or do anything he mean it by heart. When she was studying in her school, she was a new comer in plus two, all students are already bonded well and try to neglect her even call her fuggy because she is fat at that time, it really hurt her a lot. But its her jiju, being a teacher once saw her crying , he enquire everything and console her by words.

“ look pragya why are you crying ? they call you fuggy right,  whats wrong in it? Even I will call you fuggy hereafter*she again started to cry*hey don’t cry, do you knew people who get nicknames are most luckier and loved once.i always wish to her such nickname, then I will be special to someone right.look here you are special that’s why they call so. You must feel blessed rather than cry right “

“that means iam special and even iam special to you” there is a bright smile adorn in the face which is dripping tears till now.

“yes baba” he said with a smile

“sachi” she forward her hand towards him

“muchi” he place his above it.but suddenly her smile drops.

“now , what happen ? why dull fuggy “ even the word fuggi brought smile but?

“I have no friends here, no one is taking my company, I don’t want this school , I need to go back there I have many friends “

“so you are leaving my friendship fuggi??”

“what you will be my friend?”

“why ? don’t you accept my friendship ?”

“telling truth? You are teacher right?”

“why teacher cant be a friend fuggi. Look from today onwards you are my best friend and you will share everything with me , wont be get upset and sad like this and think about leaving me ?” he said with a smile. She don’t knew what to do at that moment as all her sadness vanish away and feel like most happier one.

“ofcourse buddy I wont be sad and will tell you everthing and you are my best buddy* she bite her tongue and look at him*oops my teacher “

He cant control his laugh by seeing her innocence and cute pout.”okay , you will call me sir infront of all and when we are alone buddy okay ?”

“that means we will meet alone ?”

“haa then how can I talk with my special friend alone ?” she smiles. “now, without wasting your time, go to class fuggi” she smile again “bye buddy, will see you later”

“bye fuggi” this is how their journey starts and later he stops calling her fuggi as she become slim and he feel its bad to call her so, mean time their bond get stronger as jiju and saali.  

“oh sweetheart, so you love me right? Why don’t you say this before? Then this all wont happen ?” there is a smrink in his face which gave her hint that something is in his mind which is not for good.

“so, lets start our new bond with a promising kiss, kiss me fuggi ? just kiss me ?”










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