Tum Bin — A Ragsan OS by Saghi

Hey guys I’m here to torture you again with an OS this time… hope u all like it… appreciation and criticism gladly accepted…. so here it is..
As I sit in my office gazing at the skyscrapers outside, even the cold breeze coming through the window isn’t able to soothe my pain. There is darkness filled in the room as it is inside me. The faint moonlight falling on my face can’t illuminate the darkness. Because it isn’t a physical pain but the anguish lies in my mind or more so in my heart.
Me Sanskar Mehra a top notch young businessman. A man every youngster dreams of becoming. But I wish they knew better. Because no matter how many zeroes I add on in my bank balance it can’t fill the hollowness left by her.  Her, my love my life Ragini.
Nine years have passed but even today closing my eyes brings her face to my view. Her every feature crystal clear as if she is standing right in front of me. No one could ever be more beautiful than her. My eyes are wet now, but it’s something I have got used to in these years, every time I remember that night.
9 years back
“Hey Sanskar you won the bet” said Nikhil as I joined my old friends in the cafeteria. I was in different college, so was meeting them after sometime. “Huh…” I raised my eyebrows. “That you will win that stubborn Ragini’s heart.”
Yes Sanskar Mehra biggest flirt of college, Casanova, arrogant, mean, every bad adjective could be used for me. I was a piece of rubbish. Never cared for anyone. Feelings never existed in my system. Breaking girls’ heart was my hobby.
But all this before I got involved with Ragini. She was the warmth that had melted my cold heart. And caused emotions hidden inside it, I never knew, flow. I want to tell them that loser Sanskar was dead. This is someone else. Ragini has completey changed me. She was now the beat of my heart. I cared for her and loved her more than anything else.
“Look…”  But I was interrupted. “I mean Ragini whom not a single guy even dared to approach since high school is with Sanskar now.  At last you got her in college. Unbelievable.” “What is unbelievable? Nobody can ignore Sanskar’s charm. Dude… Here take your bet money” Sahil added.
I was about to interrupt but found their expression turning serious. They were looking for something behind me. I turned around and felt my heart sink. Ragini was standing right in front of me. How? She was here to meet her friends but this same cafeteria. And I saw her friends too sitting at the table behind us.

I was about to interrupt but found their expression turning serious. They were looking for something behind me. I turned around and felt my heart sink. Ragini was standing right in front of me. How? She was here to meet her friends but this same cafeteria. And I saw her friends too sitting at the table behind us.
Ragini stormed out of the place. “Ragini listen to me please” I pleaded. It was raining outside. Roads were deserted. I followed her. “Ragini please listen to me for once. It wasn’t the truth.”  I grabbed her wrist and turn her around. Her eyes were a picture of pain, she was crying. Tears weren’t visible in the rain but I knew better. I cursed myself and my past deeds that had caused it. I had vowed to never allow even a single teardrop in her beautiful eyes. But I today was the cause of them being moist.
“What truth Sanskar? I heard everything. Congratulations you won, go and boast of your magic over girls. Stubborn Ragini another feather in your cap” Ragini cried. Her words pierced my heart like cold dagger. Ragini grabbed the collar of my shirt “Why Sanskar? Everyone warned but I ignored them for you. I trusted you. I believed in our love” she said looking into my eyes with disgust. “No Ragini it’s not true…”  “I don’t want to listen” she dismissed me.
With that she walked away. “Ragini listen to me just once and I will never show my face to you if you don’t want….” I shouted. But she was gone.
I felt weak, lifeless would be more appropriate. I bent down on my knees and buried my face into my palms. World ceased to exist for me. All my senses had stopped working.
I cried and her voice was the only thing my mind wanted to listen. And I heard her calling my name.  Maybe she wants to give me a chance to defend myself. How dearly I wish today she hadn’t. I looked up and saw her running towards me shouting my name. I felt I could live again.
But next moment I was pushed away by her and a car zoomed off right at the place where I was standing. Ragini lay at the road in the pool of blood. I crawled to her. I lifted her head slightly. “Ragini … Nothing will happen” I pacified her.
“Somebody call an ambulance…. Please” I shouted to some people who had surrounded the place. “Ragini… you are gonna be fi..fine…. I love you and I won’t… let you go. We have … Call an ambulance please… We have to fulfil our dream’s list” I sobbed. “Ragini …don’t leave me. Remember…. our first meet, our…. first kiss, our dates” I tried give to her strength. “Please somebody help” I again cried out loud. “Sanskar… kiss me…please” Ragini said in her feeble voice.
I bent down. Our lips met for the last time that night. Rain water pouring heavily on us. She kissed me back with all the strength left in her. And then I felt her lips turn cold and unresponsive.  “Ragini… get up. Look ambulance has arrived… we’ll go to hospital and everything…. Everything will be fine… Ragini…. Ragini….” I waited for her response which never came. My baby was gone forever.  She left leaving me behind alone.  Even today the softness of her lips lingers on mine.
Later I was informed those guys driving the car were drunk. For months I became lifeless. Nothing affected me. Just behind the closed doors I cried my heart out, day and night. My pillows got drenched with my tears every night. I became unresponsive towards everyone and everything. My body, my soul was hollow, incomplete without her.
I wondered many times why I should continue my life without her. It was meaningless. Then Laksh made me realise that I was wasting her last gift to me. My life, she gave away hers to save it and I was ruining it.
It knocked senses into me. Then it struck me why I was continuing my life. I had to be good if I have to meet her again. In heaven. The life I had lived wasn’t good enough for that place where my innocent and pure arohi was. I have to do some good deeds to go there.
Opening of door brought Sanskar to present. He switched on the lights and saw Ragini walk in. “Daddy it’s my birhday and you are still in office” the seven year old Ragini complained pouting. Sanskar smiled standing up. “I am sorry mera baccha” Sanskar apologised spreading his arms wide open. Ragini ran upto his embrace.
“It’s okay I can forgive if you bring me that new Barbie” Ragini demanded pulling his cheeks. Sanskar  chuckled. “That’s it? Anything else my princess.” “It’s for now, other things I’ll tell you later.” Sanskar kissed her cheeks and hit her nose with his. “As you say my darling.” Ragini grinned and her smile reached to her eyes.
Eyes. Those eyes exactly same colour as hers. Sanskar remembered the day he went to orphanage and saw a 6 month small girl. When he looked at baby’s eyes he felt his Ragini had come back.

Hope I didn’t waste your time peeps… please do comments and let me now how was it…

Take care, stay happy, stay healthy, stay busy, stay loved, stay blessed, keep shining, keep smiling and be yourself!!!

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