Tum Bin (part 4)

Aakash and Kunal sit on terrace with Vodka bottles in their hands. It’s already dark and hence no one around.
“What, she rejected your proposal” Aakash says gulping the whiskey, he continues”I told u she is very proud, don’t know what does she thinks of herself”
Kunal: it’s nothing like that. It’s just that she is only different from others. I don’t wanna force her to love me.
Aakash: but bro at least you should try. U have got such a charming personality. Try to win her. I’m sure no girl can reject u.
Kunal: no that’s not right. I don’t wanna trouble her. If she doesn’t come to me then it’s alright but forcing her is wrong.
Aakash: and u say u love her. Dude people cross all the limits in love and I m just saying that try to impress her like…like give her some surprise. Make her feel special. I know she can’t deny.
Kunal think 4 a while.
Kunal: I think u r right (he turns to Aakash all excited) I have an idea. Thanks buddy.
Kunal hugs Aakash and goes. Aakash smirks.
Aakash: Meghna, u insulted me in front of everyone. Your all good girl image will go now.

Meghna’s hostel:
It’s 12:00 am and Meghna is still studying.
Shreya(peeping from her blanket): Meghu! Sleep yaar it’s already late.
Meghna: few minutes more.(Meghna says without looking at her). I have to submit my assignment.
Shreya covers her face with blanket. Meghna continues her work.


“What is this” Meghna goes to the window. She removes the curtain and looks down.
It’s Kunal standing there with guitar in his hands.
Kunal looks at Meghna and smiles. He puts his hand under his shirt on his chest and acts taking out his heart. Meghna looks away. Kunal leaves a heart shaped balloon which goes to Meghna. She bursts it and looks at Kunal who acts like getting hurt rubbing his chest. Meghna turns to go.

Dil hote jo mere seene me do
Dusra dil bhi main tumhe deta todne ko…

Meghna turns back and sees Kunal singing. Kunal puts his guitar and dance on the tunes…

Dilkash thi wo sham pehle pehal
Jab ki tumse mili thi nazar
Aisa chakraya ki ab ye naa janu
Ki jaun to jaun kidhar
Hosanna Tum samne thi pal
Agle hi pal thi ojhal
Ab kya bataun mai
Kis hal main hu mai
Yahan wahan bas apna dil aur hosh dhoodhta hu mai
Hosanna ( madhoshi dewangi)
Hosanna (main aur teri bandagi)
Hosanna (ab hai yehi zindagi)

Meghna is irked and goes. She prepares to sleep just then Kunal jumps inside.
“Youuu” Meghna almost shouts.
“Sssshhhh” Kunal keeps his finger on her lips. They have an eyelock. Meghna pushes him back. Kunal holds her hand and pulls her close to him. He throws his arms around her waist and takes her hand in his other hand and dance on the tunes…

Everybody wanna know be like be like
I really wanna be here with u
Is that enough to say that
We r made for each other is all that hosanna is true.
Hosanna be there when u call I will be there
Hosanna feeling my life’s changed
I never wanna be the same
It’s time we rearrange I take a step
U take a step and me calling out to u

Kunal sits on his knees and produces red roses. Meghna takes it and throws it. The roses start falling on them. Meghna turns to go but Kunal pulls her and twirls her just in rhythm of the tunes…


(I have tried my best to explain the moments during the song. Pls imagine any romantic dance form of your choice???)

They both finally stop and stand amiss the falling roses. Meghna is still in Kunal’s arms with her palm resting on his chest. The stand silently. None of them try to move. Kunal moves his hand towards Meghna’s face and removes her hair with his fingers. He cups her face and moves slowly towards her. Meghna closes her eyes and clutches Kunal’s shirt tightly. Their lips come very close almost touching. Both of them feel each others breath. They breath heavily. Meghna moves back a bit biting her lips. Kunal smiles. He proceeds and Meghna too doesn’t revolt. They r about to kiss when someone knocks the door. They both move back. Meghna panics.

“Go away” she pushes Kunal.
“How” Kunal asks innocently.
Meghna: from window
Kunal: but I can’t.
Meghna(irritated): what?…ok ok then hide somewhere… go to the bathroom no under the bed…no no..behind the door.
Shreya: in the cupboard.
Meghna: nice. Thank god Shreya u r awake. Handle the warden pls.
Meghna opens the cupboard and let’s Kunal in but he pulls her inside and the cupboard closes.

Meghna: hey! Why did u pull me?
Meghna shouts.
Kunal: shut up otherwise your warden will come to know.
Meghna keeps quiet. There is very little space between them and Meghna feels uncomfortable. Suddenly she sees a cockroach, she is about to yell but keeps her hand on her mouth. She closes her eyes and throws herself in Kunal’s arms. She cuddles him tightly and hides her face in his chest. Kunal looks at her and is mesmerised. He too wants to hug her but stops.

Shreya opens the cupboard. Meghna moves back.
Shreya: come out if your romance is over.
Meghna and Kunal come out.
Meghna: Shreya ask him to go from here.
Kunal: but..
Meghna (loudly): just go. Can’t u here.
Kunal: ok relax relax, I m going.

Kunal climbs down the ladder. He acts of falling. Meghna runs to the window to check. She seems concerned.
Kunal goes from there singing “ho gaya hai tujhko to pyar sajni, lakh kar le tu inkaar sajni…”
Meghna shuts the window.

Next day in the morning:
Meghna goes for the breakfast. There she finds her warden already waiting for her.
Warden: Meghna come with me. I want to talk to you.
Meghna looks at Shreya, she goes to warden’s room all tensed.
Warden: so miss Meghna, where were u yesterday night?
Meghna: mam I was there in my room.
Warden: with whom?
Meghna is stunned. Her face turns pale. She is unable to answer. She calms herself.
Meghna: with Shreya of course.
Warden: so what was that ladder doing at the window.
Meghna is speechless.
Warden: see Meghna, I know u r a topper but rules r rules. It’s ok u have a boyfriend but calling him at midnight like this… I mean what example u r setting for your juniors and batch mates. This is very serious. I would talk to your mom regarding this.
Meghna is almost in tears.
Meghna: no no mam. Pls don’t tell my mom. I …I promise I won’t repeat it again. It was my first and last mistake pls mam.
Warden: ok. This is the last time I m warning u.if u repeat this again then I will definitely take an action.
Warden walks out. Meghna wipes her tears.
” it’s to much. I have to solve this problem” she thinks.

At college:
Peon informs Kunal that HOD has called him in the office.
Kunal enters. He finds Meghna already standing there.
HOD: welcome sir welcome, I was waiting for u.
Kunal looks at Meghna. She gives him an angry look.
Kunal(to him): beta! Seems she has complained regarding last night.
HOD: miss Meghna, u can go now.

Meghna comes out.
“What have u done Meghna” a voice interrupts Meghna.
Meghna: kapoor sir! What r u talking about?
Sir: about this (he points at the office). Look Meghna, if there was a problem then u should have come to me. What was the need to take the matter to higher authority. I know u were troubled but I believe that now u r mature enough to solve your problem yourself
(He sees Meghna worried and says in a lower tone). Meghna, Kunal too is a good student. Think about him once. Your one complaint and his career will be finished.
Meghna: then what should I do?
Sir: if u have belief in me then take back your complain and I assure u that Kunal will never trouble u.

In the office HOD is scolding Kunal badly.
HOD: u know, I can rusticated u at this very moment.
Meghna: that’s not needed sir.
Kunal looks at Meghna. Meghna too looks at
him and says ” I take back my complaint”
HOD: r u saying this in someone’s pressure.
Meghna: no sir, I m sure and I can handle this situation myself.
HOD: ok, as u wish.

Meghna comes out of the office. Kunal followed her.
Kunal: Meghna, listen to me yaar…
“Stop it, pls for god’s sake stop it” Meghna says almost shouting. There r tears in her eyes.
“Meghna u r crying” Kunal says moving his hands to wipe her tears. Meghna jerks his hand.
Meghna: can’t u understand. I said no leave from here pls leave.
Meghna is almost mad with anger, her eyes red with tears. Kunal stands innocently like a kid…concerned for her.
Kunal: ok ok I m going but plz first stop crying.
Meghna (holds Kunal’s collar): u know what, I can’t stop crying. I can’t be happy coz…coz u have come into my life. Until u r there around me I can’t smile. U I hate u, r u listening I hate u

“And if I go then u will be happy” Kunal asks Meghna in a deep, sad voice. His eyes are filled with tears which r searching their way to come out.
Meghna pushes him and turns her face away.
“Yes, I will b very happy” she says closing her eyes.

Tears roll down over Kunal’s cheeks.
” then u will never see my face again” Kunal says. He turns back and walks away wiping his tears.

Aakash who is hearing their convo says…
“This is just the beginning Meghna, just wait and watch”

To be continued…..

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  1. ARK

    * stand amiss- stand amidst
    *I can rusticated- rusticate
    Guys, there r too many mistakes in the episode, pls ignore.

  2. ARK

    The song is Hosanna from the movie ‘Ek deewana tha’

  3. Jiya09

    What a part!! It was so so so amazing !! I loved it. Kunal trying to impress meghna.. All was so cute and perfectly written. I have told earlier and will say it again that u r a great writer. Keep going and do update really soon. Wanna know what this aakash is up to
    Love ur ff❤❤??

    1. ARK

      Hey Jiya!!!
      Have posted the third episode of Varunsena. U can read it now.???

  4. It was a very emotional episode ?????I just loved it?????

    1. ARK

      Thanks Sruthi!!!

  5. Resh

    This was another wonderful episode!! Always love your work,yaar! You are truly amazing!! Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it! I hope Meghna realises her feeling towards Kunal! She should soon! I’m waiting for that and also to know what Aakash is up to! He’s just being a big trouble!! Anyways… waiting for the next episode!?
    Loads of love ❤️️
    Your fan!☺️

    1. ARK

      Thanks Resh!!!

    2. ARK

      The third episode of Varunsena is out. U can read it now.???

  6. Nice episd ?????

    1. ARK

      Thank u Janmani!!!

  7. Very emotional. Felt bad 4 Kunal Je only tried to express his love 4 her and she did this?! Wonder what this Aakash will do? Keep going and update soon.

    1. ARK

      Thanks Sunny!!!
      Yes he only tried to express his love but the timing was wrong. Both r innocent and Meghna is short tempered too, Aakash is only taking the advantage of the situation.

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